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Name: Guarulhos - Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport
City: São Paulo
Country: Brazil
Elevation: 2459 ft.

© Luis Vaz

© Luis Vaz

© Luis Vaz

© Luis Vaz

© Luis Vaz

© Luis Vaz

© Luis Vaz

© Luis Vaz

© Luis Vaz

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
FAB3702 3702EMB-500 Phenom 10012:47 27-Oct-2020
GEIV3603 3603Legacy 500 IU-5012:44 27-Oct-2020
FAB2560 2560EMB-13512:39 27-Oct-2020
TAM4745 PT-MXEA321-20012:24 27-Oct-2020
AAL963 N809AAB787-8 Dreamliner12:11 27-Oct-2020
N157HCBeech 1300 Commuter12:01 27-Oct-2020
TAM3303 PT-MXIA321-20011:49 27-Oct-2020
AMX014 XA-MFGB787-9 Dreamliner11:36 27-Oct-2020
UAL62 N45956B787-9 Dreamliner11:00 27-Oct-2020
AAL929 N723ANB777-300ER10:53 27-Oct-2020
GLO1425 PR-GUHB737-80009:56 27-Oct-2020
TAP087 CS-TUIA330-900neo09:42 27-Oct-2020
TAM3747 PR-MYIA320-20009:37 27-Oct-2020
AFR454 F-HTYBA350-90009:33 27-Oct-2020
AEA057 EC-NEIB787-9 Dreamliner08:58 27-Oct-2020
BAW247 G-STBEB777-300ER08:40 27-Oct-2020
TAM4681 PR-TYDA320-20008:37 27-Oct-2020
SWR92 HB-JNDB777-300ER08:31 27-Oct-2020
DAL105 N807NWA330-30008:26 27-Oct-2020
DLH506 D-ABYAB747-808:23 27-Oct-2020
TAM3311 PR-MHFA320-20008:07 27-Oct-2020
TAM8113 PT-MODB767-30007:31 27-Oct-2020
TAM8085 PT-MUFB777-300ER07:14 27-Oct-2020
TAM8071 PR-XTMA350-90007:08 27-Oct-2020
TAM8191 PT-MUHB777-300ER06:54 27-Oct-2020
TAM4778 PT-MOBB767-30006:04 27-Oct-2020
TAM4692 PT-XPIA321-20002:55 27-Oct-2020
TAM4629 PR-MHKA320-20001:13 27-Oct-2020
TAM3336 PR-MHMA320-20000:44 27-Oct-2020
TAM3235 PT-MXCA321-20000:31 27-Oct-2020
TAM9553 PT-MUIB777-300ER23:47 26-Oct-2020
GLO1719 PR-GGDB737-80023:16 26-Oct-2020
GLO1161 PR-GGLB737-80023:07 26-Oct-2020
GLO1211 PR-GTHB737-80023:01 26-Oct-2020
UAE2361 A6-EPCB777-300ER20:52 26-Oct-2020
TAM3267 PT-MXNA321-20019:51 26-Oct-2020
PR-MBTA320-20019:44 26-Oct-2020
TAM4553 PT-MXQA321-20019:20 26-Oct-2020
2320EMB-110 Bandeirante19:01 26-Oct-2020
TAM8135 PT-MSOB767-30018:53 26-Oct-2020
LVCPL LV-CPLLearjet 6016:40 26-Oct-2020
TAM9420 PT-MXHA321-20014:55 26-Oct-2020
TAM4596 PT-MSXB767-30014:06 26-Oct-2020
TAM4773 PT-MSSB767-30012:40 26-Oct-2020
GLO4107 PR-GUMB737-80010:25 26-Oct-2020
IBE6827 EC-LUXA330-30010:07 26-Oct-2020
TAM8113 PT-MSWB767-30008:21 26-Oct-2020
TAM8071 PR-XTCA350-90007:59 26-Oct-2020
N146QS N146QSGlobal 600002:31 26-Oct-2020
PPVIC PP-VICCessna 208 Caravan 116:04 25-Oct-2020
TAM3515 PT-XPBA321-20013:29 25-Oct-2020
AAL929 N720ANB777-300ER11:22 25-Oct-2020
PSMRF PS-MRFBeech 1300 Commuter18:34 24-Oct-2020
VPBAS VP-BASFalcon 7X10:18 24-Oct-2020
TAM8085 PT-MUCB777-300ER07:22 23-Oct-2020
PRGMV PR-GMVG55005:40 23-Oct-2020
PR-BSBBeech 1300 Commuter14:29 22-Oct-2020
PRJRY PR-JRYFalcon 8X19:10 21-Oct-2020
TAM3139 PR-XTDA350-90017:50 21-Oct-2020
TAP087 CS-TUAA330-900neo08:47 20-Oct-2020
SWR92 HB-JNKB777-300ER23:04 19-Oct-2020
GLO1423 PR-VBWB737-70015:44 19-Oct-2020
PPBLO PP-BLOLegacy 65005:54 19-Oct-2020
GLO1217 PR-GEHB737-70023:39 18-Oct-2020
PPVEN PP-VENA-10919:09 13-Oct-2020
PRDYB PR-DYBGlobal 600022:34 12-Oct-2020
PRNGM PR-NGMEMB-505 Phenom 30014:38 12-Oct-2020
PRMLJ PR-MLJBD-700 Global Express07:00 10-Oct-2020
TAM8191 PT-MUBB777-300ER08:06 05-Oct-2020
PPLEG PP-LEGLegacy 65020:39 29-Sep-2020
TAM8065 PR-XTEA350-90007:05 28-Sep-2020
TAM8085 PT-MUAB777-300ER07:43 21-Sep-2020
QTR3461 A7-AMAA350-90019:36 16-Aug-2020
GLO1781 PR-GORB737-70010:07 03-Aug-2020
TAM9427 PR-XTFA350-90016:40 30-Jul-2020
PRBPT PR-BPTGlobal 600008:09 15-Jul-2020
TAM3815 PT-XPOA321-20023:21 05-Jul-2020
TAM9561 PR-XTIA350-90016:48 07-Jun-2020

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