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Name: Nanchang Changbei International Airport
City: Nanchang
Country: China
Elevation: 143 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
CES5618 B-1862A320-20017:16 24-Oct-2020
JYH6990 B-6990B737-80017:10 24-Oct-2020
CES5176 B-8975A320-20017:05 24-Oct-2020
CSZ9935 B-6935A320-20016:20 24-Oct-2020
CSN3493 B-6408A319-10016:12 24-Oct-2020
CES5531 B-6928A320-20015:57 24-Oct-2020
CJX8924 B-1270B737-80015:33 24-Oct-2020
CJX8940 B-1558B737-80015:29 24-Oct-2020
CSZ9939 B-5411B737-80015:25 24-Oct-2020
CES5559 B-6399A320-20015:12 24-Oct-2020
CSZ8812 B-5322B737-80014:41 24-Oct-2020
CJX8932 B-1557B737-80014:27 24-Oct-2020
CJX6690 B-5511B737-80013:54 24-Oct-2020
CES9936 B-6829A320-20013:07 24-Oct-2020
CCA1581 B-6596A321-20012:25 24-Oct-2020
CES5188 B-1865A320-20012:22 24-Oct-2020
CJX8982 B-605TARJ-21 70012:15 24-Oct-2020
CCA4507 B-6881A320-20011:50 24-Oct-2020
CJX8918 B-1327B737-80011:45 24-Oct-2020
KXA3302 B-106CPC-1208:58 24-Oct-2020
CHH7668 B-5372B737-80008:18 24-Oct-2020
CES2240 B-6009A320-20008:14 24-Oct-2020
CBJ5146 B-8189A321-20006:23 24-Oct-2020
CJX8956 B-605VARJ-21 70005:13 24-Oct-2020
CES5465 B-302GA320neo03:50 23-Oct-2020
N998FA N998FAG55007:44 17-Oct-2020
KXA3212 B-106HPC-1204:11 10-Oct-2020
KXA3302 B-106GPC-1208:44 09-Oct-2020
KXA3802 B-106DPC-1203:48 21-Aug-2020
KXA3704 B-106FPC-1208:26 03-Aug-2020
B106A B-106APC-1204:15 28-Jul-2020

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