Pulkovo Airport

Name: Pulkovo Airport
City: St. Petersburg
Country: Russia
Elevation: 78 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
AUL578 VQ-BBIB737-70005:28 17-Jun-2021
TYA406 VQ-BAAB737-80005:26 17-Jun-2021
SSF19 RA-67239CRJ-20005:19 17-Jun-2021
KZN9403 RA-67216Challenger 60405:12 17-Jun-2021
AUL149 VP-BOSA320neo05:06 17-Jun-2021
AFL006 VP-BKIA321-20004:58 17-Jun-2021
SDM6022 VP-BIVA319-10004:55 17-Jun-2021
AUL584 VP-BYYB737-70004:53 17-Jun-2021
AUL592 VP-BCCB737-80004:31 17-Jun-2021
SDM6542 VP-BIUA319-10004:21 17-Jun-2021
SDM6454 VQ-BFMA320-20004:18 17-Jun-2021
SDM6232 VQ-BAQA319-10004:15 17-Jun-2021
SDM6452 VP-BBTA319-10004:09 17-Jun-2021
SDM6402 VQ-BOXA319-10004:06 17-Jun-2021
SDM6588 VP-BWJA319-10004:01 17-Jun-2021
SDM6472 VP-BZQA320-20003:58 17-Jun-2021
SDM6462 VP-BWGA319-10003:55 17-Jun-2021
SDM6344 VQ-BCPA319-10003:53 17-Jun-2021
SVR8416 VP-BVAA321-20003:47 17-Jun-2021
SDM6900 VP-BWHA320-20003:43 17-Jun-2021
SDM6412 VP-BQKA319-10003:37 17-Jun-2021
SDM6442 VQ-BARA319-10003:18 17-Jun-2021
SDM6304 RA-89131Superjet 100 95 B03:11 17-Jun-2021
SDM6358 VP-BNJA319-10003:01 17-Jun-2021
SDM6582 VP-BBUA319-10002:48 17-Jun-2021
SDM6596 VQ-BATA319-10002:40 17-Jun-2021
AFL2817 VP-BIXA320-20002:21 17-Jun-2021
NWS9806 VP-BJJB777-20002:04 17-Jun-2021
SDM5942 VP-BOAB737-80000:48 17-Jun-2021
EAV32D S5-SADGlobal 600023:01 16-Jun-2021
AFL046 VQ-BVOB737-80022:54 16-Jun-2021
SDM6116 RA-89128Superjet 100 95 B22:19 16-Jun-2021
GZP9622 RA-09000Falcon 90022:15 16-Jun-2021
VAJ72L T7-OILG20021:26 16-Jun-2021
VJT683 9H-ILZChallenger 85020:19 16-Jun-2021
SDM6404 VP-BITA319-10019:50 16-Jun-2021
L2864 OE-IRFB737-70014:43 16-Jun-2021
RA64056 RA-64056Tu-20413:04 16-Jun-2021
AHO022E D-ARMYLegacy 65009:29 16-Jun-2021
AHO824W D-ATOPLegacy 65009:19 16-Jun-2021
ABG2102 VQ-BTRB757-20007:11 16-Jun-2021
OHTFB OH-TFBPC-1206:52 16-Jun-2021
AZV5044 VP-BUYB767-30006:43 16-Jun-2021
GZP9618 RA-09607Falcon 7X19:17 15-Jun-2021
SVW62BC LX-ABCBD-700 Global Express17:45 15-Jun-2021
RA09609 RA-09609Falcon 900LX14:43 15-Jun-2021
GZP9619 RA-09602Falcon 7X07:18 15-Jun-2021
FRX587 ES-SLSFalcon 900LX19:31 14-Jun-2021
AAB25P OO-GPEFalcon 900LX13:36 14-Jun-2021
VTOMM VT-OMMLegacy 65010:54 14-Jun-2021
TVS4340 OK-TVGB737-80011:22 13-Jun-2021
RA09608 RA-09608Falcon 8X10:34 10-Jun-2021
RA01518 RA-01518PC-1210:28 06-Jun-2021
SDM6414 VQ-BASA319-10019:43 02-Jun-2021
RA09009 RA-09009Falcon 7X08:21 31-May-2021
SDM6308 VP-BIQA319-10019:44 11-May-2021
RA01636 RA-01636429 GlobalRanger01:21 09-Apr-2021
RA07343 RA-07343BK-117C-210:11 18-Mar-2021
RA04264 RA-04264R44 Raven11:39 10-Feb-2021
RA01637 RA-01637429 GlobalRanger18:42 05-Feb-2021

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