About Us

Fresh Aviation Data was originally started in 2019 as a joint project between two aviation enthusiasts to provide up-to-date data of aircraft, airline fleets, aircraft movements, aircraft construction lists and airport information from around the globe. The first version of the platform was a step towards where we are today.

The first version of the website being a bit slow and buggy, but nevertheless with progress into aviation data.

Primarily during the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK we found ourselves with a fair bit of time on our hands and the idea to resurrect the project begun, the team set about re-developing and re-designing the website to be fast, accurate and up to date as well as working seamlessly on any internet connected device.

Step forward to today and we have a website that is fully automated providing airline fleets, production lists, aircraft data and so much more. The possibilities of the data are endless.

During the process we would like to thank the following websites, companies and organisations:

  • Opensky Network - for providing some of the core aircraft data
  • SpottingLog - for providing historical data and superb aircraft photos through the use of their API
  • PlaneBase - for aircraft data
  • Fresh Aviation - for providing a stable server environment and support

We have many plans for the future of Fresh Aviation Data to further develop and expand what we offer, but for now enjoy the data and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please get in contact with us.