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Name: Pulkovo Airport
City: St. Petersburg
Country: Russia
Elevation: 78 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SBI1023 VP-BOGA320-20023:17 21-Jan-2021
SDM4204 VQ-BBAA319-10023:13 21-Jan-2021
AFL034 VP-BLHA320-20020:57 21-Jan-2021
SDM6414 VQ-BCGA320-20020:55 21-Jan-2021
SDM6404 VQ-BAUA319-10020:51 21-Jan-2021
SDM6896 VP-BITA319-10020:34 21-Jan-2021
SDM6314 VP-BWJA319-10020:31 21-Jan-2021
RWZ704 VP-BRSA321-20019:46 21-Jan-2021
AFL032 VQ-BKTA320-20019:39 21-Jan-2021
SVR366 VQ-BCYA320-20019:36 21-Jan-2021
SDM6346 VP-BZRA320-20019:26 21-Jan-2021
SDM6036 VP-BIQA319-10019:16 21-Jan-2021
SDM6042 VP-BWGA319-10018:18 21-Jan-2021
EAV32D S5-SADGlobal 600018:06 21-Jan-2021
RLU294 VP-BNOCRJ-10018:01 21-Jan-2021
SSF56 RA-89119Superjet 100 95 LR-10017:30 21-Jan-2021
SDM6372 VP-BZQA320-20017:01 21-Jan-2021
SDM5854 VP-BOAB737-80016:00 21-Jan-2021
NWS140 VP-BSZB737-80015:42 21-Jan-2021
GZP9618 RA-09602Falcon 7X14:55 21-Jan-2021
MMAVP M-MAVPGlobal 600008:17 21-Jan-2021
LLM850 RA-89089Superjet 100 95 LR-10008:13 21-Jan-2021
GZP9621 RA-09603Falcon 7X06:21 21-Jan-2021
SDM6346 VP-BWIA320-20019:13 20-Jan-2021
SDM6308 VP-BBTA319-10018:44 20-Jan-2021
SDM6372 VP-BWHA320-20016:45 20-Jan-2021
NWS130 VP-BSEB737-80015:26 20-Jan-2021
CAI1976 TC-CONB737-80013:33 20-Jan-2021
AUL504 VP-BZZB737-70011:49 20-Jan-2021
AUL532 VQ-BBYB737-80011:29 20-Jan-2021
SDM5404 VP-BIUA319-10020:12 19-Jan-2021
ULC53 9H-FLNBD-700 Global 500020:06 19-Jan-2021
SVR2734 VP-BVFA321-20019:25 19-Jan-2021
RA09009 RA-09009Falcon 7X14:47 19-Jan-2021
QQE641 A7-CEVBD-700 Global 500002:06 17-Jan-2021
MLM650 9H-SPBChallenger 65018:14 16-Jan-2021
RA64056 RA-64056Tu-20409:41 16-Jan-2021
RA67250 RA-67250BD-100 Challenger 30006:26 10-Jan-2021
SDM6020 VQ-BOXA319-10017:41 09-Jan-2021
SDM6472 VP-BBUA319-10003:18 06-Jan-2021
OES293B OE-IRNBD-700 Global Express10:36 05-Jan-2021

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