Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport

Name: Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) International Airport
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Elevation: 15 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
ELY385 4X-EKIB737-80006:15 17-Jun-2021
AZA2013 EI-RDCEMB-175 STD06:04 17-Jun-2021
AZA1572 EI-IMXA319-10006:01 17-Jun-2021
AZA1590 I-BIKDA320-20005:59 17-Jun-2021
AZA1722 EI-IMOA319-10005:56 17-Jun-2021
AAL240 N836AAB787-9 Dreamliner05:52 17-Jun-2021
RYR7ZJ 9H-IHDA320-20005:51 17-Jun-2021
AZA3FH EI-IMTA319-10005:48 17-Jun-2021
AZA1356 EI-RDGEMB-175 STD05:47 17-Jun-2021
AZA11MR EI-IMFA319-10005:44 17-Jun-2021
AZA1380 EI-IMNA319-10005:40 17-Jun-2021
AZA9YY EI-RDHEMB-175 STD05:38 17-Jun-2021
AZA1900 EI-DSGA320-20005:36 17-Jun-2021
AZA1432 EI-IMEA319-10005:35 17-Jun-2021
AZA1312 EI-RNDEMB-19005:33 17-Jun-2021
AZA8PZ EI-IMVA319-10005:29 17-Jun-2021
AZA4HC EI-IMJA319-10005:27 17-Jun-2021
RYR6NC 9H-QAVB737-80005:22 17-Jun-2021
WZZ1202 HA-LVPA321neo05:20 17-Jun-2021
RYR7XB 9H-QDQB737-80005:09 17-Jun-2021
AZA603 EI-EJHA330-20005:02 17-Jun-2021
AZA895 EI-DTGA320-20004:50 17-Jun-2021
MSA9792 EI-GHCB737-40002:18 17-Jun-2021
MSA976P EI-GUAB737-40002:09 17-Jun-2021
MSA9784 EI-GHBB737-40001:26 17-Jun-2021
VLG73AQ EC-NAVA320neo21:07 16-Jun-2021
RYR7104 9H-QCBB737-80018:51 16-Jun-2021
AZA1596 EI-DSZA320-20018:47 16-Jun-2021
AZA1750 EI-IKBA320-20018:21 16-Jun-2021
AZA091 EI-RNBEMB-19018:10 16-Jun-2021
AZA2AF EI-IMCA319-10018:07 16-Jun-2021
AZA1NK EI-DSLA320-20018:03 16-Jun-2021
AZA1902 EI-DSXA320-20018:02 16-Jun-2021
AZA2097 EI-IMDA319-10017:38 16-Jun-2021
AZA9925 EI-IKUA320-20017:08 16-Jun-2021
VLG6225 EC-MYCA320-20015:53 16-Jun-2021
DLH3MM I-ADJTEMB-19515:38 16-Jun-2021
NJE634A CS-CHHChallenger 35015:16 16-Jun-2021
AZA5AS EI-RDNEMB-175 STD13:54 16-Jun-2021
AZA51G EI-IMIA319-10012:03 16-Jun-2021
AZA403 EI-RDDEMB-175 STD11:19 16-Jun-2021
AZA1724 EI-DTKA320-20010:02 16-Jun-2021
VLG26H EC-KDHA320-20007:01 16-Jun-2021
AZA603 EI-EJOA330-20004:44 16-Jun-2021
AZA1596 EI-DTBA320-20018:23 15-Jun-2021
AZA2097 EI-IMSA319-10016:56 15-Jun-2021
RYR35FK 9H-QCRB737-80013:37 15-Jun-2021
OAW8350 HB-AZCEMB-190 E211:47 15-Jun-2021
AZA603 EI-EJLA330-20005:06 14-Jun-2021
AZA6RN EI-DSUA320-20018:29 11-Jun-2021
AZA603 EI-EJPA330-20005:11 10-Jun-2021
AZA9465 EI-DBLB777-20002:02 10-Jun-2021
AZA88VF EI-RDFEMB-175 STD14:47 09-Jun-2021
AZA8015 EI-DIPA330-20010:26 06-Jun-2021
HFM251T 9H-TLSA319-10012:48 04-Jun-2021
AZA8011 EI-FNIB777-20010:34 04-Jun-2021
AZA2097 EI-IMBA319-10016:59 03-Jun-2021
HFY411P CS-TQYA340-30001:21 30-May-2021
AZA8006 EI-DTEA320-20016:21 29-May-2021
SOLE02 MM81977AW.169 UH-169B10:56 28-May-2021
AZA8012 EI-DSVA320-20017:37 24-May-2021
AZA8013 EI-EIBA320-20017:01 23-May-2021
AZA1750 I-BIKCA320-20019:02 16-May-2021
AZA8006 EI-EJGA330-20019:28 12-May-2021
AZA603 EI-EJKA330-20005:27 26-Apr-2021
AZA1724 I-BIKAA320-20009:49 20-Apr-2021
AZA8009 EI-ISBB777-20010:08 19-Apr-2021
AZA1PM EI-DTHA320-20017:53 02-Apr-2021
AZA60M EI-EJIA330-20006:01 27-Mar-2021
AZA8007 EI-DTNA320-20018:51 16-Mar-2021
AZA8951 EI-RNCEMB-19018:17 14-Mar-2021
AZA991P EI-IXVA321-20001:46 12-Mar-2021
AZA1750 EI-IMLA319-10019:31 11-Mar-2021
AZA1590 EI-DTOA320-20007:01 05-Mar-2021
AZA1712 EI-EIAA320-20015:45 03-Mar-2021
AZA991P EI-IXHA321-20000:59 03-Mar-2021
AZA9400 EI-DBKB777-20008:04 21-Feb-2021
AZA583 EI-RDOEMB-175 STD19:11 12-Feb-2021
AZA433 EI-RNAEMB-19018:52 31-Jan-2021
AZA8007 EI-DTLA320-20019:45 21-Jan-2021
AZA8020 EI-RNEEMB-19011:24 19-Jan-2021
AZA1724 EI-EIEA320-20011:21 15-Jan-2021
AZA6RN EI-EICA320-20018:48 06-Jan-2021
AZA1590 EI-IKGA320-20006:42 31-Dec-2020

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