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Name: El Dorado International Airport
City: Bogota
Country: Colombia
Elevation: 8361 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
ARE4213 CC-BAAA320-20015:02 28-Feb-2021
AVA9521 N746AVA321-20015:00 28-Feb-2021
AVA8408 N724AVA320-20014:55 28-Feb-2021
AVA9712 N961AVA320-20014:51 28-Feb-2021
NSE8866 FAC-1194ATR 42 60014:44 28-Feb-2021
AVA9451 N195AVA320-20014:37 28-Feb-2021
AVA4807 HK-5039ATR-72-60014:20 28-Feb-2021
VVC5641 HK-5361A320neo14:04 28-Feb-2021
ARE4123 CC-CPQA319-10014:01 28-Feb-2021
AVA8418 N536AVA320-20013:51 28-Feb-2021
AVA8433 N538AVA320-20013:47 28-Feb-2021
AVA8538 N751AVA319-10013:37 28-Feb-2021
ARE4193 CC-BFDA320-20013:34 28-Feb-2021
VVC5560 HK-5352A320neo13:31 28-Feb-2021
TPA4001 N335QTA330-20013:21 28-Feb-2021
AVA9844 N730AVA319-10012:20 28-Feb-2021
AVA8414 N446AVA320-20011:35 28-Feb-2021
LAN572 CC-BBCB787-8 Dreamliner09:39 28-Feb-2021
AVA122 N694AVA319-10009:09 28-Feb-2021
TAI365 N490TAA320-20005:24 28-Feb-2021
ARE4095 CC-BFAA320-20004:07 28-Feb-2021
ARE4131 CC-COZA319-10001:51 28-Feb-2021
UAL207 N14115B757-20001:41 28-Feb-2021
FAC5727 FAC5727Beech Super King Air 35001:29 28-Feb-2021
FAC0001B737-70001:07 28-Feb-2021
AVA061 N753AVA319-10000:23 28-Feb-2021
AVA9429 N763AVA320-20023:29 27-Feb-2021
FAC1015C-130 Hercules23:11 27-Feb-2021
ARE4066 CC-CQKA319-10022:42 27-Feb-2021
RPB7029 HP-1523CMPB737-80019:18 27-Feb-2021
AVA4838 HK-4956ATR-72-60017:52 27-Feb-2021
EFY7753 HK-5322ATR-72-60014:52 27-Feb-2021
EFY7813 HK-5282ATR 42 60014:51 27-Feb-2021
AVA8538 N728AVA320-20013:53 27-Feb-2021
EFY9041 HK-5292ATR-72-60013:29 27-Feb-2021
EFY9011 HK-5294ATR-72-60013:26 27-Feb-2021
VVC5801 HK-5278A320-20011:36 27-Feb-2021
AVA005 N280AVA330-20008:27 27-Feb-2021
FAC5766 FAC5766Cessna 525A Citation CJ206:01 27-Feb-2021
FAC5078 FAC5078Beech Super King Air 35000:07 27-Feb-2021
FAC5732 FAC5732Beech Super King Air 35023:57 26-Feb-2021
HK3554G HK-3554-GBeech 1300 Commuter23:35 26-Feb-2021
SPAR61 76-0160Beech 1300 Commuter23:29 26-Feb-2021
EFY9021 HK-5347ATR-72-60021:28 26-Feb-2021
FAC5765 FAC5765Beech 90 King Air20:08 26-Feb-2021
ARC431 ARC-431Cessna 208 Caravan 116:26 26-Feb-2021
LEGACY FAC1215Legacy 60000:28 26-Feb-2021
AVA007 N973AVA330-20023:36 25-Feb-2021
FAC5733 FAC5733Beech Super King Air 35023:19 25-Feb-2021
ARC101 ARC-101Beech Super King Air 35022:25 25-Feb-2021
N901AG N901AGHawker 900XP21:47 25-Feb-2021
15-308632819:13 25-Feb-2021
N51WF N51WF690 Jetprop Commander 84012:49 25-Feb-2021
FLASH12 N120RLBeech 1300 Commuter22:08 24-Feb-2021
FLASH14 N140RLBeech 1300 Commuter21:50 24-Feb-2021
HK4563 HK-4563Beech 190019:07 24-Feb-2021
HK4603 HK-4603Beech Super King Air 35023:11 23-Feb-2021
N9VC N9VCBeech 90 King Air12:48 22-Feb-2021
FAC5746 FAC5746Beech Super King Air 35020:41 21-Feb-2021
HK5279 HK-5279Beech 90 King Air19:28 21-Feb-2021
N354MJ N354MJBeech 300 Super King Air00:13 21-Feb-2021
HK4907 HK-49071126 Galaxy01:44 20-Feb-2021
HK4537 HK-4537Beech 190023:52 18-Feb-2021
HK5313 HK-5313ATR 42 60013:30 17-Feb-2021
EFY9189 HK-5341ATR 42 60002:24 17-Feb-2021
HK5223 HK-5223A320-20021:24 16-Feb-2021
N686NG N686NGPC-1221:14 16-Feb-2021
N650PP N650PPChallenger 65023:05 14-Feb-2021
N506SA N506SAG55022:01 14-Feb-2021
CP3121 CP-3121Beech 190019:17 10-Feb-2021
FAC5748 FAC5748Beech Super King Air 35015:35 10-Feb-2021
N605PA N605PAChallenger 60522:52 07-Feb-2021
ARE4072 CC-BAQA320-20000:41 07-Feb-2021
EJC1140 EJC-1140Cessna 208 Caravan 117:02 06-Feb-2021
HK5329 HK-5329EMB-14522:04 02-Feb-2021
HK4161 HK-4161L-410 Turbolet18:27 02-Feb-2021
N691AS N691ASBeech 90 King Air13:06 01-Feb-2021
AVA007 N279AVA330-20023:27 30-Jan-2021
FAC5750 FAC5750Beech 300 Super King Air03:01 30-Jan-2021
N118HG HK-5348AW13920:30 25-Jan-2021
VH5222 HK-5222A320-20017:20 23-Jan-2021
HK4989 HK-4989Beech 1300 Commuter15:31 04-Jan-2021

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