Adelaide International Airport

Name: Adelaide International Airport
City: Adelaide
Country: Australia
Elevation: 20 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
STKR64 A9-660CP-140 Aurora06:33 24-Sep-2021
FD531 VH-FNHPC-1206:23 24-Sep-2021
UTY853 VH-NUUFokker 7006:15 24-Sep-2021
QLK255 VH-SBVDHC-8-300 Dash 806:09 24-Sep-2021
FD872 VH-FXJPC-1206:06 24-Sep-2021
QFA723 VH-VXCB737-80006:03 24-Sep-2021
URT VH-URTBeech 1300 Commuter05:57 24-Sep-2021
QFA859 VH-VZPB737-80005:51 24-Sep-2021
RXA9968 VH-RXSSaab 34005:49 24-Sep-2021
LKR VH-LKRBeech 1300 Commuter05:46 24-Sep-2021
VOZ720 VH-YFVB737-80005:38 24-Sep-2021
VOZ1010 VH-YIYB737-80005:34 24-Sep-2021
UTY3123 VH-UYYEMB-19005:31 24-Sep-2021
FD540 VH-FVFPC-1205:07 24-Sep-2021
JST691 VH-VGFA320-20005:03 24-Sep-2021
JST963 VH-VGAA320-20004:29 24-Sep-2021
RXA4483 VH-RXXSaab 34004:22 24-Sep-2021
RXA4367 VH-ORXSaab 34004:00 24-Sep-2021
RXA4618 VH-KRXSaab 34001:51 24-Sep-2021
NBT VH-NBT680F Commander01:14 24-Sep-2021
URU VH-URUBeech 1300 Commuter01:05 24-Sep-2021
QLK143 VH-TQDDHC-8-300 Dash 801:00 24-Sep-2021
RXA4513 VH-ZLJSaab 34022:59 23-Sep-2021
QFA7438 VH-SIFBAe-146-20019:45 23-Sep-2021
JTE7448 VH-NJIBAe-146-30019:41 23-Sep-2021
TFR36 ZK-TLLB737-40019:34 23-Sep-2021
JTE7458 VH-NJFBAe-146-30018:03 23-Sep-2021
QFA7223 VH-SFVBAe-146-20017:13 23-Sep-2021
RSCU54 VH-LSY41216:15 23-Sep-2021
LSV VH-LSV41213:11 23-Sep-2021
UTY3143 VH-XWNFokker 10009:22 23-Sep-2021
POL53 VH-OSAEC-13008:39 23-Sep-2021
JTE223 VH-NJPAvro RJ-10007:21 23-Sep-2021
POL56 VH-HIGPC-1207:08 23-Sep-2021
SH496 VH-SWVMerlin 2306:43 23-Sep-2021
FD523 VH-FXZPC-1206:31 23-Sep-2021
WXO VH-WXOBeech 1300 Commuter06:03 23-Sep-2021
FGM VH-FGMPC-2402:45 23-Sep-2021
JST782 VH-VFNA320-20011:44 22-Sep-2021
UTY3133 VH-UYFEMB-19007:27 22-Sep-2021
XBZ VH-XBZBeech 1300 Commuter07:28 21-Sep-2021
UTY3135 VH-FKZFokker 5007:14 21-Sep-2021
UTY3241 VH-FKWFokker 5009:40 19-Sep-2021
RXA4367 VH-ZRJSaab 34003:57 19-Sep-2021
SH102 VH-EWYMerlin 2306:13 18-Sep-2021
PIU VH-PIUPC-1205:33 17-Sep-2021
IYG VH-IYGCessna 525A Citation CJ204:42 17-Sep-2021
PCV VH-PCV690 Jetprop Commander 84009:25 16-Sep-2021
SH312 VH-YHVCessna 441 Conquest 205:58 16-Sep-2021
FD580 VH-FXNPC-1215:11 15-Sep-2021
CBZ VH-CBZBeech 1300 Commuter01:37 15-Sep-2021
ZHF VH-ZHFR44 Raven II00:59 15-Sep-2021
POL57 VH-TQFCessna 208 Caravan 105:15 12-Sep-2021
CGW VH-CGWA-119 Koala06:06 11-Sep-2021
RXA4137 VH-ZXUSaab 34010:40 10-Sep-2021
YKG VH-YKGPC-1204:15 10-Sep-2021
RXA4618 VH-ZLOSaab 34001:50 08-Sep-2021
PFY9383 VH-KDVSaab 34009:16 31-Aug-2021
VTF VH-VTFPC-2423:10 30-Aug-2021
JTE503 VH-NJUAvro RJ-8505:46 27-Aug-2021
FD849 VH-FGRPC-1200:25 27-Aug-2021
JTE7458 VH-NJMBAe-146-30017:46 26-Aug-2021
MDH VH-MDHPC-1205:14 23-Aug-2021
TCP VH-TCPPC-1202:29 02-Aug-2021
LQR VH-LQRBeech 1300 Commuter04:27 20-Jul-2021
P2-NAXDHC-8-100 Dash 805:17 05-Jul-2021
JTE231 VH-NJQAvro RJ-10000:48 12-Jun-2021
AJV VH-AJV1124 Westwind06:04 04-Jun-2021
FD858 VH-FMZPC-1202:12 03-Jun-2021
VAT VH-VATPC-1212:16 03-May-2021
UTY3249 VH-FKVFokker 5009:19 16-Apr-2021
WSHV1 VH-SDGAS-355/55500:24 15-Apr-2021
ORI VH-ORICP-140 Aurora02:51 31-Mar-2021
UTY3263 VH-FKOFokker 5011:40 17-Mar-2021
JTE505 VH-NJNBAe-146-30005:22 17-Feb-2021
ZLE VH-ZLECessna 550 Citation 201:53 01-Jan-2021

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