Cancun International Airport

Name: Cancun International Airport
City: Cancun
Country: Mexico
Elevation: 22 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
VIV2033 XA-VIFA320neo04:53 24-Sep-2021
AMX562 XA-IMHB737 MAX 904:26 24-Sep-2021
CMP355 HP-1718CMPB737-80004:20 24-Sep-2021
VIV2087 XA-VISA320neo03:33 24-Sep-2021
AAL1547 N842NNB737-80003:20 24-Sep-2021
VOI5214 N518VLA320-20002:36 24-Sep-2021
N597NG N597NGPC-1201:11 24-Sep-2021
DAL1939 N103DYA321-20000:52 24-Sep-2021
ASA440 N413ASB737-90000:43 24-Sep-2021
XAJLJ XA-JLJBAe-125-70023:41 23-Sep-2021
ACW1702 XA-COSLegacy 50023:30 23-Sep-2021
UAL1020 N68821B737-90023:25 23-Sep-2021
XARCE XA-RCEBAe-125-70023:15 23-Sep-2021
UAL1276 N68836B737-90022:43 23-Sep-2021
N625GN N625GNG-5 Gulfstream 522:16 23-Sep-2021
XBPGY XB-PGYCessna 501 Citation 1SP21:15 23-Sep-2021
N222KB N222KBEMB-505 Phenom 30020:40 23-Sep-2021
AAL886 N929NNB737-80018:28 23-Sep-2021
CMP113 HP-9907CMPB737 MAX 917:44 23-Sep-2021
N118GT N118GTBeech 90 King Air21:09 22-Sep-2021
N703P N703PCessna 560XL Citation Excel20:26 22-Sep-2021
XAJCZ XA-JCZGulfstream G15020:08 22-Sep-2021
N37AC N37ACLearjet 3119:35 22-Sep-2021
N560BP N560BPCessna 560 Citation 517:54 22-Sep-2021
TOS6630 V3-HIGCessna 208 Caravan 120:06 24-May-2021
N869AV N869AVLearjet 6017:20 21-Apr-2021
VIV2173 XA-VAZA320-20003:39 16-Mar-2021

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