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Name: Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
City: Anchorage
Country: United States
Elevation: 152 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N411CJ N411CJCessna 525A Citation CJ200:38 06-Dec-2020
NAC2751 N362NCB737-30000:35 06-Dec-2020
CON1 N796CPDHC-8-400 Dash 800:33 06-Dec-2020
QXE2211 N625QXEMB-17500:31 06-Dec-2020
N240AT N240ATB737-50000:28 06-Dec-2020
CKS912 N702CKB747-40000:21 06-Dec-2020
CLX7586 LX-VCAB747-800:14 06-Dec-2020
N124AX N124AXBeech 190000:01 06-Dec-2020
CPA3281 B-LJGB747-823:58 05-Dec-2020
CPA087 B-LJBB747-823:55 05-Dec-2020
CPA3283 B-LJAB747-823:51 05-Dec-2020
ASA154 N622ASB737-70023:49 05-Dec-2020
ASA65 N611ASB737-70023:47 05-Dec-2020
UAL2451 N77261B737-80023:43 05-Dec-2020
52 N538ASB737-80023:41 05-Dec-2020
CPA096 B-LJEB747-823:40 05-Dec-2020
86-0037KC-10A Extender23:40 05-Dec-2020
AER43 N110AXBeech 190023:31 05-Dec-2020
ASA7029 N627ASB737-70023:26 05-Dec-2020
ASA152 N518ASB737-80023:24 05-Dec-2020
N441BD N441BDCessna 441 Conquest 223:19 05-Dec-2020
AER54 N118AXBeech 190023:16 05-Dec-2020
N719NC N719NCCessna 680 Citation Sovereign23:05 05-Dec-2020
N814SS N814SSDHC-6 Twin Otter23:00 05-Dec-2020
RYA219 N219PCPC-1222:57 05-Dec-2020
CFS4663 N816FXATR 72 212F22:56 05-Dec-2020
GTI8066 N499MCB747-40022:47 05-Dec-2020
FDX5986 N864FDB777-200LR22:40 05-Dec-2020
GTI8765 N416MCB747-40022:37 05-Dec-2020
N906RA N906RASaab 34022:35 05-Dec-2020
AER32 N113AXBeech 190022:27 05-Dec-2020
N543LM N543LMLearjet 3522:20 05-Dec-2020
CFS4735 N705FXCessna 208 Caravan 122:01 05-Dec-2020
79-1713KC-10A Extender22:01 05-Dec-2020
FDX60 N572FEMD-1122:00 05-Dec-2020
CFS4661 N700FXCessna 208 Caravan 121:55 05-Dec-2020
FDX5012 N856FDB777-200LR21:53 05-Dec-2020
FDX5924 N865FDB777-200LR21:18 05-Dec-2020
FDX14 N602FEMD-1121:10 05-Dec-2020
UPS94 N286UPMD-1121:07 05-Dec-2020
FTH42 N428KSG-4 Gulfstream 420:58 05-Dec-2020
ASA9561 N625ASB737-70019:49 05-Dec-2020
N962CEMD-8318:46 05-Dec-2020
FDX23 N861FDB777-200LR17:33 05-Dec-2020
UPS102 N351UPB767-30016:12 05-Dec-2020
ATN307 N255CMB767-20015:50 05-Dec-2020
NCR507 N952CAB747-40015:32 05-Dec-2020
TBJ65 B-LASG45015:09 05-Dec-2020
FDX169 N617FEMD-1114:45 05-Dec-2020
N530LM N530LMBeech 1300 Commuter11:26 05-Dec-2020
N542LM N542LMLearjet 3510:13 05-Dec-2020
FDX167 N605FEMD-1108:26 05-Dec-2020
N548LM N548LMLearjet 3106:58 05-Dec-2020
VTS861 N967CEMD-8305:23 05-Dec-2020
N214AL N214ALPC-1204:24 05-Dec-2020
TNV85 N782CMerlin 2304:17 05-Dec-2020
RVF715 N887EADHC-8-100 Dash 804:11 05-Dec-2020
ASA40 N563ASB737-80003:31 05-Dec-2020
VTS066 N9056RDC-603:14 05-Dec-2020
N317KC N317KCPC-1202:24 05-Dec-2020
N145XL N145XLLearjet 4500:48 05-Dec-2020
AER41 N125AXBeech 190023:46 04-Dec-2020
N695AK N695AKCessna 560 Citation 523:26 04-Dec-2020
KING99 15-5829C-130J Hercules22:58 04-Dec-2020
CFS7661 N746FXCessna 208 Caravan 122:27 04-Dec-2020
