Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport

Name: Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport
City: Sydney
Country: Australia
Elevation: 21 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
JST610 VH-VGOA320-20012:28 09-May-2021
VOZ899 VH-YIHB737-80012:25 09-May-2021
CKS246 N773CKB777-200LR12:18 09-May-2021
QFA843 VH-XZDB737-80012:08 09-May-2021
VOZ1428 VH-VONB737-80012:00 09-May-2021
JST724 VH-VWTA321-20011:57 09-May-2021
JST819 VH-VFFA320-20011:53 09-May-2021
JST987 VH-VWYA321-20011:51 09-May-2021
QFA748 VH-VYZB737-80011:48 09-May-2021
VOZ992 VH-YIQB737-80011:45 09-May-2021
AM212 VH-AMRBeech 1300 Commuter11:41 09-May-2021
RXA182 VH-REXB737-80011:38 09-May-2021
JST421 VH-VFNA320-20011:31 09-May-2021
ANZ113 ZK-NNCA321neo11:29 09-May-2021
JST789 VH-VGPA320-20011:25 09-May-2021
JST671 VH-VGNA320-20011:18 09-May-2021
JST959 VH-VGVA320-20011:15 09-May-2021
QFA494 VH-VXBB737-80011:11 09-May-2021
VOZ891 VH-YIAB737-80011:08 09-May-2021
JST419 VH-VWUA321-20011:03 09-May-2021
QFA563 VH-VYLB737-80010:53 09-May-2021
QFA490 VH-VZJB737-80010:49 09-May-2021
VOZ439 VH-VUQB737-80010:46 09-May-2021
VOZ494 VH-YFXB737-80010:44 09-May-2021
VOZ887 VH-VUGB737-80010:42 09-May-2021
AM231 VH-AMQBeech 1300 Commuter10:40 09-May-2021
QFA648 VH-VZIB737-80010:36 09-May-2021
QLK193 VH-TQXDHC-8-200 Dash 810:30 09-May-2021
VOZ544 VH-YISB737-80010:29 09-May-2021
VOZ986 VH-YFZB737-80010:26 09-May-2021
JST823 VH-VGAA320-20010:21 09-May-2021
IKJ VH-IKJEMB-190 E210:18 09-May-2021
JST526 VH-VQCA320-20010:09 09-May-2021
QLK61D VH-QOMDHC-8-400 Dash 810:08 09-May-2021
ACA7301 C-FNNQB777-300ER10:06 09-May-2021
QFA746 VH-VXGB737-80010:03 09-May-2021
QJE1910 VH-YQYB717-20009:59 09-May-2021
QFA551 VH-VXTB737-80009:56 09-May-2021
QFA650 VH-EBLA330-20009:51 09-May-2021
QLK226D VH-LQKDHC-8-400 Dash 809:48 09-May-2021
VOZ879 VH-YFLB737-80009:46 09-May-2021
QFA482 VH-VZRB737-80009:41 09-May-2021
FDX75 N853FDB777-200LR09:39 09-May-2021
RXA6983 VH-KRXSaab 34009:37 09-May-2021
QFA549 VH-VXNB737-80009:34 09-May-2021
RXA6869 VH-SBASaab 34009:28 09-May-2021
QFA478 VH-VZDB737-80009:07 09-May-2021
RXA1838 VH-ZRHSaab 34009:03 09-May-2021
QJE1508 VH-NXEB717-20008:59 09-May-2021
SIA211 9V-SHEA350-90008:56 09-May-2021
QFA547 VH-VZXB737-80008:51 09-May-2021
VOZ867 VH-VOOB737-80008:42 09-May-2021
QFA474 VH-XZOB737-80008:38 09-May-2021
QLK448D VH-QOFDHC-8-400 Dash 808:27 09-May-2021
QFA545 VH-VYAB737-80008:25 09-May-2021
YAI VH-YAIGlobal 600008:21 09-May-2021
JST461 VH-VFXA320-20008:16 09-May-2021
QFA996 VH-VZYB737-80007:50 09-May-2021
QJE6201 VH-YQUB717-20007:35 09-May-2021
QFA146 VH-EBMA330-20006:44 09-May-2021
