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Name: Varna Airport
City: Varna
Country: Bulgaria
Elevation: 230 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
WZZ1331 HA-LPKA320-20000:15 06-Dec-2020
WZZ45NS HA-LYNA320-20015:19 05-Dec-2020
ABP932 OK-JMDG55007:28 05-Dec-2020
BUC1946 LZ-LAGA320-20002:43 04-Dec-2020
JTN303 N492TAA320-20017:04 23-Oct-2020
LZB9997 LZ-BVTB737-30017:00 21-Oct-2020
EAF505 LZ-EAAA320-20016:48 08-Oct-2020
VRG411 LZ-TERB737-50014:35 12-Sep-2020
EAF9106 LZ-EABA320-20009:33 11-Jun-2020

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