Henri Coand? International Airport

Name: Henri Coand? International Airport
City: Bucharest
Country: Romania
Elevation: 314 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
WZZ88 HA-LTAA321-20000:36 17-May-2022
WZZ6791 HA-LVAA321neo00:03 17-May-2022
WZZ3022 HA-LVQA321neo23:57 16-May-2022
WZZ407 HA-LTHA321-20023:50 16-May-2022
BLA3YN YR-MXCB737 MAX 823:17 16-May-2022
WZZ104A HA-LVPA321neo23:02 16-May-2022
WZZ3762 HA-LYBA320-20022:27 16-May-2022
LOT643 SP-LNGEMB-19522:23 16-May-2022
WZZ88RY HA-LWXA320-20022:13 16-May-2022
BLA138 YR-BMJB737-80022:08 16-May-2022
DLH8XT D-AILYA319-10021:55 16-May-2022
BLA154 YR-MXAB737 MAX 821:48 16-May-2022
KLM79G PH-BXYB737-80021:39 16-May-2022
AFR22CA F-GKXPA320-20021:31 16-May-2022
WZZ1949 HA-LYTA320-20021:29 16-May-2022
BAW884 G-TTOBA320-20021:01 16-May-2022
RYR19TT 9H-QANB737-80020:56 16-May-2022
BLA1ZQ YR-BMKB737-80020:51 16-May-2022
DLH1MN D-AIZNA320-20020:40 16-May-2022
ROT364A YR-ASBA318-10020:37 16-May-2022
ROT312N YR-BGHB737-70020:14 16-May-2022
RYR953 9H-QADB737-80020:12 16-May-2022
ROT306 YR-ASAA318-10020:02 16-May-2022
WZZ1409 HA-LVCA321neo19:57 16-May-2022
BLA8XV YR-MXBB737 MAX 819:34 16-May-2022
HYS256 YR-SUNA320-20019:01 16-May-2022
BLA6CK YR-BMLB737-80018:31 16-May-2022
ROT648Q YR-BGMB737-80017:48 16-May-2022
ROT608R YR-BGJB737-80017:39 16-May-2022
ROT708K YR-BGFB737-70017:34 16-May-2022
ROT274 YR-BGIB737-70017:32 16-May-2022
VTB300 HA-SCUCessna 650 Citation 317:12 16-May-2022
ROT392 YR-ASDA318-10016:52 16-May-2022
BLA6202 YR-BMRB737-70015:42 16-May-2022
BLA180 YR-AMEB737-50015:35 16-May-2022
ROT404R YR-ASCA318-10014:37 16-May-2022
ROT276P YR-ATMATR-72-60013:37 16-May-2022
BLA114 YR-BMQB737-80011:27 16-May-2022
ROF1104 1104Antonov An-3008:54 16-May-2022
PHAT21 N506KBBeech Super King Air 35007:37 16-May-2022
GES331N F-HSFNCessna 560XL Citation Excel06:50 16-May-2022
HYS284 YR-BEEA320-20005:54 16-May-2022
AWG4105 YR-AGAA320-20022:07 15-May-2022
ROT274 YR-BGGB737-70018:07 15-May-2022
BNJ02SP OO-GSPCessna 680 Citation Sovereign14:14 15-May-2022
ROT804Y YR-BGDB737-30012:03 15-May-2022
TIH2A YR-TIKBD-700 Global 500005:45 14-May-2022
MROCA M-ROCAChallenger 60515:09 13-May-2022
WZZ1649 HA-LVXA321neo08:40 13-May-2022
TIH4C YR-TIIG20017:29 12-May-2022
ROT154D YR-BGKB737-80023:00 09-May-2022
R20808 16-20808AH-60 Black Hawk07:03 19-Apr-2022
YRBNR YR-BNRBN-2 Islander13:02 09-Nov-2021
ROT3762 YR-BGEB737-30021:21 07-Nov-2021
BLA3102 YR-BAPB737-30017:10 22-Mar-2021

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