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We are currently tracking and monitoring the data on 592,309 commercial, military and private aircraft from around the world.

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Our database currently holds data on 10,771 international, regional and private airports from all corners of the world.

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We currently hold data on 5,836 airlines from all countries of the world, this data includes statistics, flights, fleet and photos.

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Our database currently has route information, aircraft type, airlines and statistics on 1,514,157 flights from various countries of the world.

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Latest Flights

The latest flights recorded, 24 hours a day

CallsignArrival Time UTCDepartureArrivalDurationRegistrationAircraftOperator
SWA69603:05 KHOU KFLL01:41N274WNB737-700
SKW417203:05 KRNO KLAX00:58N278SYEMB-175
AAY5003:05 KOMA KLAS02:25N253NVA320-200
JST76503:05 YPAD YSSY01:29VH-VQGA320-200
AAL193903:05 KSAN KDFW02:06N128ANA321-200
UPS123303:05 KRIC KPHL00:31N418UPB757-200
DAL99703:05 KDTW KBOS01:11N346NBA319-100
MNU11403:05 KYIP KDTW06:31N114WFCRJ-200
DAL234403:05 KAUS KBOS03:10N103DUCSeries CS100
JBU38503:05 KJFK KRDU01:07N306JBEMB-190
ASQ708203:04 KSFF KRNO01:16N843HKEMB-145
ASA93803:04 KBFI KPHX02:25N520ASB737-800
UAL32403:04 KSFO KDEN02:10N405UAA320-200
SWA156403:04 KDEN KMCO02:50N8730QB737 MAX 8
N904SH03:04 KSTP KFAR00:55N904SHBeech 1300 Commuter
SWA247703:04 KBWI KSRQ02:08N8540VB737-800
AAY120303:04 KHOU KPVU02:54N255NVA320-200
SWA79903:04 KOKC KPHX02:17N290WNB737-700
AAL86903:04 KMKE KDFW02:15N764USA319-100
JAL31303:04 RJTT RJFF01:33JA11XJA350-900
SIA87403:04 WSSS VHHH03:129V-SCLB787-10 Dreamliner
N525CH03:04 KFTW KRVS00:39N525CHCessna 525 Citation CJ1
AXM649003:04 WBKK WBKS00:309M-AGUA320-200
N125DG03:04 KSNA KPVU01:23N125DGCessna 525B Citation CJ3
SWA6103:04 KBNA KDAL01:38N236WNB737-700
EJA31103:04 KSJC KTLH09:36N311QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign
AAL126403:04 KSFO KDFW02:52N143ANA321-200
SWA125503:04 KBNA KDCA01:03N441WNB737-700
EDV549403:04 KJFK KRIC00:50N325PQCRJ-900
RPA489503:04 KBNA KLGA01:31N432YXEMB-175
VJT65903:04 LPPT LEMD00:549H-XOBCessna 560XL Citation Excel
IGO206503:04 VOMM VIDP02:26VT-IURA321neo
EDV484403:03 KMSP KATW00:40N8932CCRJ-200
SWA40103:03 KFLL KDAL02:52N7752BB737-700
ACA90403:03 CYUL KFLL03:06C-GITYA321-200
RPA457503:03 KLGA KCLE01:08N420YXEMB-175
ANZ140L03:03 NZTG NZAA00:23ZK-NEBDHC-8-300 Dash 8
DAL163703:03 KDCA KDTW01:06N336DXA321-200
N693MA03:03 KVGT KSAN00:57N693MATBM-700
UAL28703:03 KEWR KBNA02:00N27724B737-700

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