North Las Vegas Airport

Codes: KVGT/
Name: North Las Vegas Airport
City: Las Vegas
Country: United States
Elevation: 2205 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
XSM19 N619FBPC-1216:23 28-Jan-2022
ARCAT55 N154KFBeech Super King Air 35015:57 28-Jan-2022
N17VC N17VCBeech 90 King Air15:00 28-Jan-2022
N121TV N121TVR44 Raven II14:57 28-Jan-2022
TMPST31 73-1588C-130 Hercules09:12 28-Jan-2022
N17VT N17VTM-290TP Redigo04:38 28-Jan-2022
N530JL N530JL36903:44 28-Jan-2022
N292LF N292LFAS-350/55002:20 28-Jan-2022
N5185G N5185G36901:25 28-Jan-2022
N832GC N832GCEC-13001:20 28-Jan-2022
N350FS N350FSAS-350/55000:16 28-Jan-2022
N206EG N206EGAB-206 JetRanger00:02 28-Jan-2022
N23JJ N23JJCessna 208 Caravan 123:34 27-Jan-2022
N702BA N702BAM-290TP Redigo23:29 27-Jan-2022
N861NG N861NGPC-1222:29 27-Jan-2022
N154GC N154GCEC-13021:45 27-Jan-2022
N350VH N350VHR22 Beta19:40 27-Jan-2022
XSM36 N36PJPC-1219:12 27-Jan-2022
N940TM N940TMTBM 94016:16 27-Jan-2022
N411DE N411DE41200:13 27-Jan-2022
N810BA N810BAPC-923:18 26-Jan-2022
N878MC N878MCR22 Beta II21:29 26-Jan-2022
XSM92 N292PPC-1207:15 26-Jan-2022
N66UW N66UWR44 Raven02:27 26-Jan-2022
N856MH N856MHEC-13001:16 26-Jan-2022
XSM83 N283VCPC-1221:40 25-Jan-2022
N435MT N435MTCessna 208 Caravan 119:16 25-Jan-2022
N911WY N911WY36907:29 25-Jan-2022
N853MH N853MHEC-13001:32 25-Jan-2022
N1824J N1824J26916:40 24-Jan-2022
N78MB N78MBFalcon 2002:55 24-Jan-2022
N847MH N847MHEC-13000:57 23-Jan-2022
N321HJ N321HJHA-420 HondaJet19:58 22-Jan-2022
N896P N896PCessna 525A Citation CJ219:22 21-Jan-2022
72271 12-72271BK-117C-205:21 21-Jan-2022
N321 N321Kodiak 10021:55 20-Jan-2022
N510FD N510FDCessna 510 Citation Mustang18:30 20-Jan-2022
N30SJ N30SJSJ-3018:50 18-Jan-2022
N5125 N5125AS-350/55002:42 18-Jan-2022
N702CR N702CRR6623:57 17-Jan-2022
N700HK N700HKTBM-70023:08 17-Jan-2022
N700LL N700LLTBM-70007:38 17-Jan-2022
N747AC N747ACCessna 525 Citation CJ100:20 17-Jan-2022
N803BA N803BAAB-206 JetRanger01:18 16-Jan-2022
N961CL N961CLR22 Beta21:01 14-Jan-2022
N275RX N275RXM-290TP Redigo17:17 14-Jan-2022
N219BS N219BSBeech Super King Air 35023:00 13-Jan-2022
N180NG N180NGPC-1201:52 11-Jan-2022
N252PT N252PTVision SF5015:57 03-Jan-2022
N777QK N777QKCitation CJ420:16 31-Dec-2021
N7776W N7776WVision SF5017:13 13-Dec-2021
N958CP N958CP26920:45 11-Dec-2021
N111PV N111PVBeech 1300 Commuter08:39 09-Dec-2021
N3117S N3117SPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian23:42 08-Dec-2021
72316 13-72316BK-117C-203:36 01-Dec-2021
N669BA N669BAPC-921:03 30-Nov-2021
N744AF N744AFR44 Raven00:29 28-Nov-2021
72265 12-72265BK-117C-203:18 17-Nov-2021
N69652 N69652B75 Kaydet23:31 06-Oct-2021
N2550 N2550AT-16 Harvard18:00 26-Sep-2021
N748LB N748LBBeech 1300 Commuter00:13 01-Sep-2021
N771DX N771DXGulfstream G10023:23 05-May-2021
N39AU N39AUL-39 Albatros01:00 28-Apr-2021

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