Vnukovo International Airport

Name: Vnukovo International Airport
City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Elevation: 685 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SDM6023 RA-73221A319-10017:24 22-May-2022
DXT9676 RA-02757Legacy 60016:56 22-May-2022
VSV801 UP-B3723B737-50016:52 22-May-2022
RSD554 RA-64058Tu-20416:43 22-May-2022
TUP9604 RA-64052Tu-20416:38 22-May-2022
UTA464 RA-73090B737-80015:51 22-May-2022
GZP250 RA-89050Superjet 100 95 LR-10015:49 22-May-2022
UTA7250 RA-73091B737-80015:32 22-May-2022
UTA7400 RA-73045B737-50015:20 22-May-2022
PBD432 RA-73237B737-80014:44 22-May-2022
GZP706 RA-89030Superjet 100 95 LR-10014:15 22-May-2022
TUL9004 RA-67220Challenger 85014:01 22-May-2022
GZP9634 RA-09001Falcon 90013:53 22-May-2022
TUP9620 RA-64024Tu-20413:50 22-May-2022
GZP9658 RA-89054Superjet 100 95 LR-10013:31 22-May-2022
SYL4736 RA-73261B737-80010:54 22-May-2022
TUP6542 RA-64051Tu-20408:44 22-May-2022
TUL9702 RA-67131BD-700 Global 500008:04 22-May-2022
UTA248 RA-73084B737-80004:54 22-May-2022
RA02734 RA-02734BAe-125-70014:27 21-May-2022
DRU605 RA-73264B737-80007:55 21-May-2022
RSD991 RA-61727Antonov An-14810:56 20-May-2022
UPEM020 UP-EM020Legacy 65021:26 19-May-2022
RA67241 RA-67241Global 600020:20 19-May-2022
RA64010 RA-64010Tu-20419:34 19-May-2022
RSD980 RA-64523Tu-214 VPU18:34 19-May-2022
RA01577 RA-01577PC-2418:14 19-May-2022
NWC9028 RA-09617Falcon 90016:06 19-May-2022
RSD989 RA-61712Antonov An-14810:43 19-May-2022
CPK9804 RA-64044Tu-20422:35 18-May-2022
RSD094 RA-64532Tu-21418:52 18-May-2022
RSJ9616 RA-67136BD-700 Global 500013:34 18-May-2022
RSD071 RA-89039Superjet 100 95 B13:00 18-May-2022
RSJ9618 RA-67226BD-700 Global 500018:38 17-May-2022
RSD344 RA-09090Falcon 7X17:51 17-May-2022
RA67242 RA-67242BD-700 Global Express17:46 17-May-2022
AZV8882 RA-73034B767-30016:51 17-May-2022
RWZ1114 RA-64014Tu-20420:25 16-May-2022
RSJ9612 RA-09610Falcon 900EX EASy11:49 16-May-2022
AZO810 RA-89095Superjet 100 95 LR-10015:22 15-May-2022
RSD073 RA-96014Il-9609:37 14-May-2022
RSD077 RA-64528Tu-214 SR16:39 13-May-2022
RSD072 RA-61716Antonov An-14816:24 13-May-2022
RSD008 RA-96018Il-9614:41 13-May-2022
RSD003 RA-96019Il-9613:48 13-May-2022
SYL479 RA-73263B737-70001:51 13-May-2022
RSD711 RA-64531Tu-21419:47 11-May-2022
RSD077 RA-73025A319-10014:33 11-May-2022
RSD072 RA-07705AW13912:12 11-May-2022
RA67428 RA-67428Cessna 525 Citation CJ100:20 11-May-2022
RSJ9602 RA-42412Yak-14215:27 10-May-2022
RSD784 RA-96020Il-9611:13 06-May-2022
RSD073 RA-96016Il-9612:17 04-May-2022
RSD039 RA-64520Tu-214 PU14:26 30-Apr-2022
RA05799 RA-05799R6612:02 30-Apr-2022