VOZ1142 VH-YFFB737-80006:43 09-May-2021
JST518 VH-VFYA320-20006:40 09-May-2021
QFA179 VH-XZFB737-80006:06 09-May-2021
QFA6100 VH-ZNHB787-9 Dreamliner05:39 09-May-2021
QLK178 VH-SBGDHC-8-300 Dash 804:58 09-May-2021
N25XP N25XPBAe-125-70004:48 09-May-2021
VOZ524 VH-YIFB737-80004:40 09-May-2021
QLK259 VH-TQGDHC-8-200 Dash 804:38 09-May-2021
VLX VH-VLXR6604:34 09-May-2021
AM299 VH-NAOBeech Super King Air 35003:52 09-May-2021
HVN787 VN-A863B787-9 Dreamliner01:55 09-May-2021
HLG VH-HLGR44 Raven II00:51 09-May-2021
CPA101 B-LXKA350-100000:30 09-May-2021
QFA22 VH-ZNAB787-9 Dreamliner20:06 08-May-2021
JAL771 JA844JB787-8 Dreamliner20:03 08-May-2021
RSCU206 VH-TJIAW13918:59 08-May-2021
AE910 VH-NNECessna 525B Citation CJ318:51 08-May-2021
QFA490 VH-EBCA330-20010:47 07-May-2021
RXA6869 VH-ZPBSaab 34009:31 07-May-2021
QFA646 VH-EBEA330-20009:07 07-May-2021
RXA6527 VH-ZXKSaab 34007:27 07-May-2021
QFA136 VH-QPFA330-30006:54 07-May-2021
AM264 VH-NAJBeech Super King Air 35006:27 07-May-2021
UYX VH-UYXEMB-505 Phenom 30006:23 07-May-2021
VH-SXFCessna 208 Caravan 100:01 07-May-2021
HVN773 VN-A868B787-9 Dreamliner22:51 06-May-2021
QFA7441 VH-SIFBAe-146-20020:29 06-May-2021
JAL51 JA842JB787-8 Dreamliner20:11 06-May-2021
LEF VH-LEFChallenger 65010:55 06-May-2021
VSZ VH-VSZChallenger 60410:43 06-May-2021
QFA6100 VH-ZNBB787-9 Dreamliner09:23 06-May-2021
RXA1814 VH-TRXSaab 34023:27 05-May-2021
RXA1812 VH-ZRMSaab 34022:42 05-May-2021
N887GX N887GXBD-700 Global Express23:51 04-May-2021
RXA6355 VH-ZPNSaab 34021:31 03-May-2021
QFA7558 N856GTB747-820:02 03-May-2021
JLK VH-JLKCessna 208 Caravan 123:49 02-May-2021
VLZ VH-VLZChallenger 60405:44 02-May-2021
XEV VH-XEVEC-13004:28 02-May-2021
VLT VH-VLTLegacy 60002:51 01-May-2021
ENX VH-ENXAS-350/55001:34 01-May-2021
XWY VH-XWYR44 II06:13 30-Apr-2021
XWZ VH-XWZR44 II06:25 29-Apr-2021
AM271 VH-AMSBeech 1300 Commuter04:42 29-Apr-2021
XSV VH-XSVEC-13004:38 29-Apr-2021
XLK VH-XLKCessna 650 Citation 301:48 29-Apr-2021
TIH VH-TIHEC-13023:15 28-Apr-2021
QFA498 VH-VZQB737-80012:09 27-Apr-2021
N550PL N550PLG55023:36 26-Apr-2021
JST7998 VH-VKLB787-8 Dreamliner05:38 26-Apr-2021
N604AU N604AUChallenger 60402:01 21-Apr-2021
ZOH VH-ZOHA-10905:50 20-Apr-2021
YDX VH-YDXR44 Raven I23:30 16-Apr-2021
IOV VH-IOVCessna 208 Caravan 100:00 16-Apr-2021
EXV VH-EXV40706:08 14-Apr-2021
JST7998 VH-VKHB787-8 Dreamliner00:23 13-Apr-2021
VHSPJ VH-SPJBD-700 Global Express07:18 05-Apr-2021
LCF VH-LCFA-10907:23 24-Mar-2021
N360LF N360LFG55001:57 24-Mar-2021
N48-007AH-60 Black Hawk10:14 24-Feb-2021
IDI VH-IDIAB-206 JetRanger23:01 06-Feb-2021
MDE VH-MDE36900:02 09-Jan-2021

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