Il Caravaggio International Airport

Name: Il Caravaggio International Airport
City: Bergamo
Country: Italy
Elevation: 782 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
MAC457 CN-NMHA320-20017:11 28-Jan-2022
RYR4793 9H-VURB737 MAX 817:05 28-Jan-2022
RYR201E 9H-VUDB737 MAX 816:24 28-Jan-2022
RYR2PG 9H-QAUB737-80015:59 28-Jan-2022
ICNTG I-CNTGP.2008 JC15:55 28-Jan-2022
RYR9KN 9H-QCCB737-80015:54 28-Jan-2022
RYR30FV 9H-VUAB737 MAX 815:00 28-Jan-2022
DEZWA D-EZWACessna 17214:57 28-Jan-2022
I-LMBDBK-117C-214:20 28-Jan-2022
IORYO I-ORYOCessna 15210:21 28-Jan-2022
RYR1CP 9H-QCTB737-80010:03 28-Jan-2022
RYR50BG 9H-QCRB737-80010:00 28-Jan-2022
IMLTY I-MLTYAS-350/55009:59 28-Jan-2022
IACMN I-ACMNCherokee PA-2809:18 28-Jan-2022
RYR3WU 9H-QDLB737-80009:07 28-Jan-2022
ICNTF I-CNTFP.2008 JC08:43 28-Jan-2022
ICNTN I-CNTNP.2008 JC08:40 28-Jan-2022
RYR30QC SP-RSSB737-80007:31 28-Jan-2022
MABJA M-ABJALearjet 4505:01 28-Jan-2022
RYR6QY 9H-VUOB737 MAX 822:44 27-Jan-2022
RYR1LOW EI-HGOB737 MAX 820:04 27-Jan-2022
RYR4UH 9H-VUPB737 MAX 817:42 27-Jan-2022
RYR50BG 9H-VUGB737 MAX 809:53 26-Jan-2022
VJT426 9H-VCCChallenger 35010:05 24-Jan-2022
LAV5270 EC-NABB737-80023:31 23-Jan-2022
ISTDI I-STDICessna 17215:36 23-Jan-2022
IBGBG I-BGBGCessna 15214:45 23-Jan-2022
HBDVG HB-DVGM-2014:13 23-Jan-2022
IPGAR I-PGARPA-28RT-201 Arrow 411:52 23-Jan-2022
IKILE I-KILEPA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow10:36 23-Jan-2022
ID271 I-D271Bristell NG509:38 23-Jan-2022
LAV5164 EC-MTVB737-80000:29 23-Jan-2022
ID405 I-D405Bristell14:40 15-Jan-2022
IARUM I-ARUMPC-1214:09 12-Jan-2022
IEAAA I-EAAAPA-28RT-201 Arrow 411:02 04-Jan-2022
ID200 I-D200Bristell13:24 12-Dec-2021

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