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Name: Sharjah International Airport
City: Sharjah
Country: United Arab Emirates
Elevation: 111 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
ABY512 A6-ATDA321neo20:48 24-Oct-2020
ABY446 A6-AONA320-20020:14 24-Oct-2020
AXB1745 VT-AXPB737-80019:58 24-Oct-2020
ABY502 A6-AOPA320-20018:24 24-Oct-2020
ABY466 A6-AOMA320-20017:58 24-Oct-2020
ABY628 A6-ANXA320-20016:23 24-Oct-2020
MHOME M-HOMEGlobal 600015:12 24-Oct-2020
ABY272 A6-ANRA320-20012:56 24-Oct-2020
SHJ01 A6-SHJA320-20012:39 24-Oct-2020
ABY1166 A6-ATAA321neo12:00 24-Oct-2020
CMB132 N473MCB747-40007:41 24-Oct-2020
ZAV7014 UR-CTOIl-7613:22 23-Oct-2020
ABY546 A6-ANTA320-20014:34 21-Oct-2020
GJT720 LY-EMUA320-20018:09 20-Oct-2020
LLM9501 VQ-BWZA320-20007:55 20-Oct-2020
SDM5411 EI-XLPB777-30003:41 20-Oct-2020
VQBAH VQ-BAHG65007:42 17-Oct-2020
A6AAM A6-AAMA318-10017:22 14-Oct-2020
XLR999 A9C-TXLB737-30010:58 14-Oct-2020
SDM5441 EI-XLHB747-40004:33 05-Oct-2020
LLM9501 VP-BHXA320-20009:44 04-Oct-2020
IJM525 M-AHAAGlobal 600015:50 02-Oct-2020
TAY915E OE-IFDB747-40005:17 25-Sep-2020
ABY455 A6-ATCA321neo03:26 12-Sep-2020
N1DG N1DGBD-700 Global 500004:49 09-Sep-2020
FALCON05 A6-SBKAW.16917:36 08-Sep-2020
UAE2552 A6-EUGA380-80012:51 30-Aug-2020
VQBAO VQ-BAOB777-200LR08:53 18-Aug-2020
SHJ02 A6-ESHA319-10018:00 05-Aug-2020
ABY448 A6-AOOA320-20015:46 26-Jul-2020
ABY546 A6-ABMA320-20007:36 28-Jun-2020

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