Zagreb Airport

Name: Zagreb Airport
City: Zagreb
Country: Croatia
Elevation: 353 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
CTN6B 9A-CQEDHC-8-400 Dash 805:00 24-Sep-2021
CTN5H 9A-CTGA319-10004:45 24-Sep-2021
CTN4457 9A-CQADHC-8-400 Dash 820:33 23-Sep-2021
CTN415 9A-CTHA319-10019:58 23-Sep-2021
JCL3 D-CGGGLearjet 3117:26 23-Sep-2021
CTN19H 9A-CTKA320-20017:11 23-Sep-2021
9ADMB 9A-DMBCessna 17214:29 23-Sep-2021
RYR5999 9H-LOTA320-20012:52 23-Sep-2021
CTN513 9A-CTIA319-10011:58 23-Sep-2021
RAC886P LZ-CCSL-410 Turbolet10:27 23-Sep-2021
9ACRO 9A-CROChallenger 60408:24 23-Sep-2021
N535RV N535RVBAe-125-70007:57 23-Sep-2021
HBFPC HB-FPCPC-1216:32 22-Sep-2021
DCSEB D-CSEBCessna 560XL Citation Excel07:55 22-Sep-2021
EZZ9717 9A-ABCB737-80022:35 19-Sep-2021
N188MP N188MPCessna 525A Citation CJ212:11 19-Sep-2021
SVW1BBJ LX-MBJB737-70017:25 17-Sep-2021
HR866 866CL-415 T08:52 13-Sep-2021
VQBSZ VQ-BSZA320-20014:11 07-Sep-2021
ELB048P SX-EMAA320-20010:56 02-Sep-2021
EIGTR EI-GTRA320-20009:45 01-Sep-2021
ELB045P SX-EMYA320-20006:52 28-Jun-2021

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