Vaclav Havel Airport

Name: Vaclav Havel Airport
City: Prague
Country: Czech Republic
Elevation: 1247 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SWR112W HB-JBECSeries CS10012:25 31-Jul-2021
IBE3148 EC-MDKA320-20012:23 31-Jul-2021
CSA919 OK-HEUA320-20012:04 31-Jul-2021
RYR28HX SP-RSEB737-80012:01 31-Jul-2021
MJN518 554A320-20011:58 31-Jul-2021
TVS36J OK-EMACessna 680 Citation Sovereign11:50 31-Jul-2021
ECC602 OK-WAYChallenger 60511:45 31-Jul-2021
OKPCF OK-PCFPC-1211:41 31-Jul-2021
RYR6QL SP-RKQB737-80011:39 31-Jul-2021
TVS4358 OK-TSSB737-80011:16 31-Jul-2021
TIE610P OK-PPPBeech 400 Beechjet10:57 31-Jul-2021
TVS2701 OK-SWWB737-70010:46 31-Jul-2021
UAE139 A6-EPSB777-300ER10:32 31-Jul-2021
DFC7NA OK-MARCessna 525A Citation CJ210:28 31-Jul-2021
IJM572 OE-IISG-5 Gulfstream 510:03 31-Jul-2021
TVS4GI OK-TVHB737-80009:05 31-Jul-2021
TVS04B OK-TSOB737-80008:09 31-Jul-2021
QTR289 A7-BCZB787-8 Dreamliner05:36 31-Jul-2021
DFC33Z OK-OBRCessna 510 Citation Mustang22:03 30-Jul-2021
ABP712 OK-SLNLegacy 60015:59 30-Jul-2021
TTJ603 OM-TVVPC-1213:34 30-Jul-2021
YRCMO YR-CMOCessna 510 Citation Mustang13:09 30-Jul-2021
VTCDP VT-CDPGlobal 600013:05 30-Jul-2021
DFC6UN OK-KUKCessna 510 Citation Mustang12:03 30-Jul-2021
CBA30 OK-RLPBeech Super King Air 35008:27 30-Jul-2021
OKBYE OK-BYEEC-13523:00 29-Jul-2021
OKLIO OK-LIOCabri G213:27 29-Jul-2021
DFC89N OK-AMLCessna 510 Citation Mustang12:08 29-Jul-2021
ABP953 OK-KKFG650 ER18:08 28-Jul-2021
DFC6BD OK-MYSCessna 510 Citation Mustang17:36 28-Jul-2021
OKBYS OK-BYS41215:56 28-Jul-2021
OKBYA OK-BYAEC-13521:54 27-Jul-2021
P4GVI P4-GVIG650 ER12:04 27-Jul-2021
TIE785Y OK-EASBeech 400 Beechjet00:13 26-Jul-2021
MSEXY M-SEXYLegacy 65015:27 25-Jul-2021
OKAOA OK-AOABD-100 Challenger 30014:06 25-Jul-2021
K01 OK-BYGEC-13500:39 24-Jul-2021
ABP722 OK-SUNLegacy 60011:58 23-Jul-2021
CGUVR C-GUVR429 GlobalRanger17:57 22-Jul-2021
CGUUQ C-GUUQ429 GlobalRanger13:09 22-Jul-2021
NTF334E OK-TBEPC-1213:09 22-Jul-2021
OKBYF OK-BYFEC-13508:24 21-Jul-2021
NTF329R OK-ZDRPA-46-310P Malibu22:58 20-Jul-2021
OKWYZ OK-WYZR44 Raven II15:59 20-Jul-2021
CGUTJ C-GUTJ429 GlobalRanger11:43 14-Jul-2021
OKBYP OK-BYP41211:31 13-Jul-2021
OKILA OK-ILACitation CJ416:14 09-Jul-2021
OKBYI OK-BYIEC-13518:46 06-Jul-2021
EXJ01 G-LATEFalcon 2000EX EASy12:11 01-Jul-2021
OKBYT OK-BYT41212:58 28-Jun-2021
TOY434 YR-IGPLegacy 60016:55 17-Jun-2021
OKBYH OK-BYHEC-13521:41 15-Jun-2021
CGUVA C-GUVA429 GlobalRanger19:20 14-Jun-2021
OEIPT OE-IPTB737-80017:13 13-Jun-2021
OEIPS OE-IPSB737-80017:06 13-Jun-2021
JTN117 2-JXEEB737 MAX 813:45 23-May-2021
ABP951 OK-ACACitabria (7GCBC/7KCAB)11:16 18-May-2021
TIE470H OK-RAHBeech 400 Beechjet15:31 17-May-2021
VPCBJ VP-CBJA321-20015:51 10-May-2021
VCG1XP G-RSXPCessna 560XL Citation Excel10:58 07-May-2021
OKBYC OK-BYCEC-13512:11 21-Apr-2021
OKLBA OK-LBACessna 15211:56 02-Feb-2021

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