Vnukovo International Airport

Name: Vnukovo International Airport
City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Elevation: 685 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
YUPZM YU-PZMCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:30 23-Oct-2021
UTA358 VQ-BQRB737-80021:16 23-Oct-2021
FDB9RQ A6-FEDB737-80021:13 23-Oct-2021
UTA1558 VQ-BJHB737-80021:12 23-Oct-2021
SDM6021 VP-BIVA319-10021:06 23-Oct-2021
PBD1170 VP-BQBB737-80021:00 23-Oct-2021
AXY2307 9H-DOMChallenger 85020:55 23-Oct-2021
VAS8508 VQ-BFSB737-80020:53 23-Oct-2021
PBD276 VQ-BTJB737-80020:50 23-Oct-2021
RLU556 VP-BVCCRJ-20020:47 23-Oct-2021
PBD200 VQ-BAWB737-80020:42 23-Oct-2021
UTA466 VP-BAIB767-20020:28 23-Oct-2021
PBD290 VP-BGQB737-80020:23 23-Oct-2021
PBD264 VP-BQJB737-80020:19 23-Oct-2021
THY7FJ TC-JSVA321-20020:14 23-Oct-2021
UTA448 VQ-BJJB737-80019:58 23-Oct-2021
PBD458 VP-BPUB737-80019:53 23-Oct-2021
PBD438 VP-BPLB737-80019:49 23-Oct-2021
UTA330 VQ-BQPB737-80019:46 23-Oct-2021
UTA562 VQ-BJGB737-80019:43 23-Oct-2021
SUA633 OK-SLXCessna 560XL Citation Excel19:25 23-Oct-2021
DCAWX D-CAWXCessna 680 Citation Sovereign19:19 23-Oct-2021
UTA274 VQ-BDDB737-80019:14 23-Oct-2021
IJM038 OE-IKTLegacy 60019:05 23-Oct-2021
UTA524 VQ-BDPB737-80019:00 23-Oct-2021
UTA268 VQ-BDYB737-80018:57 23-Oct-2021
RA10206 RA-10206G55018:51 23-Oct-2021
AHO9173 D-ANNIEMB-19018:46 23-Oct-2021
SYL766 VQ-BIPB737-70018:39 23-Oct-2021
JEF22 OH-WIWChallenger 65018:30 23-Oct-2021
BAO222P D-ADCPLegacy 60018:23 23-Oct-2021
UTA596 VQ-BJMB737-50018:05 23-Oct-2021
CSDOF CS-DOFChallenger 65018:01 23-Oct-2021
UPEM020 UP-EM020Legacy 65017:45 23-Oct-2021
VAJ72L T7-OILG20017:38 23-Oct-2021
NJE349A CS-DLFFalcon 2000EX EASy17:35 23-Oct-2021
AZV8876 VQ-BEZB757-20017:27 23-Oct-2021
PNC7PC YU-SPCCessna 560XL Citation Excel17:20 23-Oct-2021
UPEM018 UP-EM018Legacy 65017:09 23-Oct-2021
PBD996 VP-BQQB737-80017:05 23-Oct-2021
RA02767 RA-02767390 Premier 116:31 23-Oct-2021
UTA295 VQ-BDRB737-80016:28 23-Oct-2021
RSY9005 EI-GCUA330-20016:11 23-Oct-2021
AOJ72T OE-HKTG28016:04 23-Oct-2021
RA09617 RA-09617Falcon 90015:52 23-Oct-2021
AZV7780 VQ-BXJB777-300ER15:49 23-Oct-2021
AHO834R D-AEOTLegacy 60015:33 23-Oct-2021
UTA396 VQ-BDGB737-80015:31 23-Oct-2021
OHSGI OH-SGIGVII-G50015:28 23-Oct-2021
P4SMS P4-SMSLegacy 65015:27 23-Oct-2021
AZV8890 VQ-BZAB777-300ER15:21 23-Oct-2021
GZP204 RA-89019Superjet 100 95 LR-10015:14 23-Oct-2021
SUA731 OK-XLSCessna 560XL Citation Excel15:03 23-Oct-2021