CFS7676 N779FECessna 208 Caravan 122:16 04-Dec-2020
N450BC N450BCLearjet 4522:01 04-Dec-2020
TNV120 N39TNBeech 99 Airliner21:07 04-Dec-2020
SVX41 N11MMCessna 441 Conquest 220:30 04-Dec-2020
FDX49 N528FEMD-1117:17 04-Dec-2020
FDX5132 N610FEMD-1106:55 04-Dec-2020
ERY546 N546ADBD-100 Challenger 30005:29 04-Dec-2020
N924AC N924ACBeech 1300 Commuter04:53 04-Dec-2020
SVX44 N441SKCessna 441 Conquest 204:29 04-Dec-2020
N646AT N646ATCessna 208 Caravan 102:13 04-Dec-2020
AER99 N815GVBeech 190002:04 04-Dec-2020
KING92 15-5832C-130J Hercules00:52 04-Dec-2020
SITKA52 00-0185C-17 Globemaster 300:02 04-Dec-2020
CFS4976 N756FXCessna 208 Caravan 122:52 03-Dec-2020
N874SP N874SPBeech 1300 Commuter22:35 03-Dec-2020
N284PM N284PMBeech 90 King Air21:10 03-Dec-2020
N226HY N226HYLegacy 60020:14 03-Dec-2020
N1074G N1074GBeech 1300 Commuter08:51 03-Dec-2020
N6728H N6728HBeech 1300 Commuter08:20 03-Dec-2020
P4-LAEC-130 Hercules04:16 03-Dec-2020
00000000 N981BBBeech 1300 Commuter02:25 03-Dec-2020
N100AK N100AKG10001:46 03-Dec-2020
N6531N N6531NBeech 1300 Commuter00:13 03-Dec-2020
58-0016KC-135R/T 06:27 02-Dec-2020
62-3573KC-135R/T 06:07 02-Dec-2020
AER1 N268SLBeech 190006:00 02-Dec-2020
LYC406 P4-LACC-130 Hercules02:50 02-Dec-2020
AER99 N575ZBeech 190000:46 02-Dec-2020
N407GV N407GVCessna 208 Caravan 123:36 01-Dec-2020
TNV151 N404CKBeech 1820:33 01-Dec-2020
N217EB N217EBPC-1222:02 30-Nov-2020
N715NL N715NLPC-1221:50 30-Nov-2020
N911NT N911NTAS-350/55021:34 30-Nov-2020
N546LM N546LMBeech 1300 Commuter19:06 30-Nov-2020
N541RL N541RLGulfstream G10004:37 30-Nov-2020
AER43 N127AXBeech 190002:41 30-Nov-2020
RYA31 N1331CC-212 Aviocar23:15 29-Nov-2020
N103AK N103AKG50023:00 29-Nov-2020
N842AR N842ARDHC-6 Twin Otter01:07 27-Nov-2020
N250DP N250DPAB-206 JetRanger22:48 26-Nov-2020
RCH142 98-0056C-17 Globemaster 304:15 26-Nov-2020
KING95 14-5815C-130J Hercules05:14 25-Nov-2020
N291DT N291DTPC-1204:34 25-Nov-2020
N111AK N111AKAS-350/55000:01 25-Nov-2020
NORTH47 84-0147Beech 1300 Commuter21:23 24-Nov-2020
DNALI01 75-0557E-3 (TF33) Sentry04:10 24-Nov-2020
N68MN N68MNBeech 1300 Commuter03:11 22-Nov-2020
N64TM N64TMAB-206 JetRanger01:05 22-Nov-2020
TBJ75 N888NSG55002:07 21-Nov-2020
N642SF N642SFPC-1201:20 19-Nov-2020
PAT079 86-00079Beech 190022:33 18-Nov-2020
N159GL N159GLPC-1223:00 15-Nov-2020
N33NE N33NEPC-1222:48 10-Nov-2020
CON1 N792CPDHC-8-400 Dash 801:00 10-Nov-2020
SVX45 N128EZCessna 441 Conquest 222:59 09-Nov-2020
N479AK N479AKBeech 100 King Air21:03 03-Nov-2020
N814EH N814EHAS-350/55001:18 03-Nov-2020
N708RA N708RACessna 208 Caravan 122:23 02-Nov-2020
N602RA N602RA36900:17 31-Oct-2020
N424KT N424KTDHC-3 Turbo Otter21:57 30-Oct-2020
N1232Y N1232YCessna 208 Caravan 120:59 24-Oct-2020
TOGO42 93-0599C-17 Globemaster 305:23 22-Oct-2020
N24BR N24BRDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver00:36 22-Oct-2020
N528TGKodiak 10000:04 15-Oct-2020
