Henri Coand? International Airport

Name: Henri Coand? International Airport
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
Elevation: 314 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
WZZ95ES HA-LVXA321neo00:30 26-Jul-2021
TAY4081 OE-IMCB737-80000:01 26-Jul-2021
ROT402B YR-BGGB737-70023:44 25-Jul-2021
WZZ3266 HA-LVSA321neo23:14 25-Jul-2021
WZZ141 HA-LVPA321neo23:09 25-Jul-2021
WZZ1384 HA-LXLA321-20023:05 25-Jul-2021
WZZ102D HA-LTHA321-20023:03 25-Jul-2021
BLA1124 YR-BMMB737-80022:43 25-Jul-2021
THY3056 TC-JYMB737-90022:39 25-Jul-2021
BLA3078 YR-AMEB737-50022:35 25-Jul-2021
LOT643 SP-LIOEMB-175 LR22:31 25-Jul-2021
BLA7QP YR-URSA319-10022:18 25-Jul-2021
BLA3RR YR-BMGB737-80022:16 25-Jul-2021
AUA7PK OE-LDBA319-10021:55 25-Jul-2021
WZZ915 HA-LPMA320-20021:52 25-Jul-2021
KLM79G PH-BCEB737-80021:48 25-Jul-2021
DLH7EK D-AIUTA320-20021:44 25-Jul-2021
AFR51GD F-GRHLA319-10021:39 25-Jul-2021
BLA3302 YR-BMNB737-80021:36 25-Jul-2021
RYR1EG 9H-QDLB737-80021:35 25-Jul-2021
RYR8KA 9H-QEHB737-80021:31 25-Jul-2021
BLA156 YR-MXAB737 MAX 821:27 25-Jul-2021
WZZ2 HA-LWXA320-20021:20 25-Jul-2021
WZZ3140 HA-LVIA321neo20:41 25-Jul-2021
AEE962 SX-DVTA320-20020:29 25-Jul-2021
WZZ3172 HA-LXYA321-20020:25 25-Jul-2021
WZZ61 HA-LWLA320-20020:21 25-Jul-2021
ROT312C YR-BGIB737-70019:52 25-Jul-2021
BUR704 YR-TIBB737-30019:35 25-Jul-2021
ROT608Q YR-BGMB737-80018:24 25-Jul-2021
SWR339N HB-JBFCSeries CS10018:02 25-Jul-2021
ROT274E YR-BGDB737-30018:02 25-Jul-2021
LDX15 OE-HDUBD-100 Challenger 30017:54 25-Jul-2021
ROT3302 YR-BGKB737-80017:10 25-Jul-2021
ROT3306 YR-BGJB737-80017:02 25-Jul-2021
ROT392W YR-ASCA318-10016:46 25-Jul-2021
DLH6TU D-AILFA319-10016:33 25-Jul-2021
WZZ133B LY-EMUA320-20015:42 25-Jul-2021
TIH4C YR-TIIG20013:26 25-Jul-2021
N769CS N769CSCessna 560 Citation 510:25 25-Jul-2021
WZZ68 HA-LXGA321-20010:08 25-Jul-2021
TOY532 YR-TARCitation M210:01 25-Jul-2021
AWG4002 YR-AGAA320-20009:52 25-Jul-2021
OOGSP OO-GSPCessna 680 Citation Sovereign22:59 21-Jul-2021
HBJFK HB-JFKEMB-500 Phenom 10000:50 17-Jul-2021
TIH2A YR-TIKBD-700 Global 500011:37 16-Jul-2021
ROT648P YR-ASBA318-10017:42 12-Jul-2021
KLJ2462 LY-KDTB737-50023:06 07-Jul-2021
BLA21P YR-AMAB737-50011:29 30-Jun-2021
GBG902 LZ-AWYA330-20012:29 29-May-2021
OEXTC OE-XTCR44 II07:06 22-Apr-2021
BLA12P YR-AMDB737-50018:11 12-Apr-2021
R20092 07-20092AH-60 Black Hawk11:19 05-Apr-2021
BLA3102 YR-BAPB737-30017:10 22-Mar-2021

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