Barcelona International Airport

Name: Barcelona International Airport
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Elevation: 12 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
VLG9EB EC-MGYA321-20021:18 23-Oct-2021
VLG3547 EC-MFLA320-20021:15 23-Oct-2021
VLG42GF EC-MQBA321-20021:13 23-Oct-2021
AOJ51S OE-GSELearjet 6021:09 23-Oct-2021
RYR7NN EI-DPNB737-80021:06 23-Oct-2021
VLG36PF EC-MGZA321-20021:04 23-Oct-2021
VLG404P EC-NIYA320neo21:01 23-Oct-2021
VLG2916 EC-MZTA320neo20:58 23-Oct-2021
WZZ5006 HA-LPOA320-20020:56 23-Oct-2021
RYR22VY EI-EKEB737-80020:54 23-Oct-2021
MAC371C CN-NMLA320-20020:53 23-Oct-2021
DLH41X D-AISJA321-20020:51 23-Oct-2021
RYR8L EI-DHRB737-80020:49 23-Oct-2021
VLG6JH EC-JZIA320-20020:48 23-Oct-2021
EJU1079 OE-IJRA320-20020:45 23-Oct-2021
RYR31MB 9H-QDZB737-80020:42 23-Oct-2021
KLM81J PH-BCBB737-80020:39 23-Oct-2021
VLG1NW EC-MVOA320-20020:33 23-Oct-2021
VLG7BN EC-JTQA320-20020:20 23-Oct-2021
DLH07X D-AINXA320neo20:13 23-Oct-2021
EJU83CR OE-LKPA319-10020:10 23-Oct-2021
RYR77VU EI-DWHB737-80020:07 23-Oct-2021
BAW482P G-EUUOA320-20019:58 23-Oct-2021
VLG41WA EC-MJBA320-20019:45 23-Oct-2021
VLG3249 EC-MYBA320-20019:39 23-Oct-2021
VLG9JV EC-MDZA320-20019:22 23-Oct-2021
RYR7008 EI-EBAB737-80018:39 23-Oct-2021
IBE1916 EC-HUHA321-20018:19 23-Oct-2021
VLG52DC EC-KLBA320-20018:01 23-Oct-2021
DLH78N D-AIRFA321-20017:43 23-Oct-2021
VLG1BR EC-MKVA319-10017:31 23-Oct-2021
VLG1572 EC-LVOA320-20017:18 23-Oct-2021
VLG4BG EC-MIQA319-10017:16 23-Oct-2021
VLG9AL EC-MESA320-20017:09 23-Oct-2021
VLG20WB EC-MOOA321-20016:23 23-Oct-2021
ABR256 EI-AZAB737-80016:13 23-Oct-2021
VLG1707 EC-JSYA320-20015:51 23-Oct-2021
VLG1ZC EC-MELA320-20015:25 23-Oct-2021
EJU1845 OE-LKCA319-10015:23 23-Oct-2021
VLG1YR EC-NLVA321-20015:07 23-Oct-2021
VLG2RR EC-MHAA321-20015:05 23-Oct-2021
VLG4FC EC-NDAA320neo15:03 23-Oct-2021
EJU74HA OE-IZGA320-20014:58 23-Oct-2021
VLG8467 EC-MJRA321-20014:56 23-Oct-2021
VLG52QF EC-KLTA320-20014:40 23-Oct-2021
VLG6335 EC-MPVA321-20014:20 23-Oct-2021
VLG202P EC-MBSA320-20014:10 23-Oct-2021
AVA188 N280AVA330-20014:04 23-Oct-2021
UPCL602 UP-CL602Challenger 60413:47 23-Oct-2021
VLG80YA EC-NFHA320neo13:23 23-Oct-2021
ORO1012 EC-LZSCessna 510 Citation Mustang12:34 23-Oct-2021
ULC21 9H-AOACitation Latitude11:52 23-Oct-2021
OKFTR OK-FTRCessna 510 Citation Mustang11:50 23-Oct-2021
VLG920M EC-MBEA320-20011:36 23-Oct-2021
SWT8155 EC-NMKB737-40011:19 23-Oct-2021
LXSKY LX-SKYPC-1210:49 23-Oct-2021
REN86C G-XATVBD-100 Challenger 30009:24 23-Oct-2021
TJD401 I-TOPDBeech 400 Beechjet08:20 23-Oct-2021
SWT224P EC-JBEEMB-120 Brasilia06:17 23-Oct-2021
VLG8JA EC-NCTA320neo22:05 22-Oct-2021
VLG8657 EC-NEAA320neo21:50 22-Oct-2021
VLG2HQ EC-LVUA320-20021:49 22-Oct-2021
VLG1HX EC-MQLA321-20021:38 22-Oct-2021
VLG3547 EC-KMIA320-20021:20 22-Oct-2021
BNI5T SP-CITCessna 525 Citation CJ120:13 22-Oct-2021
IXR222D F-HIJDCessna 525A Citation CJ219:58 22-Oct-2021
ANE84RU EC-MJQCRJ-100019:18 22-Oct-2021
VLG4EB EC-MBDA320-20018:40 22-Oct-2021
SWT8169 EC-GQAEMB-120 Brasilia18:31 22-Oct-2021
VLJ409W F-HFKDLegacy 60016:56 22-Oct-2021
OKSTS OK-STSEMB-505 Phenom 30016:42 22-Oct-2021
VLG59PD EC-MLMA321-20016:28 22-Oct-2021
OOCCJ OO-CCJCessna 525 Citation CJ115:59 22-Oct-2021
JME210N EC-KRNG20015:08 22-Oct-2021
MSR767 SU-GDBB737-80013:43 22-Oct-2021
VLG72LT EC-MIRA319-10013:35 22-Oct-2021
VLG3XB EC-KCUA320-20009:10 22-Oct-2021
IBE07RG EC-KOHA320-20006:40 22-Oct-2021
FDX5173 N912FDB757-20004:10 22-Oct-2021
ORO903 EC-LQFCessna 550 Citation 222:24 21-Oct-2021
VLG8JA EC-KDTA320-20021:56 21-Oct-2021
DIOVA D-IOVACitation M215:49 21-Oct-2021
VLG6335 EC-KDHA320-20014:20 21-Oct-2021
N176CG N176CGFalcon 2000EX EASy19:58 20-Oct-2021
ECKES EC-KESCessna 525A Citation CJ219:47 20-Oct-2021
N838KE N838KEG55012:13 20-Oct-2021
VLG6107 EC-LZNA320-20020:22 19-Oct-2021
VLG3511 EC-MEQA320-20012:57 17-Oct-2021
ICC02 EC-LJNBeech 1300 Commuter11:23 14-Oct-2021
IBE0036 EC-JREA321-20003:00 14-Oct-2021
N769WE N769WEG55012:37 06-Oct-2021
REECNEG EC-NEGAW13909:46 29-Sep-2021
VLG303P EC-MQEA320-20012:12 01-Jul-2021
VLG101P EC-LRYA320-20015:35 24-Jun-2021
VLG101P EC-MVMA320-20014:22 16-Jun-2021

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