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Name: Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport
City: Shenzhen
Country: China
Elevation: 13 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
CCA1735 B-309RA320neo12:46 26-Oct-2020
CES6667 B-209NB787-9 Dreamliner12:29 26-Oct-2020
CSZ9512 B-1072A330-30011:53 26-Oct-2020
CES5351 B-206KB787-9 Dreamliner10:50 26-Oct-2020
CSN3160 B-8363A330-30009:56 26-Oct-2020
CSZ9438 B-5772B737-80009:46 26-Oct-2020
CSN3456 B-1062A330-30009:07 26-Oct-2020
CSZ9526 B-1017A330-30008:15 26-Oct-2020
CHH7709 B-1138B787-9 Dreamliner07:57 26-Oct-2020
CSZ9324 B-5105B737-90007:25 26-Oct-2020
EPA6234 B-6981B737-80006:46 26-Oct-2020
JBE201 B-603TLegacy 65016:51 25-Oct-2020
DER531 B-8132G55008:41 25-Oct-2020
EPA6212 B-5313B737-80009:55 24-Oct-2020
JBE625 B-3281Legacy 65005:50 24-Oct-2020
JBE312 B-8159G20005:29 24-Oct-2020
CSN3634 B-30AAA320neo13:38 23-Oct-2020
CSZ8018 B-1939B737-80004:22 23-Oct-2020
BNH102 B-3275G55016:36 22-Oct-2020
B3029 B-3029G45013:58 22-Oct-2020
HYN310 B-3340G45009:33 22-Oct-2020
MZT1100 B-7696Challenger 60407:19 22-Oct-2020
VPCNC VP-CNCA319-10015:57 21-Oct-2020
MZT2224 B-605DGlobal 600014:06 21-Oct-2020
B8029 B-8029Falcon 7X09:54 19-Oct-2020
B3077 B-3077Challenger 60510:07 17-Oct-2020
CSZ9302 B-9909A320-20009:38 15-Oct-2020
TBJ62 VP-CJCGlobal 600007:24 12-Oct-2020
B-707JEC-225 Super Puma Mk2+06:34 11-Oct-2020
B7761 B-7761Challenger 60507:41 08-Oct-2020
B10P5 B-10P5HA-420 HondaJet04:41 01-Oct-2020
CHC73O6A B-7306S-92 Helibus07:39 28-Sep-2020
B8262 B-8262G45011:01 27-Sep-2020
N166CK N166CKFalcon 7X15:15 23-Sep-2020
N233LT N233LTG55009:43 12-Aug-2020
B702U B-702UAW13909:02 18-Jul-2020
CSN3436 B-2393A320-20007:43 31-Mar-2020

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