Ciampino Airport

Name: Ciampino Airport
City: Roma
Country: Italy
Elevation: 427 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RYR47VN 9H-QELB737-80011:01 31-Jul-2021
N373GG N373GGBD-700 Global 500010:54 31-Jul-2021
CAN07 I-DPCDCL-415 T10:48 31-Jul-2021
DRAG140 VF-140AW13910:17 31-Jul-2021
RYR7ZH 9H-QAAB737-80009:51 31-Jul-2021
DFC32K OK-HARCessna 560XL Citation Excel09:41 31-Jul-2021
RYR3FQ 9H-QCFB737-80009:23 31-Jul-2021
EMM011 9H-OKOG65008:58 31-Jul-2021
N711RHG650 ER07:15 31-Jul-2021
IAM3194 MM62243A319-10020:19 30-Jul-2021
IDADT I-DADTSR-2018:39 30-Jul-2021
IAM3191 MM62029Falcon 5017:42 30-Jul-2021
LSA212 I-SEAEFalcon 200016:17 30-Jul-2021
LSA404 9H-CFLLearjet 4016:13 30-Jul-2021
ENF01 I-AVBNP-180 Avanti15:31 30-Jul-2021
SNM572 I-SEAMG55014:40 30-Jul-2021
ENF03 I-AVLMP-180 Avanti13:58 30-Jul-2021
ENF04 I-ENAVP-180 Avanti13:49 30-Jul-2021
DHTMA D-HTMAEC-13511:48 30-Jul-2021
CPI301 I-TARHFalcon 900EX11:01 30-Jul-2021
N35GR N35GRG55009:06 30-Jul-2021
MNSTR M-NSTRGlobal 750008:09 30-Jul-2021
CAN24 I-DPCGCL-415 T19:28 29-Jul-2021
SIO741 I-GEFDFalcon 200018:05 29-Jul-2021
NJE806M CS-DQACessna 560XL Citation Excel17:28 29-Jul-2021
CPI291 I-DIEMFalcon 900LX14:26 29-Jul-2021
N393BV N393BVBD-700 Global Express10:49 29-Jul-2021
N23UC N23UCBD-700 Global Express10:26 29-Jul-2021
TCSBL TC-SBLBAe-125-70010:23 29-Jul-2021
LSA902 I-SLNIFalcon 900EX05:05 29-Jul-2021
IAM3185 MM62209A319-10016:45 28-Jul-2021
DRAGO145 VF-145AW13918:36 27-Jul-2021
N545C N545CG28014:25 27-Jul-2021
CPI271 I-OUNIFalcon 900EX07:51 27-Jul-2021
N668BB N668BBGlobal 600006:05 27-Jul-2021
N650HFG650 ER20:01 26-Jul-2021
N691CC N691CCChallenger 601 3A18:27 26-Jul-2021
N701DB N701DBG-4 Gulfstream 416:56 26-Jul-2021
CPI261 I-NEMOFalcon 900LX13:43 26-Jul-2021
IAM3181 MM62245Falcon 900EX EASy12:00 23-Jul-2021
POLI114 MM81838AW13909:03 23-Jul-2021
IDPCH I-DPCHCL-415 T15:57 17-Jul-2021
IAM3118 MM62026Falcon 5016:16 16-Jul-2021
IEI2801 MM6215822813:15 16-Jul-2021
N450PU N450PUG45007:00 10-Jul-2021
POLI108 MM81814AW13908:19 09-Jul-2021
LEONE02 MM81823AW13914:27 01-Jul-2021
DRAG139 VF-139AW13912:00 01-Jul-2021
DRAGO142 VF-142AW13918:48 24-Jun-2021
IDADJ I-DADJKatana 2008:45 05-Jun-2021
VOLP406 MM81932AW13910:57 14-Jan-2021

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