Ben Gurion International Airport

Name: Ben Gurion International Airport
City: Tel Aviv
Country: Israel
Elevation: 135 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
THY7PT TC-LNFA330-30006:11 24-Sep-2021
TGZ695 4L-TGCB737-80005:51 24-Sep-2021
WZZ3257 HA-LXEA321-20005:31 24-Sep-2021
ELY060 4X-EDMB787-9 Dreamliner05:16 24-Sep-2021
ELY002 4X-EDFB787-9 Dreamliner05:13 24-Sep-2021
WZZ4427 HA-LXFA321-20005:01 24-Sep-2021
CPA675 B-LXEA350-100004:26 24-Sep-2021
ELY088 4X-EDJB787-9 Dreamliner03:11 24-Sep-2021
ELY842 VQ-BWTB747-40023:55 23-Sep-2021
ELY2524 4X-EHCB737-90022:54 23-Sep-2021
AXY2319 9H-DOMChallenger 85021:43 23-Sep-2021
ELY572 4X-EHFB737-90021:39 23-Sep-2021
MXJET M-XJETBAe-125-70021:21 23-Sep-2021
AIZ212 4X-EMCEMB-19520:08 23-Sep-2021
4XCMC 4X-CMCCessna 560 Citation 518:46 23-Sep-2021
N467AM N467AMG-1159A Gulfstream 318:36 23-Sep-2021
TAP1603 CS-TVAA320neo18:26 23-Sep-2021
4XCUT 4X-CUTBAe-125-70018:18 23-Sep-2021
AEA1303 EC-LTMB737-80018:13 23-Sep-2021
LOT155 SP-LNPEMB-19517:00 23-Sep-2021
ISR768 4X-ABIA320-20016:45 23-Sep-2021
ELY5104 4X-EKRB737-80016:29 23-Sep-2021
4XCUZ 4X-CUZBAe-125-70015:50 23-Sep-2021
BBG751 9H-HLYB737-80015:01 23-Sep-2021
ELY382 4X-EHEB737-90013:46 23-Sep-2021
ELY564 4X-EKTB737-80012:06 23-Sep-2021
ELY386 4X-EHBB737-90012:01 23-Sep-2021
ELY026 4X-ERBB787-8 Dreamliner11:55 23-Sep-2021
LXJ450 N450FXG450 LXI16:16 22-Sep-2021
MULTI M-ULTIBD-700 Global Express12:56 22-Sep-2021
MDSTZ M-DSTZChallenger 65012:50 22-Sep-2021
VAJ91B T7-MCBBD-700 Global Express18:12 21-Sep-2021
N983CL N983CLBAe-125-70015:07 21-Sep-2021
MSSYS M-SSYSCitation CJ415:33 20-Sep-2021
MILLA M-ILLABeech 400 Beechjet12:52 20-Sep-2021
N719SA N719SAG-4 Gulfstream 404:11 20-Sep-2021
ELY030 4X-ERCB787-8 Dreamliner03:51 20-Sep-2021
T7AVO T7-AVO390 Premier 114:05 19-Sep-2021
N801AS N801ASG55009:52 19-Sep-2021
MCNZI M-CNZIGlobal 600009:03 19-Sep-2021
MARVA M-ARVAGlobal 600018:17 18-Sep-2021
VPCSB VP-CSBBD-700 Global 500014:29 18-Sep-2021
4XCPY 4X-CPYBeech 400 Beechjet10:25 18-Sep-2021
MYULI M-YULIA319-10017:03 17-Sep-2021
N720LF N720LFG650 ER16:13 17-Sep-2021
N770AW N770AWG55011:08 17-Sep-2021
VPCGN VP-CGNG65018:03 14-Sep-2021
4XCCM 4X-CCMPA-23 Aztec12:30 14-Sep-2021
YADID23 4X-CMACessna 510 Citation Mustang09:38 12-Sep-2021
N280GU N280GUG28019:05 09-Sep-2021
ELY2366 4X-EHDB737-90011:27 02-Sep-2021
MSETT M-SETTBD-700 Global 500016:46 30-Aug-2021
ELY2374 4X-EKLB737-80000:06 27-Aug-2021
ELY2221 4X-ECDB777-20007:59 23-Aug-2021
N903AS N903ASG55012:07 22-Aug-2021
BDK18 4X-ISRB767-30009:18 17-Aug-2021
MSEVN M-SEVNChallenger 60515:06 16-Aug-2021
N737AG N737AGB737-70012:05 16-Aug-2021
N390CM N390CMB767-30013:19 15-Aug-2021
4XHZB 4X-HZBBristell S-LSA05:40 13-Aug-2021
N 4X-BEO40710:43 08-Aug-2021
4XBHZ 4X-BHZ505 Jet Ranger X05:15 05-Aug-2021
N399AN N399ANB767-30011:11 30-Jul-2021
N556US N556USChallenger 60419:41 28-Jul-2021
BCS006F D-AEAOA300B4-60020:39 27-Jul-2021
FDX9051 N974FDB757-20002:06 23-Jul-2021
N391CM N391CMB767-30012:48 05-Jul-2021
4XHZY 4X-HZYTexan15:10 25-Jun-2021
4XHLD 4X-HLDTexan08:11 25-Jun-2021
ACA2358 C-FTCAB767-30002:45 08-Jun-2021
N1611B N1611BB767-30018:34 25-May-2021
N396AN N396ANB767-30013:00 04-May-2021
ELX767 N767PRB767-30003:19 22-Apr-2021
N471BS N471BSB737-80021:59 03-Apr-2021
ACA2358 C-FPCAB767-30004:46 11-Mar-2021
N397AN N397ANB767-30013:56 07-Mar-2021
N398AN N398ANB767-30014:36 23-Feb-2021
ELY2223 4X-EKFB737-80012:36 19-Feb-2021
ELY2221 4X-ECEB777-20013:14 07-Jan-2021

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