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We are currently tracking and monitoring the data on 592,309 commercial, military and private aircraft from around the world.

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Our database currently holds data on 10,771 international, regional and private airports from all corners of the world.

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We currently hold data on 5,836 airlines from all countries of the world, this data includes statistics, flights, fleet and photos.

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Our database currently has route information, aircraft type, airlines and statistics on 1,513,550 flights from various countries of the world.

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Latest Flights

The latest flights recorded, 24 hours a day

CallsignArrival Time UTCDepartureArrivalDurationRegistrationAircraftOperator
EDV532503:17 KDTW KCVG00:48N901XJCRJ-900
SWA214703:17 KATL KSAT02:22N8684FB737-800
AAL252903:17 KORD KMCO02:09N931AMA321-200
AAY181803:17 KBUF KPIE02:33N314NVA319-100
UAL210803:17 KORD KOMA01:03N409UAA320-200
ANZ805M03:17 NZTG NZCH01:49ZK-MZFATR-72-600
SWA153503:17 KPHX KSAN00:46N940WNB737-700
SWA93503:17 KLGA KBNA01:57N255WNB737-700
EDV471503:17 KLGA KCLT01:25N300PQCRJ-900
AAY5103:17 KLAS KRFD02:55N249NVA320-200
DAL292303:17 KMSP KPHX02:37N353DNA321-200
SKW523903:17 KLGA KORD02:00N146SYEMB-175
JAL64403:17 RJFK RJTT01:11JA610JB767-300
EDV538103:17 KBNA KLGA01:45N314PQCRJ-900
SIA103:17 VHHH WSSS03:139V-SCMB787-10 Dreamliner
AAL220703:17 MMUN KDFW02:50N141NNA321-200
CGBRK03:17 TBPB CYUL04:54C-GBRKBD-700 Global 5000
SBI520203:17 UHWW UNNT05:33VP-BTYA320neo
ROU164403:16 CYYZ KMIA02:39C-GFCIA320-200
SWA248903:16 KVNY KLAS00:37N7861JB737-700
SWA118403:16 KRNO KLAX00:58N8644CB737-800
AAL219903:16 KAUS KDFW00:35N993ANA321-200
AAL156903:16 KSTL KMIA02:04N806NNB737-800
QXE213903:16 KBFI KEUG00:42N643QXEMB-175
UPS127503:16 KRDU KSDF01:02N292UPMD-11
EJA23803:16 KAPA KVNY01:48N238QSChallenger 650
ENY371603:16 KDFW KAGS01:32N263NNEMB-175
AAL191903:16 KPHL KMCO02:09N127AAA321-200
LPE246303:16 KMIA SPJC05:05CC-CWYB767-300
AAL30603:16 KJFK KLAX05:33N116ANA321-200
DAL987803:16 KIAD KATL01:21N110DXA321-200
BCS45303:16 EGNX EBBR00:48EI-STCB737-400
QTR86C03:16 OTHH LTFJ03:52A7-AIDA321-200
N460PB03:16 KBWI KTEB00:48N460PBPC-12
CNV492503:15 RODN KSAN15:39166694B737-700
SKW592803:15 KMFR KSFO00:54N910EVCRJ-200
SKW586503:15 KSFO KSBP00:33N925SWCRJ-200
SWA191203:15 KCMH KDEN02:57N8532SB737-800
ASA107803:15 KIAD KBFI05:20N433ASB737-900
N300AA03:15 KTUL KPHX02:17N300AALearjet 45

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