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Name: Wellington International Airport
City: Wellington
Country: New Zealand
Elevation: 41 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
ANZ386M ZK-MVGATR-72-60008:51 24-Sep-2020
ANZ457 ZK-OXEA320-20008:48 24-Sep-2020
ANZ382M ZK-MVIATR-72-60007:50 24-Sep-2020
SDA394 ZK-SAACessna 208 Caravan 107:40 24-Sep-2020
ANZ453 ZK-OJSA320-20007:36 24-Sep-2020
SDA893 ZK-PLTPC-1207:16 24-Sep-2020
SDA994 ZK-PLZPC-1206:56 24-Sep-2020
N37WX N37WXFalcon 50EX05:34 24-Sep-2020
ANZ684 ZK-OJBA320-20003:30 24-Sep-2020
ANZ255L ZK-NFIDHC-8-300 Dash 823:04 22-Sep-2020
N115MF N115MFFalcon 50EX02:46 22-Sep-2020
N163JM N163JMCessna 650 Citation 303:16 21-Sep-2020
ZKRJZ ZK-RJZCessna 525B Citation CJ301:48 18-Sep-2020
ZKEAV ZK-EAVCessna 208 Caravan 102:48 14-Sep-2020
ZKHZY ZK-HZY36921:53 29-Aug-2020
ZKHCB ZK-HCBEC-13002:21 23-Aug-2020
ANZ449 ZK-OXAA320-20006:43 26-Jul-2020

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