El Dorado International Airport

Name: El Dorado International Airport
City: Bogota
Country: Colombia
Elevation: 8361 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
ARE4017 CC-CPQA319-10004:28 17-Jun-2021
ARE4131 CC-BAMA320-20004:25 17-Jun-2021
AVA9335 N690AVA319-10004:22 17-Jun-2021
AVA5053 N961AVA320-20004:18 17-Jun-2021
VVC5572 HK-5274A320-20004:07 17-Jun-2021
AVA9513 N481AVA320-20004:05 17-Jun-2021
VVC317 HK-5367A320neo04:03 17-Jun-2021
AVA8498 N694AVA319-10003:58 17-Jun-2021
ARE4021 CC-CQKA319-10003:56 17-Jun-2021
VVC5931 HK-5275A320-20003:54 17-Jun-2021
RPB7033 HP-1537CMPB737-80003:51 17-Jun-2021
ARE4064 CC-BFDA320-20003:49 17-Jun-2021
AVA8472 N745AVA320-20003:49 17-Jun-2021
AVA231 N748AVA320-20003:46 17-Jun-2021
VVC5747 HK-5273A320-20003:44 17-Jun-2021
AAL1123 N796ANB777-20003:41 17-Jun-2021
ARE4145 CC-BFAA320-20003:37 17-Jun-2021
AAL2175 N93003A319-10003:35 17-Jun-2021
AVA9352 N632AVA320-20003:29 17-Jun-2021
VVC5739 HK-5327A320-20003:20 17-Jun-2021
AVA8480 N821AVA320-20003:12 17-Jun-2021
AAL1137 N750ANB777-20003:08 17-Jun-2021
ARE4019 CC-COYA319-10003:03 17-Jun-2021
NSE8733 FAC-1184ATR-42-50002:54 17-Jun-2021
UAL268 N16732B737-70002:47 17-Jun-2021
AVA8491 N557AVA319-10002:46 17-Jun-2021
AVA9315 N688TAA320-20002:44 17-Jun-2021
AVA9551 N939AVA320-20002:41 17-Jun-2021
EFY9173 HK-5314ATR-42-60002:40 17-Jun-2021
AVA9210 N725AVA321-20002:38 17-Jun-2021
HK5002 HK-5002Beech 90 King Air02:38 17-Jun-2021
UAL207 N13716B737-70002:34 17-Jun-2021
AVA9485 N562AVA320-20002:32 17-Jun-2021
EFY9189 HK-5347ATR-72-60002:29 17-Jun-2021
THY6433 TC-LJLB777-200LR02:28 17-Jun-2021
ARE4101 CC-BAQA320-20002:20 17-Jun-2021
AVA9355 N401AVA320-20002:03 17-Jun-2021
AVA070 N398AVA320-20001:57 17-Jun-2021
AVA079 N726AVA319-10001:52 17-Jun-2021
AVA253 N766AVA320neo01:49 17-Jun-2021
AVA251 N695AVA319-10001:36 17-Jun-2021
NSE8899 FAC-1191ATR-42-50001:31 17-Jun-2021
AVA9331 N416AVA320-20001:30 17-Jun-2021
ARE4103 CC-BASA320-20001:17 17-Jun-2021
AVA9777 N764AVA320neo01:11 17-Jun-2021
EFY8995 HK-5292ATR-72-60001:09 17-Jun-2021
AVA8529 N281AVA320-20001:01 17-Jun-2021
AVA8471 N454AVA320-20000:58 17-Jun-2021
CMP494 HP-1841CMPB737-80000:51 17-Jun-2021
LAN579 CC-BBGB787-8 Dreamliner00:43 17-Jun-2021
AVA007 N973AVA330-20000:20 17-Jun-2021
AFR428 F-HRBIB787-9 Dreamliner00:19 17-Jun-2021
NSE8687 FAC-1194ATR-42-60000:18 17-Jun-2021
AVA073 N762AVA320neo00:11 17-Jun-2021
AVA9775 N477AVA320-20000:04 17-Jun-2021
HK5139 HK-5139B737-40000:01 17-Jun-2021
ARE4163 CC-CPJA319-10023:55 16-Jun-2021
EFY9037 HK-5294ATR-72-60023:52 16-Jun-2021
AVA047 N786AVB787-8 Dreamliner23:44 16-Jun-2021
NSE8903 FAC-1193ATR-42-60023:39 16-Jun-2021
AVA4854 HK-5039ATR-72-60023:36 16-Jun-2021
AAL2171 N343RYB737 MAX 823:29 16-Jun-2021
DAL253 N175DZB767-30023:26 16-Jun-2021
ARE4011 CC-BARA320-20023:24 16-Jun-2021
AVA4846 HK-5000ATR-72-60022:55 16-Jun-2021
AVA8531 N751AVA319-10022:31 16-Jun-2021
EJC1140 EJC-1140Cessna 208 Caravan 122:25 16-Jun-2021
AVA9324 N446AVA320-20022:09 16-Jun-2021
HK4499 HK-4499Beech 190022:06 16-Jun-2021
AVA4819 HK-4956ATR-72-60021:57 16-Jun-2021
CMP413 HP-1728CMPB737-80021:55 16-Jun-2021
HK4512 HK-4512Beech 190021:30 16-Jun-2021
HK4537 HK-4537Beech 190021:30 16-Jun-2021
LPE9963 CC-CPLA319-10021:14 16-Jun-2021
FAC5733 FAC5733Beech Super King Air 35018:16 16-Jun-2021
EJC1101 EJC-1101Beech Super King Air 35018:04 16-Jun-2021
RPB7029 HP-1523CMPB737-80018:04 16-Jun-2021