NWC9016 RA-10208G55015:01 23-Oct-2021
VCJ88G 9H-OMKBD-700 Global 500014:49 23-Oct-2021
PBD112 VQ-BTCB737-80014:30 23-Oct-2021
CIG1872 VP-BTTLegacy 60014:29 23-Oct-2021
PBD934 VQ-BTHB737-80014:24 23-Oct-2021
UTA368 VQ-BIGB737-40013:51 23-Oct-2021
GZP468 RA-89031Superjet 100 95 LR-10013:45 23-Oct-2021
NJE891C CS-LTPCitation Latitude13:39 23-Oct-2021
MJF6W OE-LKWChallenger 65013:35 23-Oct-2021
TOY145 YR-TYACessna 560XL Citation Excel13:32 23-Oct-2021
EAU39S 9H-OJSGlobal 600013:27 23-Oct-2021
UPSJ001 UP-SJ001Superjet 100 95 LR-10013:25 23-Oct-2021
RSD992 RA-61707Antonov An-14813:06 23-Oct-2021
UTA366 VQ-BQSB737-80012:59 23-Oct-2021
MFINE M-FINEBD-700 Global 500012:55 23-Oct-2021
UTA350 VQ-BIEB737-40012:52 23-Oct-2021
RA67245 RA-67245Challenger 65012:14 23-Oct-2021
N190JA N190JABD-700 Global Express11:40 23-Oct-2021
UTA836 VQ-BHZB737-40010:31 23-Oct-2021
KZN9410 RA-67227Challenger 60509:48 23-Oct-2021
YUPNK YU-PNKCessna 560XL Citation Excel09:24 23-Oct-2021
RSY9102 EI-GWFA330-30008:58 23-Oct-2021
PBD476 VP-BPVB737-80008:30 23-Oct-2021
GZP9652 RA-73004B737-70021:31 22-Oct-2021
UTA464 VQ-BQQB737-80021:07 22-Oct-2021
RWZ1114 RA-89053Superjet 100 95 B19:53 22-Oct-2021
RLU560 VP-BNOCRJ-10018:07 22-Oct-2021
MMM9642 HB-JGBG45017:05 22-Oct-2021
RSD003 RA-96017Il-9616:55 22-Oct-2021
RSD039 RA-64059Tu-20416:41 22-Oct-2021
RSD094 RA-96014Il-9616:38 22-Oct-2021
T7WMB T7-WMBGlobal 600015:47 22-Oct-2021
SVW01GX LX-GLXGlobal 600015:23 22-Oct-2021
RSD073 RA-61720Antonov An-14814:15 22-Oct-2021
GZP9658 RA-89050Superjet 100 95 LR-10013:10 22-Oct-2021
GZP9642 RA-89054Superjet 100 95 LR-10012:25 22-Oct-2021
MJF5C OE-IKSGVII-G50011:32 22-Oct-2021
AZV8882 VQ-BENB767-30008:48 22-Oct-2021
T7GIV T7-GIVG45001:58 22-Oct-2021
N761LE N761LEG65000:08 22-Oct-2021
T7SYL T7-SYLLegacy 60021:38 21-Oct-2021
IJM566 OE-GAGLearjet 7520:53 21-Oct-2021
T7SLA T7-SLAChallenger 85018:49 21-Oct-2021
CSDHZ CS-DHZGlobal 600018:09 21-Oct-2021
AOJ96K OE-IMIFalcon 900EX17:54 21-Oct-2021
SYL776 VQ-BOYB737-80015:50 21-Oct-2021
RSD075 RA-64058Tu-20415:43 21-Oct-2021
RSD034 RA-89040Superjet 100 95 B15:30 21-Oct-2021
RSD512 RA-64522Tu-214 SUS15:12 21-Oct-2021
T7SSM T7-SSMBD-700 Global Express14:26 21-Oct-2021
MMM9622 VQ-BKEG45014:23 21-Oct-2021
GLJ99ML OE-LMLGlobal 600012:59 21-Oct-2021
RSJ9602 RA-42412Yak-14208:13 21-Oct-2021
UTA9880 VP-BALB767-20022:18 20-Oct-2021
RSD989 RA-61727Antonov An-14820:02 20-Oct-2021
PBD236 VQ-BTGB737-80019:58 20-Oct-2021
RSJ9616 VQ-BVABD-700 Global 500019:53 20-Oct-2021
