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Name: Esenbo?a International Airport
City: Ankara
Country: Turkey
Elevation: 3125 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SXS717 TC-SOCB737-80012:40 26-Oct-2020
THY7041 TC-JGAB737-80011:45 26-Oct-2020
TCAHE TC-AHECitation Bravo11:25 26-Oct-2020
TRK10 TC-DAPG55010:51 26-Oct-2020
TRK2 TC-ANKA318-10010:24 26-Oct-2020
TRK1 TC-ISTA319-10010:18 26-Oct-2020
PGT2668 TC-AEPB737-80009:25 26-Oct-2020
N TC-GDBCessna 17206:43 26-Oct-2020
PGT2467 TC-CPDB737-80006:20 26-Oct-2020
THY26B TC-JZOB737-80003:41 26-Oct-2020
EM805 EM-805Cessna 560XL Citation Excel18:34 25-Oct-2020
TRK3 TC-ATAG55017:13 25-Oct-2020
THY7087 TC-JHEB737-80016:33 25-Oct-2020
TC-KAVCessna 560XL Citation Excel15:06 25-Oct-2020
J-001Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign12:26 25-Oct-2020
TCKIP TC-KIPCessna 560XL Citation Excel11:51 25-Oct-2020
TCREC TC-RECG45008:24 25-Oct-2020
TRK4 TC-CBKG55013:12 24-Oct-2020
TCCJA TC-CJACessna 525A Citation CJ219:13 23-Oct-2020
THY9KT TC-SCKB737-80016:37 20-Oct-2020
TC-ELZCessna 680 Citation Sovereign15:54 18-Oct-2020
TRK5 TC-GAPG45013:56 08-Oct-2020
TRK8 TC-TURA330-20021:09 07-Oct-2020
TCSGO TC-SGOFalcon 2000LX11:47 05-Oct-2020
TCCTN TC-CTNFalcon 200014:01 17-Sep-2020
TCHDL TC-HDL43007:51 15-Sep-2020
THY6960 TC-JTRA321-20005:51 09-Sep-2020
THY3DL TC-JTLA321-20017:53 06-Sep-2020
THY6950 TC-JTAA321-20003:34 02-Sep-2020
TK0020 TC-CANA340-50009:41 19-Aug-2020
TCGDE TC-GDECessna 17210:56 08-Aug-2020
CGVVQ C-GVVQChallenger 60519:08 06-Aug-2020

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