Melbourne International Airport

Name: Melbourne International Airport
City: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Elevation: 434 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
QTR6BT A7-BACB777-300ER05:51 24-Sep-2021
HM3 VH-YXJAW13905:47 24-Sep-2021
JST775 VH-VFTA320-20005:46 24-Sep-2021
VOZ274 VH-VUWB737-80005:41 24-Sep-2021
AM398 VH-VADBeech 1300 Commuter05:27 24-Sep-2021
VOZ1036 VH-VUOB737-80004:49 24-Sep-2021
JST853 VH-VQFA320-20004:28 24-Sep-2021
RBA5 V8-DLCB787-8 Dreamliner04:17 24-Sep-2021
AM399 VH-VAHBeech 1300 Commuter04:04 24-Sep-2021
JST708 VH-VQEA320-20004:01 24-Sep-2021
FD503 VH-FZQPC-2403:58 24-Sep-2021
QFA7398 VH-ULDA321-20001:52 24-Sep-2021
QLK79 VH-SBBDHC-8-300 Dash 801:24 24-Sep-2021
QFA6001 VH-ZNCB787-9 Dreamliner00:23 24-Sep-2021
QFA427 VH-VZEB737-80000:20 24-Sep-2021
QFA7702 VH-QPAA330-30000:11 24-Sep-2021
QFA7706 VH-QPDA330-30023:24 23-Sep-2021
SND2 VH-VCJA319-10021:22 23-Sep-2021
QFA7305 VH-XMRB737-30018:16 23-Sep-2021
QFA7345 VH-XMLB737-30013:37 23-Sep-2021
QFA7325 VH-EBRA330-20013:31 23-Sep-2021
UAE408 A6-EPXB777-300ER11:31 23-Sep-2021
JAL8773 JA821JB787-8 Dreamliner11:17 23-Sep-2021
HM5 VH-YXFAW13910:44 23-Sep-2021
SH102F VH-HWRMerlin 2309:44 23-Sep-2021
AM380 VH-VAIBeech 1300 Commuter09:34 23-Sep-2021
QJE1549 VH-NXLB717-20009:24 23-Sep-2021
QFA837 VH-VXNB737-80009:05 23-Sep-2021
JLU VH-JLUCessna 550 Citation 208:43 23-Sep-2021
QFA778 VH-EBKA330-20008:26 23-Sep-2021
JST949 VH-VFPA320-20008:20 23-Sep-2021
RXA3938 VH-RXNSaab 34008:17 23-Sep-2021
QJE1546 VH-NXGB717-20007:39 23-Sep-2021
AAS VH-AASBeech Super King Air 35007:25 23-Sep-2021
RXA3772 VH-KDQSaab 34007:16 23-Sep-2021
RXA3187 VH-ZXFSaab 34007:09 23-Sep-2021
FD284 VH-MQDBeech Super King Air 35007:03 23-Sep-2021
QFA7606 VH-EBJA330-20006:49 23-Sep-2021
JST775 VH-VQPA320-20005:55 23-Sep-2021
LEM VH-LEMCessna 441 Conquest 204:23 23-Sep-2021
JST708 VH-VGDA320-20004:01 23-Sep-2021
JCX VH-JCXLearjet 4501:38 23-Sep-2021
QLK79 VH-SBJDHC-8-300 Dash 801:31 23-Sep-2021
SH829 VH-UUBMerlin 2301:08 23-Sep-2021
QFA7305 VH-XMOB737-30018:06 22-Sep-2021
HM1 VH-YXIAW13912:28 22-Sep-2021
QFA797 VH-XZEB737-80007:34 22-Sep-2021
QLK461 VH-TQKDHC-8-300 Dash 806:33 22-Sep-2021
VJN VH-VJN22804:05 22-Sep-2021
VOZ736 VH-YQRB737-80004:04 22-Sep-2021
LHJ VH-LHJA-10902:41 22-Sep-2021
QFA427 VH-VXGB737-80000:11 22-Sep-2021
NWI VH-NWIPC-1209:28 21-Sep-2021
QFA837 VH-XZFB737-80009:01 21-Sep-2021
JST7997 VH-VKHB787-8 Dreamliner01:01 21-Sep-2021
QFA427 VH-VYKB737-80000:34 21-Sep-2021
QFA7325 VH-EBEA330-20013:08 20-Sep-2021
AM325 VH-VAEBeech 1300 Commuter11:22 20-Sep-2021
QFA797 VH-VZCB737-80007:19 20-Sep-2021
XAQ VH-XAQPC-1206:29 20-Sep-2021
QJE6201 VH-YQYB717-20005:59 20-Sep-2021
RXA3469 VH-ZPNSaab 34005:13 20-Sep-2021
JEC VH-JECChallenger 601 3A01:20 20-Sep-2021
QFA427 VH-VYDB737-80000:33 20-Sep-2021
QJE1515 VH-YQSB717-20000:29 20-Sep-2021
VH-FOXAW.16900:10 20-Sep-2021
POL31 VH-PVQAW13918:51 19-Sep-2021
JST567 VH-XSJA320-20012:09 19-Sep-2021
VHCCD VH-CCDBD-700 Global Express10:41 19-Sep-2021
QFA479 VH-VZZB737-80009:31 19-Sep-2021
VOZ688 VH-YVDB737-80009:28 19-Sep-2021
QFA837 VH-VZYB737-80008:55 19-Sep-2021
QFA778 VH-VXKB737-80008:33 19-Sep-2021
QJE1549 VH-NXJB717-20007:23 19-Sep-2021
ZPM VH-ZPML-39 Albatros01:10 19-Sep-2021
OVX VH-OVXLearjet 3104:19 18-Sep-2021
VOZ218 VH-YFKB737-80003:22 18-Sep-2021
