Marseille Provence Airport

Name: Marseille Provence Airport
City: Marseille
Country: France
Elevation: 74 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RYR6757 9H-QAVB737-80012:53 31-Jul-2021
XK154VR F-GRPYATR-72-50012:45 31-Jul-2021
AFR86AG F-HBNAA320-20012:34 31-Jul-2021
EJU74GT OE-LQAA319-10012:16 31-Jul-2021
GES641R EC-MRRFalcon 2000LX10:21 31-Jul-2021
ANE2003 9H-LKFCRJ-100010:09 31-Jul-2021
AFR21HY F-GUGGA318-10008:56 31-Jul-2021
HBKRJ HB-KRJTBM 93007:55 31-Jul-2021
LWG1071 F-HLRZEMB-500 Phenom 10007:16 31-Jul-2021
BCS1684 G-BMRIB757-20004:15 31-Jul-2021
SWN5784 EC-NMLB737-40003:46 31-Jul-2021
FPO725 F-GZTIB737-40000:07 31-Jul-2021
SWT5913 EC-KLRB737-30023:54 30-Jul-2021
DRAG131 F-ZBPTBK-117C-219:40 30-Jul-2021
OFL30C F-GHOCBeech 1300 Commuter19:29 30-Jul-2021
TJT363G F-GTKJBeech 190018:24 30-Jul-2021
SAMU13 F-HSIBBK-117C-218:23 30-Jul-2021
FHOLA F-HOLACabri G217:13 30-Jul-2021
GLJ75MA OE-LMAGlobal 600012:20 29-Jul-2021
H175D F-WMXBEC17510:19 29-Jul-2021
AGH21 F-HSLIBeech 1300 Commuter20:35 28-Jul-2021
N25HJ N25HJHA-420 HondaJet18:14 28-Jul-2021
FBTMH F-BTMHEMB-810 Seneca13:14 28-Jul-2021
TJT777C F-GLNDBeech 190003:33 18-Jul-2021
FWWPL F-WWPLH16018:37 17-Jul-2021
FGPHF F-GPHFM-2018:15 17-Jul-2021
FHHGB F-HHBGAS-350/55015:28 17-Jul-2021
CFMFL C-FMFLFalcon 2000LX13:57 16-Jul-2021
FHFFF F-HFFFR44 Cadet12:03 16-Jul-2021
FGHSZ F-GHSZCherokee PA-2819:40 13-Jul-2021
FHCOR F-HCORCabri G207:20 12-Jul-2021
FGEOU F-GEOUBeech 90 King Air19:43 11-Jul-2021
H160J F-WWPAH16010:38 07-Jul-2021
VPBAP VP-BAPB727-10011:35 30-Jun-2021
MSTAR M-STARB727-20009:50 25-Jun-2021
FHGAL F-HGALCabri G217:20 07-Jun-2021
TJT013Z F-GLNKBeech 190015:46 01-Jun-2021
EAP25 F-HECNTB20 Trinidad07:40 07-May-2021
FHDAS F-HDASDA-4213:27 30-Mar-2021

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