Guarulhos - Governador Andre Franco Montoro International Airport

Name: Guarulhos - Governador Andre Franco Montoro International Airport
City: Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil
Elevation: 2459 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
TAM4514 PT-MXIA321-20013:59 09-May-2021
TAM3199 PR-MYLA319-10013:54 09-May-2021
TAM3049 PR-MYHA320-20013:43 09-May-2021
TAM3191 PR-MBAA320-20013:36 09-May-2021
TAM3213 PR-MYQA320-20013:27 09-May-2021
TAM3083 PR-MYWA320-20013:19 09-May-2021
TAM4788 PR-MYIA320-20013:14 09-May-2021
TAM3189 PR-MBHA320-20013:12 09-May-2021
QTR779 A7-ANCA350-100013:00 09-May-2021
TAM4614 PR-MHJA320-20012:58 09-May-2021
UAL845 N36962B787-9 Dreamliner12:02 09-May-2021
VPBAS VP-BASFalcon 7X11:04 09-May-2021
GLO4668 PR-GXWB737-80009:48 09-May-2021
DAL105 N815NWA330-30009:43 09-May-2021
AAL963 N821ANB787-9 Dreamliner09:39 09-May-2021
UAL149 N37018B777-20009:33 09-May-2021
GLO4117 PR-GUYB737-80009:30 09-May-2021
AZA9462 EI-ISDB777-20009:17 09-May-2021
AFR454 F-HTYEA350-90009:09 09-May-2021
AZU4153 PR-YRYA320neo08:56 09-May-2021
AAL929 N771ANB777-20008:53 09-May-2021
IBE6827 EC-LZXA330-30008:40 09-May-2021
TAM3176 PT-MXAA321-20008:38 09-May-2021
TAP087 CS-TUAA330-900neo08:29 09-May-2021
ACA7275 C-FGDXB787-9 Dreamliner08:24 09-May-2021
SWR92 HB-JNKB777-300ER08:18 09-May-2021
TAM8065 PT-MUGB777-300ER08:07 09-May-2021
TAM8191 PT-MUEB777-300ER07:58 09-May-2021
TAM8113 PT-MSXB767-30007:29 09-May-2021
DLH506 D-ABYIB747-807:26 09-May-2021
JAF9611 OO-LOEB787-8 Dreamliner07:23 09-May-2021
AZA9464 EI-WLAB777-300ER06:26 09-May-2021
TAM4644 PR-MHZA320-20001:39 09-May-2021
TAM4610 PT-XPDA321-20001:16 09-May-2021
PSVRC PS-VRCPraetor 50023:54 08-May-2021
TAP9518 CS-TUKA330-900neo23:28 08-May-2021
TAM3194 PR-MYAA320-20023:19 08-May-2021
TAM3204 PR-MBVA319-10023:15 08-May-2021
TAM4724 PR-XBEA320neo21:11 08-May-2021
TAM3065 PT-MXFA321-20019:24 08-May-2021
TAM3002 PT-MXLA321-20019:19 08-May-2021
TAM4630 PT-TMOA319-10019:08 08-May-2021
TAM3184 PT-MXMA321-20019:01 08-May-2021
TAM9421 PT-XPEA321-20017:28 08-May-2021
TAM3112 PT-MXCA321-20017:01 08-May-2021
GLO4067 PR-GZZB737-80015:06 08-May-2021
TAM4614 PT-XPGA321-20013:27 08-May-2021
SID2700 PR-SDMB737-40011:12 08-May-2021
TAM3061 PR-TYMA320-20023:09 06-May-2021
PSBCA PS-BCAG55009:43 06-May-2021
GLO4317 PR-XMGB737 MAX 823:45 05-May-2021
PSJDS PS-JDSBeech Super King Air 35015:30 03-May-2021
BOV9738 CP-3151B737-80022:04 02-May-2021
PRGMV PR-GMVG55021:55 01-May-2021
PSFSR PS-FSRG55002:38 01-May-2021
CP-2925B737-80015:07 30-Apr-2021
PT-MZIA320-20013:34 30-Apr-2021
PP-WSAB737-40011:16 30-Apr-2021
PR-MAGA320-20023:14 29-Apr-2021
PT-MZWA320-20023:07 29-Apr-2021
PRNGM PR-NGMEMB-505 Phenom 30023:01 29-Apr-2021
PR-AYXEMB-19522:28 29-Apr-2021
PSDPC PS-DPCPC-1219:46 27-Apr-2021
PRSHC PR-SHCCessna 525B Citation CJ318:35 25-Apr-2021
PRXFC PR-XFCEC-15516:54 22-Apr-2021
PRZIQ PR-ZIQEMB-195 E212:04 09-Apr-2021
GLO4077 PR-XMMB737 MAX 809:17 09-Apr-2021
PRPOR PR-PORPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian14:14 07-Apr-2021
2320EMB-110 Bandeirante22:43 23-Feb-2021
PR-SCPCitation Bravo21:53 23-Feb-2021
PR-XLSCessna 560XL Citation Excel15:34 21-Feb-2021
PR-BSBBeech 1300 Commuter13:34 21-Feb-2021
TAM9553 PT-MUAB777-300ER21:10 06-Feb-2021
GLO1347 PR-GGJB737-80015:14 01-Feb-2021
TAM3271 PR-XTMA350-90010:46 21-Jan-2021

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