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Name: Antalya International Airport
City: Antalya
Country: Turkey
Elevation: 177 ft.

© Dominic McNeice

© Dominic McNeice

© Dominic McNeice

© Dominic McNeice

© Dominic McNeice

© Dominic McNeice

© Dominic McNeice

© Dominic McNeice

© Dominic McNeice

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
THY6EG TC-SCGB737-80017:10 24-Sep-2020
AFL2146 VQ-BIWA320-20017:01 24-Sep-2020
AZV7893 VQ-BEOB767-30016:57 24-Sep-2020
THY81Z TC-JZJB737-80016:51 24-Sep-2020
PGT17C TC-NCEA320neo16:44 24-Sep-2020
TCMLA TC-MLALegacy 50016:11 24-Sep-2020
SVR3559 VP-BSYA321-20016:04 24-Sep-2020
THY9UP TC-SBPB737-80015:56 24-Sep-2020
PGT22C TC-NCGA320neo15:47 24-Sep-2020
THY8KG TC-LSMA321neo15:11 24-Sep-2020
SVR1025 VP-BBHA321-20014:54 24-Sep-2020
ABG7705 VP-BREB767-30014:47 24-Sep-2020
CAI84LM TC-CONB737-80014:36 24-Sep-2020
SXS7Q TC-SPCB737-80014:20 24-Sep-2020
KAR1803 VP-BOYB767-30014:01 24-Sep-2020
SXS7XQ TC-SOVB737-80012:45 24-Sep-2020
PGT1822 TC-DCMA320-20012:01 24-Sep-2020
UTN3411 UR-AZPB757-30011:57 24-Sep-2020
CAI278 TC-TJUB737-80011:43 24-Sep-2020
TCHVK TC-HVKAW13911:21 24-Sep-2020
CAI288 TC-TJIB737-80011:05 24-Sep-2020
SXS4AX TC-SEDB737-80009:34 24-Sep-2020
SXS1B TC-SNZB737-80008:26 24-Sep-2020
AZV6391 VP-BIRB737-80008:06 24-Sep-2020
OHY902 TC-ODDA320-20007:49 24-Sep-2020
AZV9691 VQ-BEZB757-20007:46 24-Sep-2020
AZV9007 VP-BLVB757-20007:37 24-Sep-2020
TWI506 TC-TLCB737-40007:22 24-Sep-2020
ABG7575 VQ-BRFB737-80005:18 24-Sep-2020
AZV441 VQ-BMWB737-80005:03 24-Sep-2020
CAI49FT TC-TJJB737-80004:49 24-Sep-2020
AZV1691 VP-BUVB767-30004:41 24-Sep-2020
OHY912 TC-OCVA330-20004:08 24-Sep-2020
CAI6UN TC-COHB737-80002:53 24-Sep-2020
FHY894 TC-FHNA320-20002:24 24-Sep-2020
THY3003 TC-JHAB737-80002:11 24-Sep-2020
OHY712 TC-OBGA320-20001:37 24-Sep-2020
OHY1734 TC-ONSA321-20021:11 23-Sep-2020
SXS2 TC-SOOB737-80020:41 23-Sep-2020
PGT5362 TC-NBRA320neo20:38 23-Sep-2020
SXS5E TC-SUUB737-80013:40 23-Sep-2020
OHY732 TC-OBYA321-20010:29 23-Sep-2020
THY9JS TC-JVRB737-80009:23 23-Sep-2020
AZV1291 VQ-BYOB737-90006:26 23-Sep-2020
FHY892 TC-FHMA320-20002:24 23-Sep-2020
SXS2 TC-SORB737-80019:49 22-Sep-2020
CAI6X TC-TJSB737-80005:07 22-Sep-2020
OHY912 TC-OCMA330-20003:57 22-Sep-2020
OHY2912 TC-OCOA330-20004:08 21-Sep-2020
FHY886 TC-FBOA320-20002:25 21-Sep-2020
H TC-HGGEC-13513:33 20-Sep-2020
CAI901 9H-TJCB737-80006:11 20-Sep-2020
CAI6XZ TC-TJOB737-80003:00 20-Sep-2020
OR3131 OR-3131429 GlobalRanger10:21 19-Sep-2020
TCADO TC-ADOBAe-125-70012:01 16-Sep-2020
21512Be-200 Altair13:51 15-Sep-2020
FHY886 TC-FBRA320-20002:51 14-Sep-2020
FHY898 TC-FBVA320-20002:31 06-Sep-2020
OHY8920 TC-OBSA320-20015:05 12-Aug-2020
FHY905 TC-FHYA320-20007:32 14-Jul-2020
OHY8742 TC-OCLA330-20018:32 05-Jun-2020

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