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We are currently tracking and monitoring the data on 600,382 commercial, military and private aircraft from around the world.

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Our database currently holds data on 10,771 international, regional and private airports from all corners of the world.

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We currently hold data on 5,847 airlines from all countries of the world, this data includes statistics, flights, fleet and photos.

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Our database currently has route information, aircraft type, airlines and statistics on 1,888,639 flights from various countries of the world.

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Latest Flights

The latest flights recorded, 24 hours a day

CallsignArrival Time UTCDepartureArrivalDurationRegistrationAircraftOperator
GLO102116:17 SBRJ SBSP00:34PR-GXPB737-800
GFA00216:17 EGLL OBBI05:46A9C-FGB787-9 Dreamliner
VTI91616:17 VAID VOBL01:31VT-TYCA320neo
ABY13116:17 OMSJ OTHH00:40A6-ANQA320-200
MEA21216:17 LFPG OLBA03:45T7-ME3A321neo
POE93916:17 CYTZ KBOS01:13C-GLQGDHC-8-400 Dash 8
BTI72X16:17 EDDB EETN01:29YL-CSICSeries CS300
MEA26716:17 OLBA LTFM01:29OD-MECA330-200
POE21016:17 CYOW CYTZ00:49C-GKQEDHC-8-400 Dash 8
SAS65116:17 EKCH EDDH00:37ES-ATDATR-72-600
EJA80716:17 KMVY KTEB00:56N807QSCitation Longitude
SWA263816:17 KMCO KMHT02:34N7833AB737-700
COUGR0116:17 KBLV KAVL00:5984-0135Learjet 35
LGL836616:17 LSGG ELLX00:44LX-LQADHC-8-400 Dash 8
AAL55816:17 KDFW KEWR02:44N990NNB737-800
NSZ8WM16:17 EKCH EKYT00:24SE-RRPB737-800
QTR822116:17 OTHH EDDF05:57TC-ACMB747-400
AAL45216:17 KRVS KDFW00:53N938NNB737-800
AAL119816:17 KSFO KDFW02:59N988ALA321-200
RPA482016:17 CYYZ KLGA01:00N430YXEMB-175
UAL223616:17 KBNA KIAD01:10N37255B737-800
SWA60316:17 KATL KMIA01:26N8632AB737-800
JBU175516:17 KBOS KDCA01:06N236JBEMB-190
EDV506616:17 KAZO KDTW00:21N801AYCRJ-200
RYR150216:17 ENGM EYVI01:24SP-RSSB737-800
WZZ8916:17 LIBD LIMC01:12HA-LJDA320neo
RYR4AG16:17 EDLV GMTT03:049H-QAKB737-800
AUA1BT16:17 LOWW EDDM00:38OE-LBVA320-200
SKW202W16:17 KDFW KTYS01:37N701SKCRJ-700
FIN5DL16:17 EFHK LSZH02:21OH-LZHA321-200
AAL221116:17 KIAD KCLT00:49N715UWA319-100
NJE695M16:17 EGNM EGLF00:41CS-DLLFalcon 2000EX EASy
DEKVA16:17 EDOV EDNL02:04D-EKVABeech 36 Bonanza
TAP182416:17 LPLA LPPT01:50CS-TJNA321neo
JIA518216:17 KDCA KMSP02:10N580NNCRJ-900
EWG30U16:17 EGLL EDDS01:01D-AGWUA319-100
KLM99116:17 EHAM EGLC00:40PH-EZBEMB-190
FAYSB16:17 LFBG LFMV00:48F-AYSBCL-13 Sabre
GTALH16:17 EGCV EGBM01:02G-TALHCherokee PA-28

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