Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Name: Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
City: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
Elevation: 34 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
PK-GPRA330-30005:37 20-Jun-2021
BTK6540 PK-LZJA320-20002:29 18-Jun-2021
AWQ7531 PK-AZDA320-20010:12 15-Jun-2021
BTK8221 PK-LZWB737-80008:06 11-Jun-2021
ABD023P TF-AMNB747-40001:54 06-Jun-2021
GIA245 PK-GFUB737-80011:42 31-May-2021
GIA899 PK-GPCA330-30016:09 30-May-2021
GIA287 PK-GMNB737-80007:43 25-May-2021
GIA3125 PK-GAKATR-72-60013:42 21-May-2021
PKCAY PK-CAY429 GlobalRanger09:33 21-May-2021
PK-LESA330-900neo15:16 18-May-2021
LNI345 PK-LJJB737-90003:17 11-Apr-2021
BKP3611 HS-PPAA319-10023:12 04-Apr-2021
CTV971 PK-GLFA320-20002:57 04-Apr-2021
CTV8815 PK-GYCA330-900neo22:08 02-Apr-2021
GIA415 PK-GFQB737-80011:07 24-Mar-2021
GIA419 PK-GMFB737-80010:12 24-Mar-2021
CTV683 PK-GQJA320-20012:08 12-Mar-2021
AWQ7531 PK-AXEA320-20009:43 11-Mar-2021
LNI657 PK-LGLB737-90006:48 10-Mar-2021
LNI749 PK-LFYB737-90009:34 01-Mar-2021
LNI673 PK-LGZB737-90002:31 22-Feb-2021
GIA089 PK-GICB777-300ER23:09 20-Feb-2021
GIA159 PK-GNEB737-80013:18 19-Feb-2021
GIA659 PK-GNFB737-80012:39 19-Feb-2021
GIA647 PK-GNRB737-80010:16 19-Feb-2021
GIA411 PK-GMEB737-80009:01 18-Feb-2021
GIA121 PK-GNQB737-80011:12 15-Feb-2021
LNI777 PK-LEFA330-30012:08 12-Feb-2021
BTK6881 PK-LAVA320-20023:57 11-Feb-2021
GIA187 PK-GMDB737-80010:08 10-Feb-2021
GIA6430 PK-GMAB737-80008:30 09-Feb-2021
CTV777 PK-GTFA320neo10:14 04-Feb-2021
AWQ823 PK-AZHA320-20009:30 31-Jan-2021
AWQ7689 PK-AXUA320-20005:46 31-Jan-2021
HSSJB HS-SJBB737-80009:08 30-Jan-2021
GIA263 PK-GRSCRJ-100004:11 30-Jan-2021
LNI591 PK-LFUB737-90005:49 28-Jan-2021
GIA533 PK-GMGB737-80010:36 26-Jan-2021
LNI211 PK-LFSB737-90006:40 26-Jan-2021
GIA513 PK-GENB737-80006:50 24-Jan-2021
AWQ7689 PK-AXHA320-20005:37 24-Jan-2021
GIA327 PK-GMIB737-80013:45 20-Jan-2021
AWQ980 PK-AZLA320-20001:25 19-Jan-2021
SJ033 PK-CLHB737-50006:13 18-Jan-2021
GIA657 PK-GFWB737-80005:18 17-Jan-2021
GIA193 PK-GFXB737-80015:43 16-Jan-2021
GIA263 PK-GRJCRJ-100003:48 16-Jan-2021
PK-LUSA320-20014:22 08-Jan-2021
PK-LULA320-20011:56 07-Jan-2021
BTK6725 PK-LZIA320-20011:29 06-Jan-2021

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