Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport

Name: Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Elevation: 15 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
MSA9784 EI-GHCB737-40001:26 17-May-2022
WZZ8284 HA-LVTA321neo01:07 17-May-2022
WZZ147 HA-LTGA321-20023:55 16-May-2022
WZZ12EC HA-LVSA321neo23:44 16-May-2022
WZZ404 HA-LZIA321neo23:41 16-May-2022
WZZ6419 HA-LZFA321neo23:38 16-May-2022
MSA31F LZ-LDWMD-8223:34 16-May-2022
RYR3017 9H-QCAB737-80022:40 16-May-2022
KLM93Q PH-BXDB737-80022:37 16-May-2022
RYR6TY 9H-VUJB737 MAX 822:25 16-May-2022
RYR7PG 9H-QCHB737-80022:21 16-May-2022
DLH242 D-AIBHA319-10022:19 16-May-2022
VLG4JE EC-MANA320-20021:57 16-May-2022
TAP838 CS-TTNA319-10021:54 16-May-2022
VLG382D EC-MESA320-20021:49 16-May-2022
RYR1299 9H-QAYB737-80021:47 16-May-2022
VLG76SM EC-MXGA320-20021:31 16-May-2022
RYR37LJ 9H-QBBB737-80021:27 16-May-2022
IBE3238 EC-JGSA321-20021:21 16-May-2022
AFR55LL F-GTAHA321-20021:15 16-May-2022
ITY209 EI-IKFA320-20021:06 16-May-2022
BAW5FC G-EUYUA320-20020:25 16-May-2022
ITY1752 EI-DTEA320-20020:01 16-May-2022
RYR683G 9H-QBGB737-80019:43 16-May-2022
DLH5TP D-AIDOA321-20018:48 16-May-2022
ITY1712 EI-DSXA320-20018:40 16-May-2022
VLG4BL EC-MEAA320-20017:03 16-May-2022
RYR8FT 9H-QBHB737-80016:45 16-May-2022
ABR739 EI-STMB737-40013:14 16-May-2022
ITY631 EI-EJPA330-20008:43 16-May-2022
POLI114 MM81838AW13906:50 16-May-2022
ITY615 EI-EJOA330-20005:02 16-May-2022
NOS7229 EI-RZCB737 MAX 800:42 16-May-2022
LSI7001 EI-ISBB777-20011:34 15-May-2022
ITY1782 EI-IMSA319-10008:54 15-May-2022
I2321 MM62321ATR-72-60013:58 13-May-2022
AZA0029 EI-ISAB777-20010:05 12-May-2022
ITY2071 EI-IMEA319-10014:01 26-Apr-2022
SPERA01 MM82017AW13908:14 22-Apr-2022
ITY319 I-BIKAA320-20011:48 14-Apr-2022
TIGER10 MM81875CH-149 Cormorant08:54 16-Mar-2022
ITY1752 EI-DSLA320-20021:24 24-Feb-2022
ITY801 I-BIKOA320-20015:16 23-Jan-2022
ITY2023 EI-DSAA320-20010:46 19-Jan-2022
AZA0019 EI-EJNA330-20018:42 02-Dec-2021
AZA433 EI-RDBEMB-175 STD18:11 14-Oct-2021
AZA28R EI-RNBEMB-19017:29 14-Oct-2021
AZA1PM EI-DTJA320-20017:53 03-Jul-2021
AZA4LL I-BIKDA320-20014:32 20-Jun-2021
HFM251T 9H-TLSA319-10012:48 04-Jun-2021
AZA1750 I-BIKCA320-20019:02 16-May-2021
AZA991P EI-IXHA321-20000:59 03-Mar-2021
AZA433 EI-RNAEMB-19018:52 31-Jan-2021

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