Luis Munoz Marin International Airport

Name: Luis Munoz Marin International Airport
City: San Juan
Country: Puerto Rico
Elevation: 9 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
DAL1859 N925DZB737-90002:42 28-Jan-2022
AMF6911 N249DHMerlin 2300:42 28-Jan-2022
MVJ710 N710MVG-4 Gulfstream 400:12 28-Jan-2022
BEZ402 N960HLCessna 208 Caravan 100:03 28-Jan-2022
N49KW N49KWCitation Bravo23:55 27-Jan-2022
AMF6916 N248DHMerlin 2323:49 27-Jan-2022
SNC501 N3732X36023:31 27-Jan-2022
MLN332 N332DXGVII-G60023:29 27-Jan-2022
SNC211 N167RC33023:20 27-Jan-2022
AMF6906 N990AFBeech 99 Airliner23:17 27-Jan-2022
WIG7112 N881FECessna 208 Caravan 123:10 27-Jan-2022
SNC962 N415TGCessna 208 Caravan 122:45 27-Jan-2022
GPD107 N523TWPC-1222:36 27-Jan-2022
SIL0117 N328AGSaab 34022:31 27-Jan-2022
TWY888 N888ZFG650 ER22:00 27-Jan-2022
N142HQ N142HQG45021:58 27-Jan-2022
WWI91 N91JSG-4 Gulfstream 421:38 27-Jan-2022
SNC7103 N215TACessna 208 Caravan 121:33 27-Jan-2022
WIG7124 N921FECessna 208 Caravan 121:30 27-Jan-2022
MVP438 N804TBBAe-125-70021:25 27-Jan-2022
GPD334B N475TWPC-1220:25 27-Jan-2022
GPD6151 N416TWPC-1220:24 27-Jan-2022
PAT569 86-60088Beech 1300 Commuter19:48 27-Jan-2022
SNC387 N4498Y36019:43 27-Jan-2022
N975SP N975SPBeech 90 King Air18:41 27-Jan-2022
WIG594 N905FECessna 208 Caravan 118:37 27-Jan-2022
AMF6910 N338AFBeech 190017:39 27-Jan-2022
N816QS N816QSCitation Longitude17:05 27-Jan-2022
SIL0122 N336AGSaab 34016:49 27-Jan-2022
WIG590 N971FECessna 208 Caravan 116:48 27-Jan-2022
N86 N86Challenger 601 3R16:30 27-Jan-2022
TKM88 N808JMChallenger 35016:01 27-Jan-2022
N85VZ N85VZTBM 94015:54 27-Jan-2022
N111CQ N111CQG45015:46 27-Jan-2022
WAF9162 N916GD36014:56 27-Jan-2022
N447BF N447BF40714:19 27-Jan-2022
SNC491 N601CA36009:48 27-Jan-2022
N450LP N450LPG45000:50 27-Jan-2022
AMF6906 N228BHBeech 99 Airliner22:00 26-Jan-2022
N775DM N775DMBeech 90 King Air21:10 26-Jan-2022
N53TP N53TPCessna 525B Citation CJ320:26 26-Jan-2022
SNC201 N564AC36019:37 26-Jan-2022
SNC1501 N385MQ36019:15 26-Jan-2022
WIG590 N967FECessna 208 Caravan 117:38 26-Jan-2022
N113RF N113RFCessna 208 Caravan 116:15 26-Jan-2022
N904GD N904GDBN-2 Islander11:01 26-Jan-2022
WIG7124 N866FECessna 208 Caravan 122:42 25-Jan-2022
WIG7101 N962FECessna 208 Caravan 121:35 25-Jan-2022
N5855Z N5855ZAS-350/55017:32 25-Jan-2022
N787RA N787RACessna 208 Caravan 116:51 25-Jan-2022
KAP97B N540BNBN-2 Islander15:45 25-Jan-2022
N901GD N901GDBN-2 Islander13:27 25-Jan-2022
N172EX N172EXG20023:43 24-Jan-2022
BEZ408 N963HLCessna 208 Caravan 123:34 24-Jan-2022
BEZ402 N962HLCessna 208 Caravan 123:17 24-Jan-2022
SNC7103 N600TGCessna 208 Caravan 121:31 24-Jan-2022
GPD666 N2727KPC-1221:00 24-Jan-2022
N322EC N322ECAB-206 JetRanger13:32 24-Jan-2022
SNC491 N972AA36009:17 24-Jan-2022
N388CA N388CAG-4 Gulfstream 402:20 24-Jan-2022
N189MD N189MDBeech Super King Air 35023:12 23-Jan-2022
KAP316B N510BNBN-2 Islander22:13 23-Jan-2022
WAF903 N903GDBN-2 Islander18:18 23-Jan-2022
VPBGT VP-BGTFalcon 7X06:09 23-Jan-2022