RSD080 RA-64516Tu-214 SR10:52 22-Apr-2022
RA05786 RA-05786R6614:57 17-Apr-2022
RA-07390R6611:29 09-Apr-2022
GZP9620 RA-09607Falcon 7X17:15 08-Apr-2022
GZP9644 RA-89049Superjet 100 95 LR-10009:50 07-Apr-2022
PBD468 VQ-BTDB737-80020:35 27-Mar-2022
NWC9016 RA-10208G55011:21 27-Mar-2022
SVW65AY LX-RAYG650 ER03:13 15-Mar-2022
T7SSM T7-SSMBD-700 Global Express07:17 13-Mar-2022
VAS9602 VQ-BFSB737-80021:54 12-Mar-2022
VAS9603 VQ-BFPB737-80021:41 12-Mar-2022
VAS9601 VQ-BFDB737-80020:21 12-Mar-2022
AZV6670 VQ-BUOB767-30017:59 12-Mar-2022
AZV312 VQ-BQAB757-20012:24 12-Mar-2022
AZV6671 VP-BRAB767-30012:11 12-Mar-2022
AZV6673 VP-BLVB757-20011:58 12-Mar-2022
AZV306 VP-BISB757-20010:38 12-Mar-2022
AZV9518 VQ-BKBB757-20015:17 10-Mar-2022
AZV1112 VP-BUXB767-30005:44 10-Mar-2022
AZV8882 VQ-BKFB757-20005:15 10-Mar-2022
UTA5448 VQ-BLTB737-80023:50 09-Mar-2022
UTA7274 VQ-BLPB737-80023:43 09-Mar-2022
UTA7268 VQ-BPTB737-80023:34 09-Mar-2022
UTA358 VQ-BDGB737-80020:41 09-Mar-2022
UTA7374 VQ-BDDB737-80015:57 09-Mar-2022
UTA7399 VQ-BDYB737-80015:39 09-Mar-2022
UTA558 VQ-BDPB737-80014:50 09-Mar-2022
AZV312 VP-BYCB757-20007:55 09-Mar-2022
AZV512 VP-BUVB767-30020:18 08-Mar-2022
PBD112 VQ-BAWB737-80020:08 06-Mar-2022
MMM9642 HB-JGBG45017:01 05-Mar-2022
RSY9008 EI-GVHA330-20015:53 05-Mar-2022
VAS8204 VQ-BFRB737-80008:04 05-Mar-2022
T7OKY T7-OKYGlobal 600017:32 02-Mar-2022
P4SMS P4-SMSLegacy 65003:01 02-Mar-2022
P4LIG P4-LIGB737-70023:24 01-Mar-2022
CSDOF CS-DOFChallenger 65014:01 01-Mar-2022
VAJ92A T7-KIABD-700 Global Express19:34 27-Feb-2022
VAS4815 VP-BCJB737-40016:22 27-Feb-2022
AOJ98V OE-LEVBD-700 Global 500010:23 26-Feb-2022
SVW68MW LX-MOWG65017:44 23-Feb-2022
BAO446I D-BLDICessna 750 Citation X16:06 20-Feb-2022
RSY9902 EI-GCZA330-20019:53 19-Feb-2022
MJF5T OE-LAABD-700 Global 500021:14 17-Feb-2022
UTA9810 VQ-BDHB737-80017:20 15-Feb-2022
OEIRF OE-IRFB737-70012:30 08-Feb-2022
VCJ88G 9H-OMKBD-700 Global 500003:05 07-Feb-2022
AZV774 VP-BXWB767-30000:41 31-Jan-2022
RLU194 VP-BNOCRJ-10012:43 19-Jan-2022
GZP262 RA-89019Superjet 100 95 LR-10011:18 16-Jan-2022
AZV514 VP-BUYB767-30018:06 13-Dec-2021
RSD078 RA-09007Falcon 7X12:29 12-Nov-2021
RA-07703AW13910:43 12-Nov-2021
RA07355 RA-07355R6611:49 20-Oct-2021
AZV8892 VP-BPBB757-20019:57 14-Oct-2021
RSD037 RA-64057Tu-20409:41 25-Aug-2021
RSD075 RA-64506Tu-21409:40 16-Aug-2021
RA07393 RA-07393R6614:13 13-Aug-2021
RA01919 RA-01919AB-206 JetRanger08:46 01-Aug-2021
01997 RA-01997AW13914:33 09-Apr-2021
RA05818 RA-05818R6616:39 27-Mar-2021
RA07368 RA-07368R44 Raven10:12 09-Mar-2021
RA07372 RA-07372R6614:30 06-Feb-2021

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