Airline Name: FlySafair
Active Fleet size: 20
Historic Fleet size: 3

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
ZS-DMI24165Boeing B737-400At FACT (Cape Town)
ZS-FGA27977Boeing B737-800At FACT (Cape Town)
ZS-FGB27978Boeing B737-800At FAGM (Johannesburg)
ZS-FGC34242Boeing B737-800Aviation Company of the Year 2019At FAJS (Johannesburg)
ZS-FGD34268Boeing B737-800At FAGM (Johannesburg)
ZS-FGE34269Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
ZS-JRE26065Boeing B737-400At FACT (Cape Town)
ZS-JRF26961Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
ZS-JRI25095Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
ZS-JRK25096Boeing B737-400SpringboksUnknown Location
ZS-JRM28890Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
ZS-OAF25116Boeing B737-400For The Love Of FlyingUnknown Location
ZS-OAG27168Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
ZS-SJR32631Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
ZS-SJS32632Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
ZS-SJT32633Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
ZS-SJU32634Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
ZS-SJV32635Boeing B737-800SpringboksUnknown Location
ZS-SJW28386Boeing B737-800At FAGM (Johannesburg)
ZS-WMP28891Boeing B737-400Unknown Location

N268WT34268Boeing B737-800
ZS-JRD24917Boeing B737-400
ZS-JRL28550Boeing B737-400

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