PNC0204 PNC-0204Beech Super King Air 35017:53 16-Jun-2021
FAC5077 FAC5077Beech Super King Air 35017:51 16-Jun-2021
AVA4832 HK-4954ATR-72-60017:02 16-Jun-2021
FAC1216 FAC1216Learjet 6017:00 16-Jun-2021
ACL1167 HK-5197B737-40016:43 16-Jun-2021
AVA8455 N753AVA319-10015:59 16-Jun-2021
FAC5766 FAC5766Cessna 525A Citation CJ215:16 16-Jun-2021
NONE PNC-3019Cessna 208 Caravan 114:57 16-Jun-2021
AVA4833 HK-4955ATR-72-60013:18 16-Jun-2021
LAU350 HK-5312B737-30012:01 16-Jun-2021
GLG8378 HC-CJWA320-20010:41 16-Jun-2021
FAC1041 FAC1041Fokker F-28 Fellowship05:29 16-Jun-2021
FAC5759 FAC5759Beech 90 King Air04:53 16-Jun-2021
AVA9513 N741AVA319-10004:03 16-Jun-2021
AVA9355 N992AVA320-20002:11 16-Jun-2021
AVA8471 N755AVA320-20001:39 16-Jun-2021
N287SA N287SAG28001:26 16-Jun-2021
N261AH N261AHCessna 680 Citation Sovereign22:09 15-Jun-2021
FAC5732 FAC5732Beech Super King Air 35022:04 15-Jun-2021
N841DE N841DEBeech Super King Air 35021:15 15-Jun-2021
HK4784G HK-4784GBeech 90 King Air19:18 15-Jun-2021
RPB7085 HP-1715CMPB737-80003:08 15-Jun-2021
HK4907 HK-49071126 Galaxy01:39 15-Jun-2021
N650PP N650PPChallenger 65023:49 14-Jun-2021
N618LS N618LSCessna 525B Citation CJ321:49 14-Jun-2021
N10GF N10GFBeech 90 King Air21:31 14-Jun-2021
N170AP N170APEMB-500 Phenom 10021:06 14-Jun-2021
FLASH85 N859GABeech 1300 Commuter19:31 14-Jun-2021
HK5342G HK-5342GVision SF5016:46 14-Jun-2021
HK5068 HK-5068Falcon 2000S01:10 14-Jun-2021
ACL1171 HK-5357B737-40023:52 13-Jun-2021
ARC102 ARC-102Beech 90 King Air18:28 13-Jun-2021
EJC1116 EJC-1116Beech 90 King Air17:00 12-Jun-2021
HK4758 HK-4758Hawker 900XP16:03 12-Jun-2021
N199CG N199CGBeech 90 King Air15:54 10-Jun-2021
HK4645 HK-4645Beech 400 Beechjet03:11 10-Jun-2021
FAC5750 FAC5750Beech 300 Super King Air03:11 09-Jun-2021
N354MJ N354MJBeech 300 Super King Air02:03 09-Jun-2021
SPAR61 76-0160Beech 1300 Commuter22:09 08-Jun-2021
FLASH12 N120RLBeech 1300 Commuter21:09 08-Jun-2021
N506SA N506SAG55019:46 08-Jun-2021
HK5279 HK-5279Beech 90 King Air18:47 08-Jun-2021
N673W N673WCessna 560XL Citation Excel21:52 06-Jun-2021
N901AG N901AGHawker 900XP04:03 06-Jun-2021
KOSMONAV PNC-0719UH-1 Iroquois12:17 04-Jun-2021
HK4603 HK-4603Beech Super King Air 35022:43 03-Jun-2021
FAC5074 FAC5074Cessna 208 Caravan 115:10 03-Jun-2021
AVA4819 HK-5040ATR-72-60022:26 02-Jun-2021
HK3200 HK-3200-GCessna 208 Caravan 117:38 02-Jun-2021
N51WF N51WF690 Jetprop Commander 84018:26 01-Jun-2021
FAC5078 FAC5078Beech Super King Air 35017:29 31-May-2021
EJC1139 EJC-1139Cessna 208 Caravan 116:42 30-May-2021
N686NG N686NGPC-1223:48 29-May-2021
ARC431 ARC-431Cessna 208 Caravan 121:53 29-May-2021
NSE8903 FAC-1192ATR-42-60023:30 25-May-2021
N91KA N91KABeech 90 King Air19:27 22-May-2021
N252KA N252KABeech 1300 Commuter12:32 20-May-2021
HK5227 HK-5227Beech 90 King Air16:57 19-May-2021
FAC5068 FAC5068Cessna 208 Caravan 114:41 18-May-2021
ARC101 ARC-101Beech Super King Air 35018:56 27-Apr-2021
HK4778 HK-4778BK-117C-216:33 27-Apr-2021
4120FAC FAC4120AH-60 Black Hawk14:07 24-Apr-2021
HK3554G HK-3554-GBeech 1300 Commuter16:55 18-Apr-2021
HK4350 HK-4350Jetstream Super 3117:36 05-Apr-2021
FAC5758 FAC5758Beech 90 King Air05:58 27-Mar-2021
FAC5761Cessna 560 Citation 512:45 03-Mar-2021
AVA027 N784AVB787-8 Dreamliner17:38 01-Mar-2021
HK4161 HK-4161L-410 Turbolet18:27 02-Feb-2021
N118HG HK-5348AW13920:30 25-Jan-2021

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