N663VL N663VLBN-2 Islander19:11 22-Jan-2022
N71FS N71FSGulfstream G10023:30 21-Jan-2022
AMF6906 N242DHMerlin 2322:13 21-Jan-2022
N98JC N98JC42719:47 21-Jan-2022
N311MK N311MKG20000:50 21-Jan-2022
BEZ402 N966HLCessna 208 Caravan 123:02 20-Jan-2022
WIG7101 N721FXCessna 208 Caravan 121:49 20-Jan-2022
WAF9152 N915GD36018:49 20-Jan-2022
N5854Z N5854ZAS-350/55012:33 20-Jan-2022
C6001 6001AH-60 Black Hawk22:52 19-Jan-2022
AMF7916 N4199CBeech 99 Airliner18:40 19-Jan-2022
EJM979 N979CBGlobal 600019:10 18-Jan-2022
N52ZG N52ZGCitation M218:35 17-Jan-2022
AMF4276 N246DHMerlin 2315:35 17-Jan-2022
N913GD N913GDBN-2 Islander18:35 16-Jan-2022
KAP48B N520BNBN-2 Islander13:06 16-Jan-2022
N409MN N409MNCessna 208 Caravan 117:54 14-Jan-2022
N595BB N595BBPC-1217:43 14-Jan-2022
N9456T N9456TBeech Super King Air 35013:04 14-Jan-2022
N600UH N600UHR44 Raven II19:26 13-Jan-2022
N600PH N600PHLearjet 6023:26 12-Jan-2022
YV2609 YV2609EMB-500 Phenom 10020:11 09-Jan-2022
N492HB N492HB40720:31 07-Jan-2022
SNC387 N151CA36019:57 07-Jan-2022
N861VL N861VLBN-2 Islander19:22 06-Jan-2022
N864VL N864VLBN-2 Islander21:24 03-Jan-2022
N821RR N821RRBN-2 Islander19:36 03-Jan-2022
N703MS N703MSG20023:03 02-Jan-2022
N377HW N377HWFalcon 90021:15 27-Dec-2021
SNC201 N376AC36020:06 17-Dec-2021
N891L N891LCessna 208 Caravan 121:15 14-Dec-2021
N404WA N404WAAB-206 JetRanger20:00 10-Dec-2021
N8J N8JBK-117C-216:40 10-Dec-2021
N5841Z36911:54 02-Dec-2021
N290FD N290FDA-10921:31 30-Nov-2021
WAF920 N920GDBN-2A Mk3 Trislander14:03 22-Nov-2021
WIG7111 N955FECessna 208 Caravan 122:55 17-Nov-2021
N905GD N905GDBN-2 Islander15:56 10-Nov-2021
01172315 13-72315BK-117C-221:51 04-Nov-2021
N357KV N357KVAS-350/55014:41 04-Nov-2021
N863VL N863VLBN-2 Islander16:45 31-Oct-2021
N908VL N908VLBN-2 Islander14:08 28-Oct-2021
FBVUC F-BVUCPA-23 Aztec01:30 26-Oct-2021
N5800Z N5800ZAS-332 Super Puma17:09 19-Oct-2021
AEROD1 N911AXEC-13514:17 19-Oct-2021
N6974A N6974AAS-350/55016:56 18-Oct-2021
KAP97B N530BNBN-2 Islander14:41 18-Oct-2021
SBU61 F-OSBMCessna 208 Caravan 112:57 16-Oct-2021
N524CH N524CHAS-350/55020:51 08-Oct-2021
N907VL N907VLBN-2 Islander18:49 07-Oct-2021
N902VL N902VLBN-2 Islander13:39 01-Oct-2021
N502DD N502DDBeech 1815:09 14-Sep-2021
N667PW N667PWR6618:27 09-Sep-2021
N865VL N865VLBN-2 Islander13:54 06-Sep-2021
N917GD N917GDBN-2 Islander19:32 03-Sep-2021
AXL788 VP-ACTBN-2 Islander20:39 03-Aug-2021
N907GD N907GDBN-2 Islander16:01 02-Aug-2021
SBS6101 N336SASaab 34019:26 14-Jul-2021
VPAAC VP-AACBN-2 Islander16:38 26-Jun-2021
N7994R N7994RBeech 99 Airliner18:53 19-Jun-2021
N984AB N984ABBeech 190022:59 18-Jun-2021
TROY58 N805MRDHC-8-200 Dash 814:37 28-May-2021
0047Z N334CJSaab 34022:21 30-Apr-2021
N404SF N404SFCessna 208 Caravan 122:40 16-Feb-2021
N869VL N869VLBN-2A Mk3 Trislander15:05 09-Feb-2021
N8711H N8711HBeech 1817:36 05-Feb-2021
AMF6904 N204AFBeech 99 Airliner23:09 03-Feb-2021
OMAHA06 N806MRDHC-8-300 Dash 821:46 21-Jan-2021

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