N4529UR44 Raven II21:56 14-Oct-2020
N208TW N208TWCessna 208 Caravan 120:31 14-Oct-2020
N134WM N134WMChallenger 60402:28 14-Oct-2020
N68080 N68080DHC-2 Mk1 Beaver00:14 13-Oct-2020
N11AK N11AKCitation CJ400:17 12-Oct-2020
310NR N310NRDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver20:50 10-Oct-2020
N59314 N59314DC-301:41 10-Oct-2020
N116TL N116TLDHC-3 Turbo Otter02:29 07-Oct-2020
N454DB N454DBDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver19:42 02-Oct-2020
N6LU N6LUDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver02:01 01-Oct-2020
N62LC N62LCDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver18:58 30-Sep-2020
N2740X N2740XDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver00:35 30-Sep-2020
N343WB N343WBDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver01:39 28-Sep-2020
N9877R N9877RDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver21:55 27-Sep-2020
N4444Z N4444ZDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver02:06 22-Sep-2020
LYC401 N401LCC-130 Hercules02:01 12-Sep-2020
N974EA N974EABeech 190022:27 11-Sep-2020
N499SPC-212 Aviocar23:40 04-Sep-2020
N907TK N907TKDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver23:19 01-Sep-2020
N409GVCessna 208 Caravan 122:07 01-Sep-2020
N575Q N575QBeech 190005:40 21-Aug-2020
N1959BDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver02:05 18-Aug-2020
N269TD N269TDCessna 208 Caravan 121:49 16-Aug-2020
N50ZZ N50ZZPC-618:48 07-Aug-2020
N476KA N476KAAB-206 JetRanger22:36 01-Aug-2020
N1AK N1AKAB-206 JetRanger23:31 31-Jul-2020
N715 N715DHC-2 Mk1 Beaver23:08 29-Jul-2020
N5978DHC-2 Mk1 Beaver15:59 28-Jul-2020
N3125N N3125NDHC-3 Turbo Otter23:40 27-Jul-2020
N86627 N86627G-44 Widgeon22:12 18-Jul-2020
N93SF N93SFBeech 100 King Air00:53 15-Jul-2020
N17689 N17689DHC-3 Turbo Otter20:57 06-Jul-2020
N70JE N70JEDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver23:30 04-Jul-2020
N918SL N918SLDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver00:50 03-Jul-2020
N129WG N129WGA-119 Koala23:17 20-Jun-2020
N129NB N129NBAS-350/55021:07 13-Jun-2020
N322N N322NAB-206 JetRanger00:35 30-May-2020
N4957 N4957DHC-2 Mk1 Beaver21:03 19-May-2020
N987SP N987SPDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver21:57 14-May-2020
N907BR N907BRDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver04:49 14-May-2020
N3456LDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver21:42 01-May-2020
N115RH N115RHR44 Raven II20:38 23-Apr-2020
N789SR N789SRLearjet 3122:39 18-Apr-2020
N777EMAB-206 JetRanger17:57 10-Apr-2020
N907JS N907JSR44 Raven I20:49 07-Apr-2020
N8970C N8970CR22 Mariner II19:45 03-Apr-2020
HAG404 N404GVBeech 190001:38 02-Apr-2020
HAG53C N1553CBeech 190021:23 01-Apr-2020
N995SP N995SPDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver01:21 01-Apr-2020

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