Bordeaux-Merignac (BA 106) Airport

Name: Bordeaux-Merignac (BA 106) Airport
City: Bordeaux/Merignac
Country: France
Elevation: 162 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
EJU175R OE-IJDA320-20016:49 22-May-2022
AFR27PV F-GRHBA319-10016:27 22-May-2022
RYR12NN 9H-VUJB737 MAX 816:21 22-May-2022
DLH87N D-AILIA319-10016:17 22-May-2022
EJU3166 OE-IZLA320-20016:15 22-May-2022
VOE26PC EC-MTNA319-10016:12 22-May-2022
RYR1CC 9H-LOZA320-20015:57 22-May-2022
FSE1B OE-HWMG28014:53 22-May-2022
KBD216 F-HBDXEMB-505 Phenom 30014:39 22-May-2022
FGTMP F-GTMPDR.400 120 Dauphin 2+213:54 22-May-2022
CTM3883 117TBM-70008:06 21-May-2022
ARL915 F-HMEDBAe-125-100020:56 20-May-2022
FAF6534 17PC-2113:24 20-May-2022
FAF6533 09PC-2113:20 20-May-2022
FAF6532 11PC-2113:14 20-May-2022
FAF6531 12PC-2113:09 20-May-2022
FAF6530 07PC-2113:03 20-May-2022
MSO45 05PC-2111:24 20-May-2022
MSO46 03PC-2111:19 20-May-2022
CTM1308 105TBM-70014:17 19-May-2022
ARL628 F-HOSPBAe-125-100021:08 18-May-2022
CTM3888 77TBM-70016:35 18-May-2022
FDO5611 F-ZBGLBeech Super King Air 35013:44 18-May-2022
TSC10 C-GUFRA330-20006:08 16-May-2022
FHIMO F-HIMOR44 Raven II10:15 13-May-2022
N280EX N280EXG28017:50 12-May-2022
FHFBC F-HFBCCessna 17212:47 12-May-2022
FHIGI F-HIGIDR.400 140B (155cdi)11:10 11-May-2022
EDW5100 HB-JMGA340-30005:46 07-May-2022
MCELT M-CELTFalcon 7X14:00 05-May-2022
FHDTL F-HDTLTBM-70012:55 04-May-2022
JEF99 OH-WIXFalcon 7X09:01 02-May-2022
FBOGH F-BOGHCessna 15014:55 30-Apr-2022
ZJCER ZJ-CERBaron 58P16:39 29-Apr-2022
FPSLS F-PSLSMCR-0112:56 29-Apr-2022
T7EGY T7-EGYGlobal 750012:03 25-Apr-2022
MMD983 D-ACFLFalcon 7X15:49 19-Apr-2022
N656FN N656FNFalcon 7X06:43 15-Apr-2022
CEV4519 5153C-130 Hercules11:27 12-Apr-2022
BCS006P D-AEANA300B4-60005:13 07-Apr-2022
FGDHX F-GDHXAS-350/55013:12 03-Apr-2022
ZEROG F-WNOVA310-30010:18 31-Mar-2022
AFR376V F-GZNKB777-300ER16:08 27-Mar-2022
FHSAF F-HSAFPS-28 Cruiser15:20 09-Mar-2022
FHAFL F-HAFLCessna 17215:08 05-Mar-2022
B8211 B-8211Falcon 7X13:23 03-Mar-2022
FZJTJ F-WWGPFalcon 2000S15:26 28-Feb-2022
ARL127 F-HICUHawker 900XP20:35 21-Feb-2022
RA09614 RA-09614Falcon 8X10:01 21-Feb-2022
FJUAY 01ACRP.92 Echo TD15:32 12-Feb-2022
FHDJR F-HDJRA21012:40 25-Jan-2022
VPCLS VP-CLSFalcon 7X13:26 23-Jan-2022
FGTZY F-GTZYDR.400 160 Major12:57 23-Jan-2022
FHVBH F-HVBHAS-350/55008:48 21-Jan-2022
MEDOC01 F-WWGLFalcon 2000LX S16:45 20-Jan-2022
ARL505 F-HFRACessna 501 Citation 1SP13:31 20-Jan-2022
MEDOC02 F-WWGFFalcon 2000LX S10:47 20-Jan-2022
VORTEX01 ZH899CH-47 Chinook17:36 14-Nov-2021
CTM1129 5140C-130 Hercules12:35 15-Oct-2021
FGSFC F-GSFCP.2006T18:10 14-Oct-2021
FGNNR F-GNNRDR.400 180 Regent17:51 27-Aug-2021
FHYZY F-HYZYCessna 17208:50 27-Aug-2021
FBVSO F-BVSOCessna 17216:54 09-Aug-2021
FGLLN F-GLLNPA-18 Super Cub15:49 01-Aug-2021
FPMXH F-PMXHD-1108:38 01-Aug-2021
FBNSQ F-BNSQPZL-110 Koliber13:11 24-Jul-2021
BGA991 F-GSTAA300-600ST Beluga09:27 29-Apr-2021

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