M. R. Stefanik Airport

Name: M. R. Stefanik Airport
City: Bratislava
Country: Slovakia
Elevation: 436 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RYR3329 SP-RSKB737-80012:58 31-Jul-2021
WZZ30JX HA-LXIA321-20012:13 31-Jul-2021
OMOYR OM-OYRDA-4016:39 30-Jul-2021
TTJ600 OM-BLSCessna 560XL Citation Excel13:26 30-Jul-2021
ABP942 OK-VEAG65023:13 29-Jul-2021
OMBYD OM-BYD429 GlobalRanger19:29 29-Jul-2021
MJF3B OE-IOILegacy 60017:19 29-Jul-2021
TJD440 I-ELYSLearjet 4014:07 29-Jul-2021
OMBYC OM-BYCFokker 10011:59 29-Jul-2021
OKRDS OK-RDSBK-117C-214:23 28-Jul-2021
ABP755 OK-JNTLegacy 60018:17 27-Jul-2021
ELJ603 OM-FWW390 Premier 112:39 25-Jul-2021
OMCMJ OM-CMJDA-4018:44 23-Jul-2021
OMLUC OM-LUCWT10 Advantic16:19 23-Jul-2021
JML100 9H-GGGB737-70003:19 23-Jul-2021
AUA1471 OE-LWFEMB-19510:59 22-Jul-2021
SSG04A OM-BYKA319-10011:47 20-Jul-2021
SSG006 OM-BYBFokker 10014:44 19-Jul-2021
OMINA OM-INASR22T13:17 27-Jun-2021
SQF7445 OM-M396Sportcruiser11:38 15-Jun-2021

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