QFA427 VH-VXUB737-80000:25 18-Sep-2021
OAA VH-OAAFalcon 90000:23 18-Sep-2021
VOZ688 VH-VUPB737-80010:55 17-Sep-2021
QFA797 VH-VXHB737-80007:30 17-Sep-2021
POL35 VH-PVEBeech Super King Air 35007:15 17-Sep-2021
N360SL N360SLChallenger 60405:36 17-Sep-2021
N16SAG650 ER04:45 17-Sep-2021
JST7997 VH-VKIB787-8 Dreamliner00:18 17-Sep-2021
QFA837 VH-VXJB737-80009:06 16-Sep-2021
N510MW N510MWCessna 510 Citation Mustang08:49 16-Sep-2021
XNR VH-XNRA-10907:21 16-Sep-2021
OWN VH-OWNBeech 1300 Commuter06:58 16-Sep-2021
VOZ808 VH-YQOB737-80002:31 16-Sep-2021
ATO VH-ATONomad03:10 15-Sep-2021
SND5 VH-VHPA319-10003:08 15-Sep-2021
QFA7305 VH-XMBB737-30020:19 14-Sep-2021
JST577 VH-VGYA320-20008:07 13-Sep-2021
VLT VH-VLTLegacy 60005:49 13-Sep-2021
VOZ1036 VH-VUHB737-80004:43 13-Sep-2021
RXA3916 VH-ZPBSaab 34002:00 13-Sep-2021
RXA3657 VH-ZLASaab 34001:44 13-Sep-2021
OFJ VH-OFJBAe-125-70001:34 13-Sep-2021
QFA7702 VH-QPFA330-30000:20 12-Sep-2021
BLV VH-BLVAB-206 JetRanger00:29 11-Sep-2021
VOZ688 VH-YIFB737-80009:26 10-Sep-2021
LEP VH-LEPGlobal 600006:45 10-Sep-2021
WDR VH-WDRR44 Cadet23:32 09-Sep-2021
FGJ VH-FGJBD-700 Global Express10:43 09-Sep-2021
SJE VH-SJEBD-700 Global Express09:31 09-Sep-2021
BMW VH-BMWBAe-125-70007:29 09-Sep-2021
JST7991 VH-YXTA320-20006:39 09-Sep-2021
JST917 VH-VFKA320-20014:01 06-Sep-2021
ITH VH-ITHBeech 1300 Commuter06:20 04-Sep-2021
EXG VH-EXGCessna 680 Citation Sovereign23:14 02-Sep-2021
AMD VH-AMDBeech Super King Air 35003:01 02-Sep-2021
VOZ218 VH-YFHB737-80003:31 01-Sep-2021
OFX VH-OFXBD-700 Global Express02:21 31-Aug-2021
POL30 VH-PVOAW13903:49 29-Aug-2021
OVC VH-OVCMerlin 304:26 26-Aug-2021
YUL VH-YULCessna 560 Citation 506:09 25-Aug-2021
YAI VH-YAIGlobal 600002:26 25-Aug-2021
RIU VH-RIUBAe-125-70002:17 25-Aug-2021
WFE VH-WFECessna 560 Citation 504:01 23-Aug-2021
JST917 VH-VWUA321-20013:49 22-Aug-2021
VHXCJ VH-XCJCessna 750 Citation X05:18 21-Aug-2021
QFA427 VH-VZVB737-80000:34 20-Aug-2021
VBU VH-VBUCessna 208 Caravan 102:13 18-Aug-2021
LEF VH-LEFChallenger 65002:26 17-Aug-2021
BDOG376 VH-LMC695 Jetprop Commander 100000:09 16-Aug-2021
POL32 VH-PVRAW13915:26 14-Aug-2021
BRB VH-BRBA-10906:35 13-Aug-2021
OVM VH-OVMDC-302:00 12-Aug-2021
JST773 VH-VGZA320-20003:49 11-Aug-2021
SH923 VH-OYGMerlin 2322:57 10-Aug-2021
CCX VH-CCXBD-700 Global Express00:42 06-Aug-2021
PNM VH-PNMEMB-500 Phenom 10011:14 05-Aug-2021
LYO VH-LYOR44 Raven II07:19 01-Aug-2021
PDV VH-PDVCabri G204:26 01-Aug-2021
JST708 VH-VWXA321-20003:53 01-Aug-2021
VGX VH-VGXBD-700 Global Express04:30 23-Jul-2021
RXA689 VH-REXB737-80009:09 18-Jul-2021
RXA689 VH-RQPB737-80009:08 17-Jul-2021
RXA430 VH-RYUB737-80001:30 17-Jul-2021
RXA9919 VH-RQCB737-80011:45 16-Jul-2021
HALO202 VH-YBFAW13902:05 16-Jul-2021
UBH VH-UBHGlobal 600008:27 13-Jul-2021
RXA669 VH-RQGB737-80003:50 13-Jul-2021
CZT VH-CZTA-10904:18 08-Jul-2021
LAL VH-LALG650 ER00:54 08-Jul-2021
N360HP N360HPBD-700 Global Express07:52 14-Jun-2021
EFH VH-EFHA-10906:39 23-May-2021
N915JG N915JGBD-700 Global Express04:57 02-May-2021
TMQ VH-TMQDC-306:26 27-Apr-2021
ABR VH-ABRDC-304:54 07-Apr-2021
VBL VH-VBLMU-205:47 18-Mar-2021
DGL VH-DGLCabri G203:20 22-Jan-2021
PFF VH-PFFR44 Raven II05:44 17-Jan-2021
KMI VH-KMIAS-350/55021:20 12-Jan-2021
WYU VH-WYUR44 Raven II19:22 10-Jan-2021
N125FH N125FHAH-60 Black Hawk05:04 31-Dec-2020

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