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Name: Zhuhai Airport
City: Zhuhai
Country: China
Elevation: 0 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
CSN3752 B-1298B737-80016:54 24-Oct-2020
CJX6646 B-5566B737-80016:30 24-Oct-2020
CSN3730 B-1922B737-80016:06 24-Oct-2020
CSN3788 B-1123B737-80015:54 24-Oct-2020
CSN3736 B-1700B737-80015:14 24-Oct-2020
CSN3762 B-1125B737-80014:46 24-Oct-2020
CSN3748 B-5310B737-80014:37 24-Oct-2020
CSN3666 B-1408B737-80014:34 24-Oct-2020
EPA6310 B-6983B737-80014:28 24-Oct-2020
CSN3882 B-1241B737-80014:10 24-Oct-2020
CSN3756 B-6067B737-80014:05 24-Oct-2020
CSZ8306 B-6691A320-20013:01 24-Oct-2020
CDG8817 B-5650B737-80012:01 24-Oct-2020
CSN5364 B-1781B737-80011:31 24-Oct-2020
CJX8900 B-1326B737-80011:28 24-Oct-2020
CSN3734 B-5166B737-80010:50 24-Oct-2020
EPA6336 B-6982B737-80010:19 24-Oct-2020
CDG8841 B-5783B737-80010:14 24-Oct-2020
CSZ8316 B-6358A320-20008:58 24-Oct-2020
MZT3186 B-603LChallenger 65006:00 24-Oct-2020
CHH7077 B-7616B737-80013:59 23-Oct-2020
B6936 B-6936A318-10007:30 19-Oct-2020
N288JV N288JVCessna 560XL Citation Excel06:20 06-Sep-2020

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