Barcelona International Airport

Name: Barcelona International Airport
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Elevation: 12 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
VLG3EK EC-KJDA320-20012:36 31-Jul-2021
BEL9QH OO-SNNA320-20012:35 31-Jul-2021
WWI70 N70PSBD-700 Global Express12:33 31-Jul-2021
RYR8JM EI-ENFB737-80012:31 31-Jul-2021
AEA6060 EC-LQXB737-80012:31 31-Jul-2021
VLG3PY EC-MGZA321-20012:28 31-Jul-2021
VLG3KF EC-MBSA320-20012:25 31-Jul-2021
RYR5YQ EI-EBLB737-80012:23 31-Jul-2021
VLG79GC EC-NFHA320neo12:22 31-Jul-2021
VPC11 ES-FOXLegacy 65012:20 31-Jul-2021
VLG797L EC-MIRA319-10012:20 31-Jul-2021
VLG93MQ EC-NGBA319-10012:17 31-Jul-2021
QTR8CB A7-BHBB787-9 Dreamliner12:13 31-Jul-2021
VLG56LU EC-JZIA320-20012:04 31-Jul-2021
VLG59TN EC-NAJA320neo12:01 31-Jul-2021
VLG731K EC-KLBA320-20011:56 31-Jul-2021
EZY35KQ G-EZFWA319-10011:50 31-Jul-2021
RYR16HE EI-DWVB737-80011:46 31-Jul-2021
VLG82YW EC-KHNA320-20011:46 31-Jul-2021
EJU3648 OE-LKIA319-10011:42 31-Jul-2021
PGT65V TC-NBYA320neo11:41 31-Jul-2021
VLG5Y EC-MHBA321-20011:41 31-Jul-2021
UAE256 A6-EWEB777-200LR11:37 31-Jul-2021
VLG450E EC-MFMA320-20011:34 31-Jul-2021
VLG872L EC-KDGA320-20011:31 31-Jul-2021
VLG1883 EC-NCUA320neo11:29 31-Jul-2021
AUI991 UR-PSIB737-90011:26 31-Jul-2021
VLG638P EC-MRFA321-20011:21 31-Jul-2021
P4LIG P4-LIGB737-70010:56 31-Jul-2021
ETD88U A6-BLUB787-9 Dreamliner10:50 31-Jul-2021
VLG8653 EC-JYXA320-20010:46 31-Jul-2021
EJU78AP OE-IVTA320-20008:51 31-Jul-2021
SWT114P EC-GQAEMB-120 Brasilia06:34 31-Jul-2021
TRA40B PH-HZOB737-80006:04 31-Jul-2021
GES401V EC-LGVFalcon 2000LX00:59 31-Jul-2021
PVD21M D-CSCEEMB-505 Phenom 30022:02 30-Jul-2021
VLG62XR EC-MBEA320-20022:01 30-Jul-2021
RYR16HE EI-DWKB737-80021:46 30-Jul-2021
ORO1012 EC-LZSCessna 510 Citation Mustang20:03 30-Jul-2021
JME210N EC-KRNG20014:17 30-Jul-2021
N29FR N29FRBD-700 Global Express10:40 30-Jul-2021
PTA041 9H-AGVLearjet 4019:04 29-Jul-2021
ORO902 EC-LQFCessna 550 Citation 215:01 29-Jul-2021
VLG361Z EC-MLDA321-20020:34 28-Jul-2021
N815PA N815PABD-700 Global 500017:58 27-Jul-2021
VPBSG VP-BSGBD-700 Global 500008:44 16-Jul-2021
VLG101P EC-MERA320-20012:43 14-Jul-2021
VLG303P EC-MQEA320-20012:12 01-Jul-2021
VLG404T EC-MVNA320-20014:28 25-Jun-2021
VLG101P EC-LRYA320-20015:35 24-Jun-2021
VLG101P EC-LABA320-20009:13 22-Jun-2021
VLG101P EC-MVMA320-20014:22 16-Jun-2021
VLG202P EC-JTRA320-20013:02 09-Jun-2021
VLG1YH EC-NEAA320neo15:03 14-Mar-2021

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