Salzburg Airport

Name: Salzburg Airport
City: Salzburg
Country: Austria
Elevation: 1411 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
DLH38N D-AIUEA320-20020:40 16-May-2022
EWG86MY OE-LYZA319-10020:19 16-May-2022
MWAFA M-WAFAFalcon 8X18:48 16-May-2022
OEGTS OE-GTSCessna 560XL Citation Excel17:32 16-May-2022
MOZ437 OE-FPKCessna 525A Citation CJ217:25 16-May-2022
EWG37YF D-ABFPA320-20017:08 16-May-2022
JAR28 OE-FHLBeech 90 King Air16:41 16-May-2022
AHO421F D-CANGCessna 560XL Citation Excel16:19 16-May-2022
EWG21W OE-LYYA319-10014:29 16-May-2022
OEEHA OE-EHAPC-1214:17 16-May-2022
MOZ294 OE-GHMCitation CJ413:33 16-May-2022
SOW6 OE-FRJCessna 525 Citation CJ111:36 16-May-2022
GAC435K OE-FZECessna 510 Citation Mustang11:00 16-May-2022
N25Y N25YF-5 Lightning10:34 16-May-2022
OEXCT OE-XCTR22 Beta II10:02 16-May-2022
N111FK N111FKBD-700 Global Express07:46 16-May-2022
OEGKE OE-GKECessna 560XL Citation Excel18:39 15-May-2022
OEXAU OE-XAUR44 II17:44 15-May-2022
OEGTE OE-GTECessna 560XL Citation Excel14:25 15-May-2022
OEEAS OE-EASF4U Corsair09:25 15-May-2022
OEFME OE-FME690 Jetprop Commander 84016:13 14-May-2022
DEBSE D-EBSESR22T10:28 14-May-2022
JAR11 OE-GFMBeech Super King Air 35016:07 13-May-2022
MOZ118 OE-GDRCitation CJ415:33 13-May-2022
MOZ731 OE-GWECessna 560XL Citation Excel15:28 13-May-2022
OEXBF OE-XBFAS-350/55015:01 12-May-2022
CGSLB C-GSLBBeech 190014:49 12-May-2022
OECPA OE-CPAP.2002 Sierra JF14:22 12-May-2022
JAR05 OE-GJRCessna 525B Citation CJ314:11 12-May-2022
OEFBW OE-FBWDA6209:48 12-May-2022
OEGDM OE-GDMCessna 560 Citation 509:05 12-May-2022
OEFAA OE-FAAHA-420 HondaJet19:47 11-May-2022
N980RJ N980RJSR22T GTS10:01 08-May-2022
OELDM OE-LDMDC-612:04 07-May-2022
DGOVA D-GOVAEMB-810 Seneca09:57 05-May-2022
N6123C N6123CB-25 Mitchell15:57 30-Apr-2022
N11FX N11FX209 HueyCobra15:53 30-Apr-2022
DHAFT1 D-HAFTEC-225 Super Puma Mk2+19:55 02-Nov-2021

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