Atsugi Naval Air Facility

Name: Atsugi Naval Air Facility
Country: Japan
Elevation: 205 ft.

Photos at Atsugi Naval Air Facility

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168464, 09-Sep-2017
© Tomo-Papa

168993, 09-Sep-2017
© Tomo-Papa

166865, 09-Sep-2017
© Tomo-Papa

166918, 09-Sep-2017
© Tomo-Papa

95-1083, 29-Apr-2017
© Tomo-Papa

168893, 29-Apr-2017
© Tomo-Papa

165348, 29-Apr-2017
© Tomo-Papa

168363, 04-Jan-2017
© Tomo-Papa

167016, 04-Jan-2017
© Tomo-Papa

168467, 04-Jan-2017
© Tomo-Papa

166859, 04-Jan-2017
© Tomo-Papa

166870, 06-Dec-2016
© Tomo-Papa

Weather at Atsugi Naval Air Facility

Time (UTC)DescriptionTempratureWindCloud coverageVisibilityPressureHumidity
21-Feb-2024 03:00Light Rain9°C13 mph, N83%10000m1022hPa85%
21-Feb-2024 06:00Light Rain9°C11 mph, N92%10000m1020hPa82%
21-Feb-2024 09:00Light Rain9°C11 mph, N100%3233m1016hPa83%
21-Feb-2024 12:00Moderate Rain9°C16 mph, N100%4942m1016hPa89%
21-Feb-2024 15:00Moderate Rain8°C16 mph, N100%10000m1015hPa82%
21-Feb-2024 18:00Light Rain7°C13 mph, NE100%10000m1016hPa76%
21-Feb-2024 21:00Light Rain7°C13 mph, NE100%10000m1018hPa80%
22-Feb-2024 00:00Light Rain7°C13 mph, NE100%10000m1020hPa81%
22-Feb-2024 03:00Light Rain5°C13 mph, NE100%3892m1022hPa89%
22-Feb-2024 06:00Light Rain5°C9 mph, NE100%10000m1022hPa79%
22-Feb-2024 09:00Light Rain6°C9 mph, NE100%10000m1024hPa75%
22-Feb-2024 12:00Light Rain6°C7 mph, NE100%10000m1025hPa78%
22-Feb-2024 15:00Light Rain5°C7 mph, NE100%10000m1024hPa82%
22-Feb-2024 18:00Light Rain4°C9 mph, NE100%237m1023hPa94%
22-Feb-2024 21:00Light Rain4°C9 mph, NE100%118m1024hPa95%
23-Feb-2024 00:00Light Rain4°C11 mph, N100%54m1025hPa95%
23-Feb-2024 03:00Light Rain3°C11 mph, N100%40m1024hPa95%
23-Feb-2024 06:00Light Rain4°C9 mph, N100%105m1023hPa94%
23-Feb-2024 09:00Light Rain4°C9 mph, NE100%147m1024hPa95%
23-Feb-2024 12:00Light Rain4°C11 mph, NE100%104m1026hPa95%
23-Feb-2024 15:00Light Rain5°C9 mph, NE100%10000m1026hPa73%
23-Feb-2024 18:00Overcast Clouds5°C9 mph, NE100%10000m1026hPa63%
23-Feb-2024 21:00Broken Clouds4°C9 mph, N69%10000m1028hPa55%
24-Feb-2024 00:00Scattered Clouds5°C9 mph, NE49%10000m1029hPa55%
24-Feb-2024 03:00Broken Clouds7°C7 mph, NE70%10000m1027hPa47%
24-Feb-2024 06:00Broken Clouds8°C7 mph, NE75%10000m1026hPa41%
24-Feb-2024 09:00Broken Clouds8°C4 mph, NE83%10000m1027hPa41%
24-Feb-2024 12:00Overcast Clouds8°C7 mph, E89%10000m1028hPa53%
24-Feb-2024 15:00Overcast Clouds7°C7 mph, NE97%10000m1026hPa60%
24-Feb-2024 18:00Light Rain6°C7 mph, NE98%10000m1026hPa71%
24-Feb-2024 21:00Light Rain5°C9 mph, N100%10000m1025hPa78%
25-Feb-2024 00:00Light Rain6°C13 mph, N100%10000m1025hPa74%
25-Feb-2024 03:00Light Rain6°C13 mph, N100%4799m1023hPa91%
25-Feb-2024 06:00Moderate Rain4°C16 mph, N100%364m1020hPa94%
25-Feb-2024 09:00Moderate Rain4°C18 mph, N100%937m1020hPa94%
25-Feb-2024 12:00Moderate Rain4°C22 mph, N100%3471m1018hPa93%
25-Feb-2024 15:00Moderate Rain5°C22 mph, N100%7509m1017hPa89%
25-Feb-2024 18:00Light Rain6°C20 mph, N100%10000m1016hPa87%
25-Feb-2024 21:00Light Rain6°C20 mph, N100%10000m1017hPa89%
26-Feb-2024 00:00Light Rain6°C20 mph, N100%9416m1018hPa85%