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Name: Viracopos International Airport
City: Campinas
Country: Brazil
Elevation: 2170 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
AZU4363 PS-AEDEMB-195 E215:18 28-Feb-2021
AZU4395 PS-AEEEMB-195 E215:16 28-Feb-2021
AZU4407 PS-AEGEMB-195 E215:14 28-Feb-2021
AZU4301 PS-AEFEMB-195 E215:10 28-Feb-2021
AZU4317 PR-YJAA321neo14:41 28-Feb-2021
AZU4483 PR-YREA320neo14:33 28-Feb-2021
AZU4876 PR-AQQATR-72-60014:30 28-Feb-2021
LTG8443 PR-ACOB767-30014:13 28-Feb-2021
AZU4568 PR-YYCA320neo13:14 28-Feb-2021
AZU4365 PR-AUNEMB-19510:13 28-Feb-2021
AZU4315 PR-AUMEMB-19509:50 28-Feb-2021
AZU4277 PR-TKIATR-72-60009:26 28-Feb-2021
AD2003 PR-AJZB737-40001:20 28-Feb-2021
AZU4321 PR-YYKA320neo23:15 27-Feb-2021
AZU4585 PR-AQBATR-72-60023:10 27-Feb-2021
AZU2405 PR-YSDA320neo22:53 27-Feb-2021
AZU4295 PR-AQOATR-72-60022:34 27-Feb-2021
AZU4688 PR-YRTA320neo23:18 26-Feb-2021
AZU9904 PR-AUKEMB-19515:13 26-Feb-2021
AZU4678 PR-ANXA330-900neo20:29 25-Feb-2021
PR-AXIEMB-19509:58 24-Feb-2021
PR-AYYEMB-19509:48 24-Feb-2021
PR-AXKEMB-19508:01 24-Feb-2021
PSMRF PS-MRFBeech 1300 Commuter20:42 23-Feb-2021
PR-FMIEC-13518:52 23-Feb-2021
PR-AYWEMB-19523:09 22-Feb-2021
AZU4379 PR-YRJA320neo21:34 22-Feb-2021
PR-BZEPC-1214:37 22-Feb-2021
AZU4335 PR-ANZA330-900neo09:20 19-Feb-2021
AZU4359 PR-YRBA320neo19:52 07-Feb-2021
AD9101 PR-YRLA320neo20:17 31-Jan-2021
AZU9803 PR-YRNA320neo00:30 18-Jan-2021

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