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We are currently tracking and monitoring the data on 587,876 commercial, military and private aircraft from around the world.

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Our database currently holds statistical and operational data on 10,771 international, regional and private airports from all corners of the world.

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We currently hold data on 5,835 airlines from all countries of the world, this data includes statistics, flights, fleet and photos.

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Our database currently has route information, aircraft type, airlines and statistics on 1,614,627 flights from various countries of the world.

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Latest Flights

The latest flights recorded, 24 hours a day

CallsignArrival Time UTCDepartureArrivalDurationRegistrationAircraftOperator
SAS48817:55 ENGM ESSA02:21EI-FPPCRJ-900
LXJ55117:55 CYHM CYYB00:42N551FXBD-100 Challenger 300
RYR2DX17:55 LIME LKPR00:52SP-RSEB737-800
RYR16XD17:55 LEMG EDDH02:54EI-EBYB737-800
FIN5DL17:55 EFHK LSZH02:25OH-LVIA319-100
NWC901217:55 UUEE UUWW00:26RA-10206G550
DLH97517:55 EGPF EDDF01:39D-AIUOA320-200
MAC66617:55 GMMN LFMT01:55CN-NMHA320-200
EDV523817:54 KDAY KDTW00:36N801AYCRJ-200
AAL262417:54 KDFW KSDF01:26N826AWA319-100
JZA65217:54 CYVR KPDX00:51C-GJZYDHC-8-400 Dash 8
JBU51617:54 KLAX KAUS02:32N612JBA320-200
SWA281217:54 KCMH KPHX03:48N957WNB737-700
AAL277517:54 KCLT KBFI05:23N581UWA321-200
SWA327817:54 KORD KMCO02:00N435WNB737-700
ENY406017:54 KRDU KBNA01:15N292NNEMB-175
LXJ33317:54 KOSH KAPA02:19N333FXEMB-505 Phenom 300
JSX50017:54 KHPN KMIA02:33N242JXEMB-145
N1978X17:54 KSNA KSLC01:25N1978XFalcon 2000EX
SKW338117:54 KLAX KLAS00:40N181SYEMB-175
JTL1217:54 KTEB KMCF05:45N12MWFalcon 2000EX EASy
AAR24717:54 KATL PANC07:11HL7620B747-400
GAJ86917:54 KHPN KBED01:56N869UPBeech Super King Air 350
FFT72617:54 KDEN KBWI02:44N711FRA321-200
COL68917:54 KTEB KJFK00:26N689AMBAe-125-700
DAL48217:54 KORD KLGA01:24N306DUCSeries CS300
VTI80917:54 VIDP VOBL02:24VT-TNKA320neo
DJT10017:54 LFPO KEWR07:59F-HNCOA321neo
ECA25C17:54 LIMC LEZL02:36D-ISUNCessna 525A Citation CJ2
RAM985A17:54 LEMG GMMN01:04CN-COJATR-72-600
VLG9NU17:54 EKCH LEBL02:31EC-MEAA320-200
ABW62617:54 EHAM LIMC01:11VP-BJSB747-8
QTR12P17:54 OTHH EHAM06:20A7-BFOB777-200LR
ROU162017:53 CYYZ KFLL02:25C-FYXFA321-200
GAJ80617:53 KRDU KSRQ02:09N806UPBeech Super King Air 350
N888GB17:53 KPWM KDAB02:31N888GBChallenger 605
ASH580617:53 KPHX KABQ00:45N924FJCRJ-900

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Including active and historic aircraft

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