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Name: Jorge Chávez International Airport
City: Lima
Country: Peru
Elevation: 113 ft.

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© Miguel Hernandez

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
HK5139 HK-5139B737-40004:47 05-Dec-2020
VPE391 HK-5307A320-20003:21 05-Dec-2020
CMP493 HP-1719CMPB737-80003:13 05-Dec-2020
SKU804 CC-AZRA320neo03:07 05-Dec-2020
LPE2447 CC-BAKA320-20002:11 05-Dec-2020
SKX5363 CC-AZIA320neo02:07 05-Dec-2020
LPE2415 CC-BFTA320-20001:05 05-Dec-2020
CC-BJFA320-20001:02 05-Dec-2020
LPE2309 CC-BJEA320-20000:54 05-Dec-2020
LPE2233 CC-BFSA320-20000:49 05-Dec-2020
VPE851 HK-5308A320-20000:36 05-Dec-2020
LPE2277 CC-BFUA320-20000:24 05-Dec-2020
LPE2515 CC-BFWA320-20000:15 05-Dec-2020
CC-BFQA320-20000:13 05-Dec-2020
LPE2407 CC-BAFA320-20023:54 04-Dec-2020
LPE2144 CC-BFFA320-20023:48 04-Dec-2020
CC-BFPA320-20023:23 04-Dec-2020
OB2023P OB2023P1126 Galaxy23:16 04-Dec-2020
LPE2014 CC-BFNA320-20023:03 04-Dec-2020
LPE2295 CC-BCDA319-10022:59 04-Dec-2020
LPE2124 CC-BFGA320-20022:36 04-Dec-2020
LPE2064 CC-BFKA320-20022:21 04-Dec-2020
LPE2247 CC-BFVA320-20022:10 04-Dec-2020
SKX5425 CC-AZEA320neo21:53 04-Dec-2020
AFR480 F-GSQKB777-300ER21:47 04-Dec-2020
CC-BJDA320-20021:41 04-Dec-2020
LPE2227 CC-CPMA319-10021:37 04-Dec-2020
SKX5080 CC-AZDA320neo21:20 04-Dec-2020
CC-BFLA320-20021:01 04-Dec-2020
LPE2590 CC-BHCA320neo20:52 04-Dec-2020
N907AAA321-20020:45 04-Dec-2020
LPE2062 CC-BFMA320-20020:36 04-Dec-2020
CC-CQLA319-10019:49 04-Dec-2020
LPE2217 CC-CYJA319-10019:44 04-Dec-2020
LPE2098 CC-BFOA320-20019:41 04-Dec-2020
LPE2096 CC-BCFA319-10018:11 04-Dec-2020
EP-861Cessna 560XL Citation Excel17:39 04-Dec-2020
CC-CPOA319-10017:10 04-Dec-2020
CC-BFJA320-20015:50 04-Dec-2020
LPE2489 CC-CXIB767-30015:43 04-Dec-2020
ACA7227 C-FNNQB777-300ER12:40 04-Dec-2020
LPE2773 CC-CXGB767-30012:16 04-Dec-2020
OB2108P OB-2108-PGulfstream G10001:24 04-Dec-2020
N846DJBeech Super King Air 35022:31 03-Dec-2020
VPE151 HK-5277A320-20017:35 03-Dec-2020
SKX5104 CC-AZLA320neo17:14 03-Dec-2020
AEA175 EC-NCYB787-9 Dreamliner10:33 03-Dec-2020
N85516 N85516Beech 190018:38 01-Dec-2020
N650AD N650ADChallenger 65003:56 01-Dec-2020
OB-2156-PFokker 7019:47 29-Nov-2020
N95783BD-700 Global 500017:14 29-Nov-2020
OB2123P OB-2123-PBeech Super King Air 35014:54 27-Nov-2020
LPE9960 CC-BAHA320-20002:15 19-Nov-2020
SWQ9806 N806TJB737-40018:55 18-Oct-2020
LPE2811 CC-BHAA320neo16:57 25-Aug-2020
EAL9599 N605KWB767-20018:07 05-Jul-2020
FAP329 329C-27J Spartan02:24 25-Jun-2020
SWQ1506 N538CCB737-40020:22 05-Jun-2020

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