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Name: Christchurch International Airport
City: Christchurch
Country: New Zealand
Elevation: 123 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
ANZ843L ZK-NEGDHC-8-300 Dash 820:13 24-Oct-2020
ANZ771L ZK-NFADHC-8-300 Dash 819:03 24-Oct-2020
AMD1 ZK-IGIBK-117C-210:26 24-Oct-2020
ZKFDS ZK-FDSBeech 1300 Commuter08:51 24-Oct-2020
ANZ571 ZK-OXEA320-20008:28 24-Oct-2020
ZK-CIZSaab 34006:58 24-Oct-2020
FLC86 N86Challenger 601 3R06:48 24-Oct-2020
ANZ767L ZK-NETDHC-8-300 Dash 804:38 24-Oct-2020
ANZ187M ZK-MVPATR-72-60004:17 24-Oct-2020
ZKIJB ZK-IJB505 Jet Ranger X03:17 24-Oct-2020
ANZ750M ZK-MVOATR-72-60001:07 24-Oct-2020
ZKIAJ ZK-IAJCabri G200:50 24-Oct-2020
ZKHAM ZK-HAMEC-120 Colibri23:01 23-Oct-2020
ZKHVX ZK-HVXR44 Raven II21:46 23-Oct-2020
ANZ744M ZK-MZCATR-72-60007:17 23-Oct-2020
ZKIOB ZK-IOB36903:11 23-Oct-2020
ZKHYI ZK-HYICabri G221:16 22-Oct-2020
ANZ571 ZK-NNFA321neo08:19 22-Oct-2020
ANZ567 ZK-OXCA320-20007:21 22-Oct-2020
ANZ551 ZK-NNGA321neo03:21 22-Oct-2020
ICE09 10-0220C-17 Globemaster 308:11 21-Oct-2020
WRR01 NZ3301NH90 TTH01:21 21-Oct-2020
ZKIPE ZK-IPEAS-350/55022:14 20-Oct-2020
ZKFDR ZK-FDRBeech 1300 Commuter22:04 20-Oct-2020
ZKHTV ZK-HTVEC-120 Colibri18:20 19-Oct-2020
ZKHND ZK-HNDAS-350/55021:23 18-Oct-2020
ANZ559 ZK-OXMA320-20005:24 18-Oct-2020
ANZ559 ZK-OJQA320-20005:13 13-Oct-2020
ZKIIM ZK-IIMCabri G221:43 12-Oct-2020
ZKHGU ZK-HGUBK-11703:54 12-Oct-2020
ZKHGW ZK-HGWBK-11701:02 10-Oct-2020
ZKIAF ZK-IAFCabri G202:31 09-Oct-2020
ZKHLU ZK-HLUCabri G222:07 24-Sep-2020
ZKHNC ZK-HNCAS-350/55022:45 22-Sep-2020
ZKIOZ ZK-IOZ36919:34 21-Sep-2020
ANZ187M ZK-MVAATR-72-60005:11 19-Sep-2020
ZKHIB ZK-HIB36922:25 15-Sep-2020
ZKHSJ ZK-HSJCabri00:43 13-Sep-2020
ZKIZM ZK-IZMCabri G204:17 11-Sep-2020
ZKIII ZK-IIIAH-6J03:34 08-Sep-2020
ZKHZO ZK-HZOCabri G222:11 02-Sep-2020
ZKHSC ZK-HSC36904:38 17-Aug-2020
ZKIFR ZK-IFREC-120 Colibri23:49 06-Aug-2020
ZKIHL ZK-IHLAS-350/55004:55 04-Aug-2020
ZK-HULAH-6J04:44 03-Aug-2020
ZKIML ZK-IMLAH-6J20:36 01-Aug-2020
ANZ549 ZK-NHCA320neo03:45 01-Aug-2020
ZK-HOE26923:02 26-Jul-2020
ZKIZD ZK-IZDCabri G219:50 22-Jul-2020
ZKHUP ZK-HUPBK-11705:41 10-Jul-2020
ZKIWG ZK-IWGBK-11713:23 03-Jul-2020
ZKHGC ZK-HGCR22 Beta II03:54 02-Jul-2020
ZKIFH ZK-IFHCabri G203:50 02-Jul-2020
ZKHOT ZK-HOTCabri G205:39 26-Jun-2020
ZKHNV ZK-HNVAH-6J20:26 21-Jun-2020
ZKVPR ZK-VPRStrikemaster Mk.8001:59 21-Jun-2020
ZKICS ZK-ICSCabri G220:21 11-Jun-2020

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