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Name: Francisco de Sa Carneiro Airport
City: Porto
Country: Portugal
Elevation: 228 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
EJU56PC OE-ICJA320-20022:05 11-Apr-2021
RYR7AF EI-GSGB737-80021:54 11-Apr-2021
EJU95RD OE-INFA320-20021:38 11-Apr-2021
RYR7KB EI-GSHB737-80021:17 11-Apr-2021
RYR7JQ EI-EFFB737-80021:14 11-Apr-2021
KLM37W PH-EZAEMB-19020:54 11-Apr-2021
TAP687 CS-TNWA320-20019:50 11-Apr-2021
PVG776P EC-HDSB757-20018:24 11-Apr-2021
TAP457B CS-TNJA320-20018:09 11-Apr-2021
EJU49XB OE-IJQA320-20018:06 11-Apr-2021
N837MM N837MMSR-2216:44 11-Apr-2021
RYR53KW EI-ENGB737-80013:47 11-Apr-2021
TAY4724 F-GZTJB737-40007:26 11-Apr-2021
EJU95RD OE-IJHA320-20021:41 10-Apr-2021
RYR9139 EI-EKXB737-80014:37 10-Apr-2021
RYR1L EI-EBWB737-80010:15 10-Apr-2021
TAP1710 CS-TMWA320-20009:20 10-Apr-2021
TAP212D CS-TUPA330-900neo07:18 10-Apr-2021
RYR9HL EI-ENCB737-80022:09 09-Apr-2021
RYR7AF EI-DPRB737-80021:49 09-Apr-2021
RYR1ZU EI-EKZB737-80013:46 09-Apr-2021
TAP9250 CS-TUMA330-900neo12:08 03-Apr-2021
RTV2N CS-DGSCessna 17216:57 31-Mar-2021
DEPSM D-EPSMM-2016:31 24-Mar-2021
AOJ43F OE-GMFCessna 525B Citation CJ314:24 19-Mar-2021
PPFCC PP-FCCGlobal 600015:59 17-Mar-2021
RTV4T CS-ECXP.2006T13:32 04-Mar-2021
RTV2M CS-DGMCessna 17216:02 26-Feb-2021
TAP457 CS-TJMA321neo19:30 17-Jan-2021
RTV2L CS-DCUCessna 17212:23 03-Jan-2021

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