Bengaluru International Airport

Name: Bengaluru International Airport
City: Bangalore
Country: India
Elevation: 3000 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
IGO406 VT-IJAA320neo05:10 20-Sep-2021
GOW802 VT-WGLA320neo05:07 20-Sep-2021
IGO6721 VT-IVDA320neo05:05 20-Sep-2021
VTI815 VT-TVCA321neo05:01 20-Sep-2021
IAD740 VT-KOCA320-20004:59 20-Sep-2021
IGO592 VT-IVCA320neo04:56 20-Sep-2021
VTTSG VT-TSGHawker 900XP04:38 20-Sep-2021
IGO5338 VT-IUEA321neo04:35 20-Sep-2021
IGO849 VT-IFQA320-20004:31 20-Sep-2021
LLR502 VT-RKHATR-72-60004:29 20-Sep-2021
IGO6965 VT-IVQA320neo04:26 20-Sep-2021
IGO772 VT-ITRA320neo04:23 20-Sep-2021
VTI863 VT-TNSA320neo04:21 20-Sep-2021
IGO6066 VT-IJPA320neo04:18 20-Sep-2021
IGO373 VT-IFYA320-20004:15 20-Sep-2021
IGO447 VT-IZQA320neo04:05 20-Sep-2021
IGO249 VT-ISFA320neo03:45 20-Sep-2021
THY6020 TC-JNOA330-30003:17 20-Sep-2021
VTI898 VT-TYBA320neo02:58 20-Sep-2021
IGO2057 VT-IZXA320neo17:25 19-Sep-2021
IGO435 VT-IFPA320-20017:12 19-Sep-2021
IGO7161 VT-IYQATR-72-60015:57 19-Sep-2021
IGO7753 VT-IYBATR-72-60015:33 19-Sep-2021
IGO877 VT-IZZA320neo15:17 19-Sep-2021
IGO7182 VT-IYJATR-72-60015:11 19-Sep-2021
IGO575 VT-ITOA320neo15:05 19-Sep-2021
VTI756 VT-TYAA320neo14:48 19-Sep-2021
FDX5042 N591FEMD-1112:57 19-Sep-2021
SEJ494 VT-SXAB737-80012:41 19-Sep-2021
IGO847 VT-IFXA320-20011:46 19-Sep-2021
SDG118 VT-GSCEMB-14511:20 19-Sep-2021
IAD633 VT-HYDA320-20010:47 19-Sep-2021
BDA201 VT-BDMB757-20001:35 19-Sep-2021
IGO9902 VT-IFHA320-20017:58 18-Sep-2021
IGO772 VT-IHHA320-20004:14 17-Sep-2021
VTTTH VT-TTHA320-20013:54 14-Sep-2021
SDG118 VT-GSNEMB-14511:48 18-Aug-2021
VTI809 VT-TTIA320-20016:50 25-Jul-2021

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