Narita International Airport

Name: Narita International Airport
City: Tokyo
Country: Japan
Elevation: 141 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
ANA8597 JA601FB767-30004:19 20-Sep-2021
KAL703 HL7702A330-30004:17 20-Sep-2021
APJ570 JA826PA320-20004:10 20-Sep-2021
JJP504 JA05JJA320-20004:07 20-Sep-2021
SJO622 JA04GRB737-80004:04 20-Sep-2021
EVA198 B-17883B787-9 Dreamliner03:49 20-Sep-2021
ANA8510 JA8323B767-30003:42 20-Sep-2021
JJP622 JA10JJA320-20003:36 20-Sep-2021
CAL100 B-18915A350-90003:34 20-Sep-2021
APJ313 JA820PA320-20003:15 20-Sep-2021
APJ520 JA08VAA320-20003:14 20-Sep-2021
AAR102 HL8074A321-20003:11 20-Sep-2021
FDX79 N450PAB747-40003:00 20-Sep-2021
JJP202 JA02JJA320-20002:58 20-Sep-2021
JJP502 JA14JJA320-20002:43 20-Sep-2021
PAL428 RP-C9934A321neo02:31 20-Sep-2021
ANA8592 JA8970B767-30002:23 20-Sep-2021
CES7523 B-2023B777-300ER02:13 20-Sep-2021
NCA159 JA15KZB747-802:00 20-Sep-2021
FDX15 N883FDB777-200LR01:52 20-Sep-2021
ANA9656 JA879AB787-9 Dreamliner01:41 20-Sep-2021
UPS110 N368UPB767-30023:30 19-Sep-2021
FDX5260 N894FDB777-200LR22:29 19-Sep-2021
TZP52 JA825JB787-8 Dreamliner22:21 19-Sep-2021
FDX5077 N842FDB777-200LR21:34 19-Sep-2021
JJP120 JA22JJA320-20012:57 19-Sep-2021
APJ508 JA14VAA320-20012:05 19-Sep-2021
JAL6718 JA618JB767-30011:14 19-Sep-2021
JAL742 JA832JB787-8 Dreamliner10:23 19-Sep-2021
SJO834 JA03GRB737-80009:39 19-Sep-2021
JAL65 JA843JB787-8 Dreamliner07:51 19-Sep-2021
SJO702 JA02GRB737-80007:49 19-Sep-2021
ANA904 JA895AB787-9 Dreamliner07:43 19-Sep-2021
JAL6716 JA824JB787-8 Dreamliner06:45 19-Sep-2021
JAL6728 JA620JB767-30006:42 19-Sep-2021
JAL17 JA840JB787-8 Dreamliner06:38 19-Sep-2021
JAL6709 JA607JB767-30005:08 19-Sep-2021
ANA9640 JA827AB787-8 Dreamliner03:28 19-Sep-2021
JAL6726 JA833JB787-8 Dreamliner02:11 19-Sep-2021
JAL4902 JA321JB737-80002:06 19-Sep-2021
JAL736 JA608JB767-30023:59 18-Sep-2021
JA01JP JA01JPHA-420 HondaJet04:02 18-Sep-2021
ANA179 JA828AB787-8 Dreamliner21:21 17-Sep-2021
TZP42 JA822JB787-8 Dreamliner06:06 17-Sep-2021
ANA8546 JA623AB767-30013:25 16-Sep-2021
ANA930 JA624AB767-30013:14 16-Sep-2021
N1111G N1111GGlobal 750007:18 05-Sep-2021
RKS6 N826ZFGlobal 600007:11 17-Aug-2021
ANA9421 JA925AB787-9 Dreamliner04:46 17-Aug-2021
N930HB N930HBB737-70004:21 02-Jul-2021

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