Seletar Airport

Name: Seletar Airport
City: Seletar
Country: Singapore
Elevation: 36 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
VPCPG VP-CPGG65012:55 31-Jul-2021
MEDIC78 VH-ANDLearjet 6011:03 31-Jul-2021
MEDIC45 VH-PFSLearjet 4510:51 31-Jul-2021
B3239 B-3239G55006:35 31-Jul-2021
VHOFC VH-OFCChallenger 60423:19 30-Jul-2021
N506HG N506HGG55010:24 29-Jul-2021
B3278 B-3278G650 ER10:19 29-Jul-2021
2SLZK 2-SLZKBD-700 Global Express07:35 28-Jul-2021
VPBKM VP-BKMChallenger 60505:40 28-Jul-2021
SINGA99 732C-130 Hercules13:18 26-Jul-2021
RCH500 10-0218C-17 Globemaster 310:31 26-Jul-2021
B8295 B-8295G45007:59 26-Jul-2021
VHPFL VH-PFLG55006:23 24-Jul-2021
PKRJT PK-RJTCessna 560XL Citation Excel07:21 23-Jul-2021
VHURR VH-URRChallenger 60423:11 22-Jul-2021
N881SE N881SECessna 208 Caravan 102:20 22-Jul-2021
TAG12 T7-WINBD-700 Global 500007:34 17-Jul-2021
OYYDL OY-YDLATR-72-60004:34 17-Jul-2021
KAL2941 HL8230BD-700 Global Express06:31 16-Jul-2021
VHPFV VH-PFVGulfstream G15011:13 15-Jul-2021
MEDIC77 VH-RIOBAe-125-70010:53 15-Jul-2021
B8316 B-8316G45006:50 15-Jul-2021
LX-MLOBD-700 Global 500003:23 15-Jul-2021
RPC1681 RP-C1681Cessna 560XL Citation Excel03:17 15-Jul-2021
N308KB N308KBG28010:14 14-Jul-2021
TBJ81 N939GSBD-700 Global 500012:53 13-Jul-2021
VOZ9949 VH-YIQB737-80006:34 13-Jul-2021
N8998K N8998KGlobal 600002:05 11-Jul-2021
VJT617 9H-ILIChallenger 85004:39 06-Jul-2021
MJC281 B-3326G650 ER07:31 05-Jul-2021
VPCJM VP-CJMG55005:51 05-Jul-2021
NWK6680 VH-NHPFokker 10008:44 04-Jul-2021
VPCGL VP-CGLGlobal 600023:35 30-Jun-2021
N61WS N61WSG45007:51 30-Jun-2021
VOZ9949 VH-VOKB737-80005:39 30-Jun-2021
MEDIC35 VH-PFALearjet 3508:28 28-Jun-2021
00000000 RP-C7513Citation CJ409:44 26-Jun-2021
VOZ9945 VH-FSWFokker 10002:19 26-Jun-2021
N371JC N371JCG55000:37 26-Jun-2021
N312ZW N312ZWG650 ER05:26 23-Jun-2021
RPC9198 RP-C9198G20004:31 23-Jun-2021
TAG05 T7-YMFBD-700 Global 500012:40 22-Jun-2021
N779LG N779LGChallenger 60409:17 22-Jun-2021
N61WZ N61WZG55008:31 21-Jun-2021
N188W N188WG65000:11 21-Jun-2021
LYC405 N405LCC-130 Hercules06:57 18-Jun-2021
N106EC N106ECLegacy 60003:58 14-Jun-2021
B8157 B-8157G55011:04 11-Jun-2021
DAEUC D-AEUCA321-20012:51 10-Jun-2021
N349AN N349ANB767-30004:00 04-Jun-2021
T7RSG T7-RSGG55009:13 03-Jun-2021
SVR3902 VQ-BKJA321-20001:03 02-Jun-2021
N572MA N572MAKC-135R/T 04:45 27-May-2021
N666GL N666GLEMB-19010:28 22-May-2021
N216DP N216DPB767-30005:33 20-May-2021
JST8991 VH-VWYA321-20009:21 16-May-2021
AWK91 ZK-FXJB737-30003:55 13-May-2021
EAU54E 9H-OJEBD-700 Global 500005:48 12-May-2021
N 93303Beech 1300 Commuter05:33 12-May-2021
VPCJJ VP-CJJG650 ER03:26 12-May-2021
N3338 N3338BD-700 Global 500007:00 09-May-2021
N215BJ N215BJBeech Super King Air 35009:08 04-May-2021
N58GG N58GGFalcon 2000LX S08:34 03-May-2021
N899ST N899STChallenger 60510:48 30-Apr-2021
T7CAM T7-CAMGlobal 600006:00 19-Apr-2021
N622YM N622YMFalcon 7X09:35 17-Apr-2021
B8253 B-8253G45008:41 14-Apr-2021
N61WC N61WCP-180 Avanti07:05 06-Apr-2021
GWC6 A6-CAGBD-700 Global Express05:58 03-Apr-2021
N350AN N350ANB767-30023:57 30-Mar-2021
BWJ968 VP-CDBBD-700 Global 500012:09 08-Mar-2021
SXI2111 D-AOLHFokker 10003:05 08-Mar-2021
N343AN N343ANB767-30000:06 26-Feb-2021
N505LQ N505LQ505 Jet Ranger X02:13 18-Feb-2021
IGO9197 VT-IHMA320-20002:06 18-Feb-2021
TAG06 T7-SKLBD-700 Global Express03:01 16-Feb-2021
TXH7385 N889BT429 GlobalRanger02:25 09-Feb-2021
T7MHA T7-MHAChallenger 60513:15 04-Feb-2021
MPTGG M-PTGGFalcon 8X23:35 24-Jan-2021
N188TL N188TLCessna 680 Citation Sovereign05:03 12-Jan-2021
JST8991 VH-VWZA321-20002:31 03-Jan-2021

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