Ataturk International Airport

Name: Ataturk International Airport
City: Istanbul
Country: Turkey
Elevation: 163 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
THY6454 TC-LERA310-30014:20 03-Aug-2021
THY6498 TC-JDRA330-20013:48 03-Aug-2021
TCKJA TC-KJABeech 400 Beechjet13:42 03-Aug-2021
THY6609 TC-LJRB777-200LR13:34 03-Aug-2021
THY6289 TC-SGMA310-30013:34 03-Aug-2021
RHH407 TC-RSCLearjet 4513:07 03-Aug-2021
TCGHP TC-GHPChallenger 85012:21 03-Aug-2021
TCAEH TC-AEHGulfstream G15012:06 03-Aug-2021
TCHVK TC-HVKAW13912:01 03-Aug-2021
THY6237 TC-JDPA330-20011:20 03-Aug-2021
TCVDM TC-VDMBAe-125-70010:18 03-Aug-2021
TCSBL TC-SBLBAe-125-70010:17 03-Aug-2021
T7VSR T7-VSRBD-700 Global Express09:17 03-Aug-2021
THY6231 TC-JOZA330-20009:14 03-Aug-2021
TIH4C YR-TIIG20009:05 03-Aug-2021
THY6531 TC-LJLB777-200LR08:57 03-Aug-2021
MNB1152 TC-MCNA330-30004:08 03-Aug-2021
RUN628 TC-MCTB747-40003:30 03-Aug-2021
EJO7 T7-ARESGlobal 600000:24 03-Aug-2021
TCFNH TC-FNHChallenger 65022:35 02-Aug-2021
TCACN TC-ACNBD-700 Global Express21:49 02-Aug-2021
TCAAA TC-AAAChallenger 60518:07 02-Aug-2021
TCTTC TC-TTCG55015:51 02-Aug-2021
THY6471 TC-ACGB747-40011:23 02-Aug-2021
TCSMY TC-SMYLegacy 60011:13 02-Aug-2021
TCCTN TC-CTNFalcon 200008:32 02-Aug-2021
TCCCM TC-CCMG650 ER15:43 01-Aug-2021
HYP025 9H-MBABD-700 Global 500015:03 01-Aug-2021
TCHZG TC-HZGAW13914:23 01-Aug-2021
TR010 TR010Challenger 60409:41 01-Aug-2021
KOC55 TC-MRNCessna 208 Caravan 108:48 01-Aug-2021
TRK20 TC-ANAA319-10007:48 01-Aug-2021
TCCLH TC-CLHChallenger 60520:46 31-Jul-2021
TCAKE TC-AKEFalcon 900LX20:11 30-Jul-2021
THY6133 TC-LJDB777-300ER12:44 29-Jul-2021
TCSNK TC-SNKFalcon 200011:20 29-Jul-2021
VPCCD VP-CCDPraetor 60016:37 28-Jul-2021
TCMAA TC-MAAG65014:04 28-Jul-2021
CXB767 P4-CLAB767-20012:05 28-Jul-2021
N477FL N477FLBeech 400 Beechjet15:51 27-Jul-2021
VJT895 9H-VJPGlobal 600005:56 27-Jul-2021
T7CPX T7-CPXG-4 Gulfstream 407:04 26-Jul-2021
TCYHK TC-YHKFalcon 7X17:02 25-Jul-2021
EM404 EM-7095429 GlobalRanger16:15 24-Jul-2021
TCADB TC-ADBBeech 400 Beechjet10:29 23-Jul-2021
RHH425 TC-RSELearjet 4520:22 14-Jul-2021
SVA9053 HZ-AS23A320-20011:42 10-Jul-2021
N17GX N17GXBD-700 Global Express08:09 02-Jul-2021
IGO8651 VT-IFTA320-20010:01 19-Jun-2021
IGO8651 VT-IEJA320-20010:42 15-Jun-2021
THY6840 TC-LOKA330-30012:06 14-Jun-2021
SMF541 T7-ASKA300B4-60000:13 13-Jun-2021
THY6951 TC-JYBB737-90004:26 10-Jun-2021
TC-TRKB747-809:52 08-Jun-2021
TCABN TC-ABNChallenger 60509:14 29-May-2021
THY6840 TC-LOJA330-30012:01 25-May-2021
THY6840 TC-JINA330-20010:58 22-May-2021
VTTBT VT-TBTFalcon 200012:18 14-May-2021
A7GAA A7-GAAAW.18913:01 17-Mar-2021
TRK24 TC-TRYChallenger 85010:36 16-Mar-2021
OHY9002 TC-OBGA320-20013:08 12-Mar-2021
LLT901M LY-DSKBAe-125-70014:19 10-Mar-2021
OHY9001 TC-OCNA330-20014:13 26-Feb-2021
OHY9002 TC-OCMA330-20017:57 15-Feb-2021
OHY9001 TC-OCGA330-20014:37 12-Feb-2021
EM415 EM-7119429 GlobalRanger12:31 12-Feb-2021
IGO8563 VT-INZA320-20016:28 07-Feb-2021
APEDA AP-EDAA320-20015:47 03-Feb-2021
IGO8563 VT-IERA320-20013:31 25-Jan-2021
OHY8571 TC-OCOA330-20011:56 19-Jan-2021
OK0841 TC-SLMZ-14211:31 02-Jan-2021

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