Jorge Chavez International Airport

Name: Jorge Chavez International Airport
City: Lima
Country: Peru
Elevation: 113 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
NAC862 N379CXB767-30000:14 02-Aug-2021
CMP493 HP-1853CMPB737-80000:10 02-Aug-2021
LPE2144 CC-CPIA319-10000:06 02-Aug-2021
VPE421 HK-5277A320-20023:31 01-Aug-2021
LPE2277 CC-BFPA320-20023:28 01-Aug-2021
LPE2665 CC-BFSA320-20023:25 01-Aug-2021
LPE2014 CC-BFWA320-20023:21 01-Aug-2021
VPE711 HK-5308A320-20023:18 01-Aug-2021
LPE2641 CC-BHGA320neo23:08 01-Aug-2021
LPE2335 CC-BFRA320-20023:01 01-Aug-2021
LPE2299 CC-BFGA320-20022:56 01-Aug-2021
IBE6659 EC-MNKA330-20022:42 01-Aug-2021
AAL379 N421UWA321neo22:36 01-Aug-2021
LPE2279 CC-BCEA319-10022:31 01-Aug-2021
LPE2227 CC-BHBA320neo21:36 01-Aug-2021
LPE2393 CC-BFJA320-20021:29 01-Aug-2021
LPE2219 CC-BFFA320-20021:26 01-Aug-2021
LPE2124 CC-BJEA320-20021:25 01-Aug-2021
LPE2098 CC-BAGA320-20021:03 01-Aug-2021
LPE2600 CC-BFVA320-20019:56 01-Aug-2021
LPE2016 CC-BFTA320-20018:18 01-Aug-2021
LPE2478 CC-BHCA320neo14:56 01-Aug-2021
LPE2461 CC-CXIB767-30010:35 01-Aug-2021
JAT402 CC-AWPA320neo14:08 31-Jul-2021
LPE2381 CC-CXHB767-30010:52 31-Jul-2021
LPE2136 CC-BCFA319-10002:46 31-Jul-2021
OB2023P OB2023P1126 Galaxy21:35 30-Jul-2021
N85516 N85516Beech 190021:05 27-Jul-2021
N841DE N841DEBeech Super King Air 35018:34 27-Jul-2021
OB2108P OB2108PGulfstream G10003:08 27-Jul-2021
EP861 EP-861Cessna 560XL Citation Excel18:17 24-Jul-2021
N690SE N690SE690 Jetprop Commander 84021:31 23-Jul-2021
SWQ9627 N627SWB737-30019:25 21-Jul-2021
AGUILA5 73-1217Beech 1300 Commuter16:10 17-Jul-2021
00000000 OB-2156-PFokker 7019:38 18-May-2021
AF707895 OB-2153-PFokker 7004:24 13-Mar-2021
FAP382 382C-130 Hercules20:55 18-Jan-2021
EAL9004 N604KWB767-20016:35 06-Jan-2021

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