Bordeaux-Merignac (BA 106) Airport

Name: Bordeaux-Merignac (BA 106) Airport
City: Bordeaux/Merignac
Country: France
Elevation: 162 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RYR3WZ EI-EKSB737-80020:11 23-Oct-2021
CFC3160 15001A310-30019:45 23-Oct-2021
EJU15GU OE-ICTA320-20019:29 23-Oct-2021
EJU71ZG OE-ICFA320-20019:20 23-Oct-2021
EJU7456 OE-LKDA319-10017:27 23-Oct-2021
AFR22MA F-HBLEEMB-19013:37 23-Oct-2021
HBPJF HB-PJFPA-32R-300 Cherokee Lance11:26 23-Oct-2021
CLG610 F-HBCJBeech 190019:44 22-Oct-2021
KBD216 F-HBDXEMB-505 Phenom 30019:16 22-Oct-2021
CLG46QE F-HETSBeech 190017:46 22-Oct-2021
CTM3882 33TBM-70014:54 22-Oct-2021
CTM1309 77TBM-70012:38 22-Oct-2021
CTM1306 104TBM-70011:53 22-Oct-2021
CTM1308 105TBM-70011:51 22-Oct-2021
ARL127 F-HICUHawker 900XP00:14 22-Oct-2021
ARL109 F-HMXLCessna 550 Citation 219:27 21-Oct-2021
CEV4420 80TBM-70013:50 21-Oct-2021
CLG46QE F-HBCGBeech 190019:09 20-Oct-2021
FGRFY F-GRFYAT-01 100C09:38 20-Oct-2021
CLG41NF F-HBCEBeech 190008:44 20-Oct-2021
FHFPG F-HFPGCessna 17213:46 19-Oct-2021
ARL226 F-GGVGMerlin 318:49 18-Oct-2021
FHFBD F-HFBDCessna 18218:46 18-Oct-2021
AFR374V F-GZNLB777-300ER05:19 18-Oct-2021
J2HPV J2-HPVFalcon 7X05:01 18-Oct-2021
5AONE 5A-ONEA340-20017:41 17-Oct-2021
ARL505 F-HFRACessna 501 Citation 1SP15:19 17-Oct-2021
ARL304 F-HREGFalcon 900EX21:35 16-Oct-2021
CTM1129 5140C-130 Hercules12:35 15-Oct-2021
AWC321 G-GBNIA321neo10:08 15-Oct-2021
FGSFC F-GSFCP.2006T18:10 14-Oct-2021
CTM3884 111TBM-70013:46 14-Oct-2021
MOEPL M-OEPLFalcon 8X03:14 14-Oct-2021
FGDYK F-GDYKDR.400 120 Petit Prince13:18 13-Oct-2021
FWWQK F-WWQKFalcon 8X23:15 12-Oct-2021
SAMU64 F-HSEIEC-13518:01 12-Oct-2021
FHAFL F-HAFLCessna 17212:56 12-Oct-2021
FGXGI F-GXGIDR.400 180 Regent06:59 12-Oct-2021
FGTZY F-GTZYDR.400 160 Major16:00 10-Oct-2021
MEDOC20 5153C-130 Hercules11:12 08-Oct-2021
B8205 B-8205Falcon 7X14:22 02-Oct-2021
ZEROG F-WNOVA310-30009:53 30-Sep-2021
FHDJR F-HDJRAT-01 A-21014:56 20-Sep-2021
FHFBC F-HFBCCessna 17211:00 15-Sep-2021
NRS78F G-CKWAB787-9 Dreamliner13:09 14-Sep-2021
SAMU24 F-HLNAEC-13509:12 14-Sep-2021
FBVOR F-BVORST-1008:48 14-Sep-2021
FHDTL F-HDTLTBM-70005:59 14-Sep-2021
TBJ71 VP-CVZFalcon 7X14:11 08-Sep-2021
FGEKC F-GEKCDR.400 120 Petit Prince19:58 06-Sep-2021
FGNNR F-GNNRDR.400 180 Regent17:51 27-Aug-2021
DELFR D-ELFRDR.400 180 Regent13:41 27-Aug-2021
FHYZY F-HYZYCessna 17208:50 27-Aug-2021
MRTFS M-RTFSFalcon 7X09:25 23-Aug-2021
FGTYH F-GTYHTB20 Trinidad08:16 20-Aug-2021
FBVSO F-BVSOCessna 17216:54 09-Aug-2021
CTM1277 F-RARFA330-20009:47 05-Aug-2021
FGLLN F-GLLNPA-18 Super Cub15:49 01-Aug-2021
FGTKA F-GTKAAS-355/55510:30 29-Jul-2021
FBNSQ F-BNSQPZL-110 Koliber13:11 24-Jul-2021
FHHBR F-HHBRFalcon 7X15:07 23-Jul-2021
NAX9E LN-LNVB787-9 Dreamliner12:48 16-Jul-2021
PLF110 0110B737-80009:31 24-Jun-2021
FHBVK F-HBVKEC-120 Colibri13:10 21-Jun-2021
MEDOC05 F-WWJZFalcon 2000LX S14:44 18-Jun-2021
FHIER F-HIERR44 Cadet08:46 03-Jun-2021
NAX9E LN-LNPB787-9 Dreamliner12:12 01-Jun-2021
BGA991 F-GSTAA300-600ST Beluga09:27 29-Apr-2021
FGCSD F-GCSDCessna 172RG Cutlass RG10:25 20-Mar-2021

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