Sofia Airport

Name: Sofia Airport
City: Sofia
Country: Bulgaria
Elevation: 1742 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
CGBRK C-GBRKBD-700 Global 500004:08 22-May-2022
WZZ109R HA-LJFA320neo22:20 21-May-2022
TAY4227 OE-IBWB737-40006:42 20-May-2022
JME911Z CS-VLZG28011:33 18-May-2022
BGF280 LZ-OOIFalcon 200009:57 17-May-2022
EZY9001 G-EZBYA319-10016:41 16-May-2022
RZO9002 CS-TKQA320-20008:59 16-May-2022
GLO9680 PR-GUAB737-80015:11 14-May-2022
JML600 9H-ITWGVII-G60015:53 12-May-2022
CGF777P LZ-CGYB737-40004:36 12-May-2022
OAE601 N441AXB767-30007:39 11-May-2022
MMO311P 9H-MSAA320-20021:03 07-May-2022
DLH9KE D-AIDAA321-20019:57 06-May-2022
GLO9680 PR-GYDB737-80018:35 05-May-2022
N580JS N580JSEMB-500 Phenom 10009:27 02-May-2022
TSC12 C-GEZJA321-20015:09 01-May-2022
GBG902 LZ-ONEA330-20019:05 30-Apr-2022
CRL048 LZ-AWYA330-20016:44 26-Apr-2022
9HAJG 9H-AJGA320-20016:24 22-Apr-2022
WRC7001 UR-RWBATR-72-60015:21 02-Apr-2022
SVA9059 HZ-ASHA321-20007:31 02-Apr-2022
HLR401 LZ-CCSL-410 Turbolet11:41 01-Apr-2022
GBG6692 LZ-DAIATR-72-60003:36 01-Apr-2022
GBG312 LZ-DAHATR-72-60004:34 28-Mar-2022
GBG668 LZ-DAJATR-72-60019:04 22-Mar-2022
OY9463 OY-9463Shark UL16:26 13-Mar-2022
AEE6002 SX-DVPA321-20006:12 09-Mar-2022
OKLLZ OK-LLZP.92 Echo JS13:47 18-Feb-2022
OKGFQ OK-GFQATR-72-50020:15 12-Jan-2022
5AFLE 5A-FLEAvro RJ-10009:19 06-Dec-2021
LZMAD LZ-MADA319-10019:43 03-Dec-2021
VSR802 LZ-ASOP-180 Avanti17:37 26-Oct-2021
5AFLF 5A-FLFAvro RJ-10016:07 08-Oct-2021
DLH9921 D-AIQSA320-20018:21 21-Sep-2021
TJB600F LZ-TYRB737-30019:31 26-Jun-2021

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