Sunshine Coast Airport

Name: Sunshine Coast Airport
City: Maroochydore
Country: Australia
Elevation: 15 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
VOZ477 VH-YIZB737-80000:58 17-May-2022
RSCU511 VH-XCK41213:31 16-May-2022
YMV VH-YMVCessna 208 Caravan 101:11 16-May-2022
XIB VH-XIBAW13901:05 15-May-2022
PUY VH-PUYBeech 1300 Commuter01:26 12-May-2022
PIY VH-PIYCitation CJ408:45 08-May-2022
LIFE45 VH-NVGEC-13502:06 08-May-2022
N163WT N163WTBK-117C-208:06 06-May-2022
BZX VH-BZXR44 Raven23:10 05-May-2022
MMC VH-MMCCessna 680 Citation Sovereign07:28 03-May-2022
SON VH-SON4706:40 03-May-2022
SUY VH-SUYCessna 525A Citation CJ209:00 30-Apr-2022
ZSY VH-ZSYBeech 1300 Commuter02:37 29-Apr-2022
RUC VH-RUCCabri G201:33 29-Apr-2022
VHLHZ VH-LHZEC-13507:05 28-Apr-2022
EYI VH-EYIR22 Beta II04:00 27-Apr-2022
P2ZMY P2-ZMYBeech 1300 Commuter06:23 25-Apr-2022
MVY VH-MVYEC-13522:54 23-Apr-2022
ZGF VH-ZGFR44 Raven I01:23 20-Apr-2022
YEU VH-YEUAS-355/55522:20 13-Apr-2022
HMK VH-HMK4723:22 12-Apr-2022
IYS VH-IYSAS-365/36606:52 08-Apr-2022
LTJ VH-LTJCabri G200:31 08-Apr-2022
NVG VH-NVFEC-13503:54 05-Apr-2022
FUQ VH-FUQAB-206 JetRanger02:53 03-Apr-2022
CZT VH-CZTA-10900:47 03-Apr-2022
CKN VH-CKNAB-206 JetRanger23:26 30-Mar-2022
VIT VH-VITR22 Beta II04:26 26-Mar-2022
VH-YBOAB-206 JetRanger06:21 24-Mar-2022
LIN VH-LIN4705:40 24-Mar-2022
HRU VH-HRUAS-355/55501:33 24-Mar-2022
VH-OCDUH-1 Iroquois07:13 18-Mar-2022
HLTK335 N281JL214C BigLifter05:20 16-Mar-2022
SSD VH-SSDAB-206 JetRanger03:18 16-Mar-2022
N366SR N366SRAS-365/36602:30 02-Mar-2022
WCF VH-WCFAB-206 JetRanger22:37 09-Feb-2022
WCS VH-WCSAB-206 JetRanger03:18 06-Feb-2022
VDF VH-VDFCessna 550 Citation 205:12 15-Dec-2021
N609MK N609MKAS-350/55004:27 29-Oct-2021
NXW VH-NXWAB-206 JetRanger23:39 25-Jan-2021

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