Al Maktoum International Airport

Name: Al Maktoum International Airport
City: Dubai World Central
Country: United Arab Emirates
Elevation: 114 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
BAO403N D-AVANLegacy 60015:09 28-Jan-2022
AXY278J 9H-NYCEMB-19015:05 28-Jan-2022
9HAIQ 9H-AIQLegacy 60014:51 28-Jan-2022
TCSPL TC-SPLBD-100 Challenger 30014:41 28-Jan-2022
ESW48 4K-AZ888G45013:28 28-Jan-2022
MJE031 A6-HASLegacy 65004:43 28-Jan-2022
LDX344C OE-HPLPraetor 60004:38 28-Jan-2022
GWC3 A6-SAJChallenger 60502:25 28-Jan-2022
DXT9675 RA-02757Legacy 60002:22 28-Jan-2022
A6FLH A6-FLHG45017:22 27-Jan-2022
DU202 DU-202AW13916:13 27-Jan-2022
SVW42LX LX-LXXG65015:09 27-Jan-2022
GCK40 OE-HGGChallenger 35015:05 27-Jan-2022
KAY59 D-AGGLGlobal 600015:00 27-Jan-2022
N732PA N732PAChallenger 60513:43 27-Jan-2022
T7MPS T7-MPSPC-2408:08 27-Jan-2022
GXXRS G-XXRSBD-700 Global Express02:30 27-Jan-2022
T7SSB T7-SSBGlobal 600020:08 26-Jan-2022
HZHKR HZ-HKRFalcon 90019:44 26-Jan-2022
N999KN N999KNChallenger 60514:09 26-Jan-2022
EFC41A A6-DWEEMB-500 Phenom 10013:07 26-Jan-2022
T7SLK T7-SLKBAe-125-70011:53 26-Jan-2022
HYP101 9H-FLXFalcon 900LX09:17 26-Jan-2022
P4BAA P4-BAAFalcon 50EX04:13 26-Jan-2022
EAU22H 9H-BBHG65003:17 26-Jan-2022
VJT915 9H-VJRGlobal 600022:01 25-Jan-2022
A6RDJ A6-RDJChallenger 60419:32 25-Jan-2022
SSG004 OM-BYKA319-10011:39 25-Jan-2022
N298RB N298RBG-4 Gulfstream 419:11 24-Jan-2022
MSCMG M-SCMGFalcon 7X18:52 24-Jan-2022
T7VAS T7-VASChallenger 60515:57 24-Jan-2022
JYABC JY-ABCLegacy 60015:49 24-Jan-2022
VPCZB VP-CZBG65015:31 24-Jan-2022
EFC41L A6-DWAEMB-500 Phenom 10009:39 24-Jan-2022
T7AYA T7-AYAGlobal 750009:19 24-Jan-2022
EJM384 N9CKG55009:10 24-Jan-2022
N716AS N716ASG-5 Gulfstream 508:29 24-Jan-2022
EFC40S A6-DWDEMB-500 Phenom 10008:10 24-Jan-2022
HBJRJ HB-JRJBD-700 Global 500007:14 24-Jan-2022
A6HHS A6-HHSEMB-19018:41 23-Jan-2022
T7LJA T7-LJAG45017:31 23-Jan-2022
T7RSP T7-RSPGlobal 600014:37 23-Jan-2022
MAKKU M-AKKUEMB-19011:19 23-Jan-2022
MCITI M-CITIBD-700 Global 500022:07 22-Jan-2022
DCS201 D-ACBNA319-10014:55 22-Jan-2022
GWC5 A6-MVDChallenger 60511:46 22-Jan-2022
KLJ444P LY-JMSB737-50010:38 21-Jan-2022
MRAFI M-RAFIGlobal 750002:55 21-Jan-2022
VLZ480A 2-NICEChallenger 601 3A22:43 20-Jan-2022
T7VVV T7-VVVLegacy 65019:13 20-Jan-2022
N28ZD N28ZDBD-700 Global Express18:51 20-Jan-2022
CSDOF CS-DOFChallenger 65018:46 19-Jan-2022
A6MBS A6-MBSFalcon 7X17:00 19-Jan-2022
VTARV VT-ARVG20019:39 18-Jan-2022
VP-CFJG650 ER14:19 17-Jan-2022
EFC41G A6-DWCEMB-500 Phenom 10007:42 17-Jan-2022
N450T N450TG45019:12 15-Jan-2022
SVW72VP LX-VIPFalcon 8X16:54 15-Jan-2022
N585RM N585RMG55015:31 15-Jan-2022
9HAVA 9H-AVABD-700 Global 500009:20 15-Jan-2022
N761HG N761HGHSS-211:36 12-Jan-2022
VP-CBPG650 ER10:19 12-Jan-2022
MYJET M-YJETFalcon 7X20:29 11-Jan-2022
DU203 DU-203AW13906:16 11-Jan-2022
A6CBO A6-CBOBD-700 Global Express15:00 10-Jan-2022
VPCTS VP-CTSG65016:19 06-Jan-2022
T7SKA T7-SKABD-700 Global Express09:43 04-Jan-2022
VLZ448A 2-OTWOBAe-125-70019:48 21-Dec-2021
9HGFI 9H-GFIGlobal 600010:53 13-Dec-2021
N505SSG55014:28 29-Nov-2021
D2EZN N552ACEC-225 Super Puma Mk2+10:03 25-Nov-2021
N7777Q N7777QB737-70016:28 15-Nov-2021
OHMIG OH-MIGPC-1216:06 14-Nov-2021
A6ASK A6-ASK505 Jet Ranger X04:55 12-Nov-2021
A6HIK A6-HIK429 GlobalRanger04:46 12-Nov-2021
MYSKY M-YSKYBD-700 Global Express14:54 01-Nov-2021
VPBEL VP-BELB737-70014:10 01-Nov-2021
DU201 DU-201AW13913:54 29-Oct-2021
UAE2551 A6-EEOA380-80007:37 17-Aug-2021
UAE2551 A6-EELA380-80005:45 10-Jul-2021
UAE2551 A6-EEFA380-80007:38 09-Jul-2021
VTVKR VT-VKRFalcon 2000DX09:33 28-Apr-2021
UAE2551 A6-EEMA380-80007:52 25-Jan-2021
UAE2552 A6-EUYA380-80008:31 08-Jan-2021
UAE2551 A6-EORA380-80007:20 06-Jan-2021

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