Cancun International Airport

Name: Cancun International Airport
City: Cancun
Country: Mexico
Elevation: 22 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
UAL1125 N66897B737-90023:43 27-Jan-2022
VOI862 N525VLA320-20023:29 27-Jan-2022
AMX588 N845AMB737-80023:24 27-Jan-2022
VIV23 XA-VAEA320-20023:22 27-Jan-2022
AAL1327 N315PEB737-80023:18 27-Jan-2022
AAL2890 N378SCB737 MAX 823:16 27-Jan-2022
AAL1193 N817ANB787-8 Dreamliner22:55 27-Jan-2022
SWA131 N558WNB737-70022:18 27-Jan-2022
N629MD N629MDCessna 650 Citation 322:10 27-Jan-2022
AVA264 N992AVA320-20022:05 27-Jan-2022
HI1055 HI1055G-4 Gulfstream 422:02 27-Jan-2022
XAATJ XA-ATJEMB-500 Phenom 10021:51 27-Jan-2022
N702SS N702SSHawker 900XP21:48 27-Jan-2022
N995DP N995DPLearjet 3521:46 27-Jan-2022
JBU1495 N639JBA320-20021:26 27-Jan-2022
3529 3529B737-30021:18 27-Jan-2022
FAM3528 3528B737-80021:06 27-Jan-2022
N307QS N307QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign20:44 27-Jan-2022
N320JM N320JMG45018:00 26-Jan-2022
N200JWFalcon 200017:57 26-Jan-2022
N552SK N552SKLearjet 6023:50 25-Jan-2022
GES201D EC-MMDBD-700 Global Express22:10 25-Jan-2022
SVW78AS F-HSASFalcon 7X21:53 25-Jan-2022
XBDMR XB-DMREMB-500 Phenom 10021:22 23-Jan-2022
XACFX XA-CFXLearjet 4502:09 17-Jan-2022
XABWB XA-BWBBAe-125-70001:01 16-Jan-2022
XAVFV XA-VFVPraetor 50021:26 16-Dec-2021
TOS6610 V3-HIMCessna 208 Caravan 118:10 10-Dec-2021
VIV2173 XA-VAZA320-20003:39 16-Mar-2021

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