Budapest Liszt Ferenc international Airport

Name: Budapest Liszt Ferenc international Airport
City: Budapest
Country: Hungary
Elevation: 495 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
IFA6393 D-AFANChallenger 85005:16 24-Sep-2021
TAY4096 OE-IMDB737-80005:14 24-Sep-2021
UPS294 N427UPB757-20004:40 24-Sep-2021
BCS76K S5-ABOA300B4-60004:06 24-Sep-2021
BCS19A LZ-CGXB737-40002:51 24-Sep-2021
GCL4386 D-ACLXB737-40002:48 24-Sep-2021
WZZ2250 HA-LYZA320-20021:48 23-Sep-2021
WZZ10DD HA-LWRA320-20020:48 23-Sep-2021
RYR6755 SP-RSHB737-80020:42 23-Sep-2021
DLH1682 D-AIWGA320-20020:20 23-Sep-2021
JSH701 HA-JEVCessna 650 Citation 320:13 23-Sep-2021
RYR82HU SP-RSTB737-80019:51 23-Sep-2021
RYR4BW SP-RSEB737-80019:24 23-Sep-2021
WZZ2490 HA-LYGA320-20018:46 23-Sep-2021
SWT5525 EC-LHVATR-72-20018:09 23-Sep-2021
VCG2PJ G-RWPJCessna 560XL Citation Excel17:50 23-Sep-2021
IJM566 OE-GAGLearjet 7516:36 23-Sep-2021
Z3MKD Z3-MKDLearjet 6013:11 23-Sep-2021
JSH802 HA-SCTCessna 560XL Citation Excel13:01 23-Sep-2021
AMQ3Z SP-CEZLearjet 6011:48 23-Sep-2021
LOT7073 SP-LIHEMB-175 LR08:00 23-Sep-2021
WZZ8375 HA-LTGA321-20022:34 22-Sep-2021
HKH1 HA-LKZFalcon 900LX20:07 22-Sep-2021
IJM980 OE-LEMGlobal 600018:04 22-Sep-2021
PVG754P EC-HDSB757-20016:32 22-Sep-2021
EDC234 G-WLKRLegacy 50011:20 22-Sep-2021
N298RB N298RBG-4 Gulfstream 410:51 22-Sep-2021
WZZ2202 HA-LYSA320-20020:40 21-Sep-2021
HAILH HA-ILHEMB-500 Phenom 10011:53 21-Sep-2021
WZZ104X HA-LWTA320-20009:46 21-Sep-2021
N152WF N152WFPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian17:43 20-Sep-2021
JSH302 HA-JEPCessna 650 Citation 312:21 20-Sep-2021
JSH401 HA-YFHBeech 400 Beechjet17:17 19-Sep-2021
RYR870 9H-LOBA320-20013:21 19-Sep-2021
WZZ638 HA-LXUA321-20010:33 19-Sep-2021
NAX1550 SE-RPTB737-80007:01 19-Sep-2021
WZZ401 HA-LYVA320-20008:18 09-Sep-2021
RYR869 9H-LOMA320-20010:08 31-Aug-2021
ZSSJN ZS-SJNB737-80019:07 04-Aug-2021
WZZ801 HA-LWEA320-20011:25 21-Jul-2021
WZZ65FC HA-LXRA321-20021:45 29-Jun-2021
WZZ801 HA-LWDA320-20018:56 22-Jun-2021
R909 R-909MD-902 Explorer08:33 10-Jun-2021
ZSSJB ZS-SJBB737-80021:16 25-May-2021
R905 R-905MD-902 Explorer14:24 12-May-2021
ZSSJF ZS-SJFB737-80004:11 30-Apr-2021
EWG6970 D-AKNVA319-10011:50 28-Feb-2021
EWG6950 D-ABDPA320-20010:42 26-Jan-2021
EWG6950 D-AEUHA320-20011:09 15-Jan-2021
EWG6950 D-ABNNA320-20011:59 13-Jan-2021

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