MJF6D OE-LEDChallenger 65016:51 20-Oct-2021
RSD076 RA-64521Tu-21412:08 20-Oct-2021
RA07355 RA-07355R6611:49 20-Oct-2021
T7AVD T7-AVDGlobal 600011:24 20-Oct-2021
RSD072 RA-73026A319-10009:16 20-Oct-2021
MRONE M-RONEFalcon 2000EX EASy08:48 20-Oct-2021
RA67242 RA-67242BD-700 Global Express17:09 19-Oct-2021
OEIRM OE-IRMGlobal 750016:26 19-Oct-2021
SBI8506 VP-BNFG55016:12 19-Oct-2021
VAJ92A T7-KIABD-700 Global Express16:02 19-Oct-2021
OEIRN OE-IRNBD-700 Global Express15:50 19-Oct-2021
9HSGA 9H-SGAG55014:40 19-Oct-2021
EAU61N 9H-ZSNFalcon 7X12:27 19-Oct-2021
UTA370 VQ-BPTB737-80011:26 19-Oct-2021
SVW62BC LX-ABCBD-700 Global Express21:55 18-Oct-2021
RSD010 RA-64523Tu-214 VPU18:06 18-Oct-2021
AXY1812 9H-AMYChallenger 85014:50 18-Oct-2021
UTA836 VQ-BICB737-40010:36 18-Oct-2021
P4MES P4-MESB767-30000:35 18-Oct-2021
MYGLF M-YGLFG65020:13 17-Oct-2021
RA64010 RA-64010Tu-20419:14 17-Oct-2021
RSD025 RA-09007Falcon 7X18:41 17-Oct-2021
MINSK M-INSKG65017:06 17-Oct-2021
T7ZZZ T7-ZZZG45016:43 17-Oct-2021
KSM9612 RA-64045Tu-20415:10 17-Oct-2021
MAFAJ M-AFAJFalcon 900EX EASy16:28 16-Oct-2021
RSJ9618 RA-67226BD-700 Global 500014:18 16-Oct-2021
T7HHHH T7-HHHHA318-10010:46 16-Oct-2021
SVW55HS LX-PHSG55017:37 15-Oct-2021
RSD078 RA-09090Falcon 7X12:09 15-Oct-2021
AZV556 VP-BUXB767-30002:42 15-Oct-2021
AZV8892 VP-BPBB757-20019:57 14-Oct-2021
MHAWK M-HAWKGlobal 600016:04 14-Oct-2021
VMP873 OY-NNAChallenger 85012:31 14-Oct-2021
T7HHH T7-HHHA320neo08:52 12-Oct-2021
RSD073 RA-96016Il-9608:57 11-Oct-2021
T7SAS T7-SASG20016:43 10-Oct-2021
P4PLG P4-PLGGVII-G50008:47 10-Oct-2021
AZV8890 VQ-BZDB777-300ER20:26 05-Oct-2021
RSD050 RA-61712Antonov An-14817:38 01-Oct-2021
MJF5T OE-LAABD-700 Global 500019:31 30-Sep-2021
RSD076 RA-64516Tu-214 SR18:41 24-Sep-2021
CSDOM CS-DOMGlobal 600018:16 16-Sep-2021
RA07491 RA-07491EC-13015:56 30-Aug-2021
RA06382 RA-06382R6606:58 27-Aug-2021
RSD037 RA-64057Tu-20409:41 25-Aug-2021
RSD075 RA-64506Tu-21409:40 16-Aug-2021
RA07393 RA-07393R6614:13 13-Aug-2021
XAV9021 RA-64532Tu-214 PU13:12 05-Aug-2021
XAV9021 RA-64531Tu-214 PU13:02 05-Aug-2021
RA01919 RA-01919AB-206 JetRanger08:46 01-Aug-2021
AZV5018 VQ-BKFB757-20006:58 19-Jun-2021
RSY9999 EI-GCZA330-20015:09 05-May-2021
AZV302 VQ-BKBB757-20011:58 21-Apr-2021
01997 RA-01997AW13914:33 09-Apr-2021
RA05818 RA-05818R6616:39 27-Mar-2021
RA07368 RA-07368R44 Raven10:12 09-Mar-2021
RA07372 RA-07372R6614:30 06-Feb-2021

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